Energy (chakra) related question

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I working from a Kunda raising book, one of the exercises. Is to breathe through the charkas now I have found a post posted by a member of this wonderful community. Scrolling through the thread. I noticed that a different member had posted an updated version. Called ‘pore breathing’ This other member also wrote that the OP had recommended pore breathing instead. (Probably more effective or powerful?)

Now comes my question:

If one would use the pore breathing method, would the chakras still be exercised?

This will awaken the chakra, storing the prana will energize the chakra so that it can be used for specific purposes, such as raising Kundalini

Here above is exerted from the book, the book’s technique is breathing in the chakra and storing energy in it. If I would do the pore/full body breathing, will I get similar results, or do I need to manually make sure to store the energy inside the chakras?

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Use the search feature and look for pore breathing. You’ll get a lot of results with all the information you’re looking for, Or book recommendations to get your answers from.


Thanks, I did do a search but I did not find any relevant information.

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Full body energetic pore breathing affects your entire being, whereas breathing through a chakra only initially affects the part of your being represented by the chakra. Think of the full-body invocation as compound weight training and the chakra invocation as isolation weight training.