Centipede symbolism


Hi, so I was wondering what your experiences are or knowledge is of centipedes? I know that’s vague. I dont really have much to go on here, just that they’ve been showing up a lot lately. For some reason they keep crawling in my grimoire… I’ve had to rip out so many pages because they’ve had centipede guts on them. It’s become a bit annoying.
The only thing that I can find to sort of tie in with them is that the last time they showed up like this I was under a lot of emotional stress and having a lot of nightmares.
They would show up after any meditation or evocation… and the fact that they’re crawling into the pages of my grimoire. That’s what really makes me do a double take.
But this time instead of having emotional stress, I feel nothing at all. I have been having pretty gruesome nightmares but the only thing that scares me about them is that I’m not scared of the images I see. In fact I find it hard to feel much of anything at all, I find myself faking a lot of things. But that’s a different story.

So theres obviously some connection here… I guess I just lack the wisdom to put the dots together.
I looked up the symbolism of centipedes and I can see how it sort of relates?

“The Centipede is the totem of Chiefs because of its poisonous bite and rapid movements. There is a legend about the Centipede that tells that its painful bite and quick movements frightens even the grand and magnificent Dragon.”

So I’m not sure what part, if any, I fit into within that interpretation. Am I supposed to represent the dragon who the centipede is trying to frighten? Or am I the centipede who frightens the dragon?
(Find it hard to believe that a centipede could frighten a dragon though haha but what do I know.)
Also I’m not sure if it relates or not, but I’ll mention it just in case. I’ve also been having visions over and over again of a “manticore”.
A lion with a human face, tail of a scorpion and wings.
So if you have any knowledge to add or experiences I’d be most grateful.


To me they represent death and aggression. I’ve seen many entomologists think nothing of handling spiders, and scorpions, but cringe and break out the gloves/tongs when it comes to centipedes. I find them linked to spirits of war/battle/death and the like, as well as having a strong connection to the underworld and ghouls/necromancy.

From what you’ve shared and previous posts, this seems to tie into your personality.


This makes a lot of sense with the kind of dreams I’ve been having and weird obsession with death.
So what would them popping up around me all the time mean? Just a physical manifestation of what’s been going on internally?

I am incredibly flattered :heart: lmao


To me it could be one of two things. A spirit/spirits calling you to explore this path. Or you are very strong at manifesting and your energy is drawing them to you as a physical representation of your core essence/talents.


Interesting… I’m gonna have to find some way to test and see which it would be. Perhaps try to summon the spirit(s) and if nothing shows up then I’ll know? If they so show up then I’ll ask my questions.
Tbh I don’t really like the fact that my “nightmares” dont scare me, but I’ll probably say fuck it and start reading up on necromancy. As of now, I know nothing about it.


Its not a good omen, do some banishing and cleansing. Generally if some ominous creatures come to ur experience but doesn’t evoke any fear/disgust/ strong heart beat, even for a fraction then it means you are immune to it, the evil it represents.

Also spray some bug killer.

By the way what kind of nightmarish dreams are you having?


That’s what I have concluded as well.

The bigger they are the harder they fall. Everything has a weakness. Search your feelings, project into your dreams. Study them deeply and you’ll find an answer.


Get a chicken.


Tbh it’s kinda too much to talk about. Just a lot of death. Which would explain @Fallen_Angel and @Narsonix view of them.
Also night before last I had a sigil flash in front of my eyes. It had maybe a trident or two and a crescent moon. So I looked it up and the closest one I could find was Hecate. I did some research on her and apparently she’s closely related to necromancy.
I’m beginning to see a pattern here. I just might not like myself by the time this is over with.


I personally find centipedes a good thing. I have never been harmed by one but they have been helpful to me. One showed up just recently in my room and I let him stay as they eat bugs that are a much bigger problem for me.
I find with most things so long as it is not their innate nature to be aggressive you can simply stay calm and they will pass you by unless they are already aggravated.


They represent the bottom of my shoe to me. I don’t kill bugs but I will smash the shit out of a centipede.


I felt drawn to look up centepede symbolism, since I rather like them, though millipedes are even cuter.

ChellamHealing.com said this; I thought it was lovely. I could take a few lessons from Centipede myself!

Centipede Animal Spirit Guide
May 26, 2016
Nithya Chellam

Centipede Animal spirit guide

If a centipede comes into your space, this is the message for u,

  1. It really does not matter how you look like, your inner beauty will shine to show your true beauty. If you can see this, so can others.
  2. You have the power to withdraw from everything, be in solitude, be yourself and look within to get your answers.
  3. You have over 100 resources with you in life to help you and support you , so ask why are you still looking for the one thing you can’t have? If you can be patient , there is something better that is coming up in the cards.
  4. Don’t demean your self thinking that you are small, your purpose involves helping nature and plants.
  5. You also have a larger purpose of healing the earth and you will do this best with groups.
  6. You have the capability to dig deeper and deeper within and can go as deep as your heart wants.
  7. You may Inherit new psychic or improve existing capabilities that help you understand the deep pain of others, this may hurt but you have 100 legs to stand upon so be compassionate and move forward.

Call upon a centipede spirit guide:

  1. When you feel everyone around you has shattered you and it is now essential that you look within you.
  2. When you feel guilty you made a mistake that makes you coil up in your space and you find it hard to mingle with anyone around you, even your loved ones.
  3. When you have a deep desire to help and heal plants and the earth.
  4. When you loose faith, ask the centipede to give you 100 different resources that will help you move forward.
  5. When you find it hard to realize or believe that you have so much inner beauty.

Enjoy the reading.

Dedicated to my mentor, guide, friend Cynthia Turrentine and 2 great friends & beings who pushed me - Anirban and Anushree Agarwal.


No 2 aligns with my advice too.


Right?! :joy: tbh I think they’re nasty but symbolism is symbolism :woman_shrugging:


I think thats beautiful and a lot of lessons everyone could learn from. Theres definitely a few points in there that I could take away.


About 2 years ago I literally took half a bottle of xanax one night and planned to drink some anti-freeze, Obviously trying to kill myself… I was sitting on the floor in my backyard shed and I felt something crawl across my foot. It was my first time ever seeing a centipede and it was going in circles and figure 8’s, so fast… then it just stopped. I felt lighter, like something was lifted from me and instead of following through with the anti-freeze, I decided to go inside and go to bed. The next day the centipede was in the same spot, it was dead. I kinda feel like the centipede sacrificed it’s life for mine.


That’s actually really beautiful man. I’m gonna think about that a lot now…


I don’t have much to say about centipedes, but insects materializing is an extremely common experience for magicians.


1 of the many meanings of Centipedes is that they can make your magic more venomous toward your enemies. They can give you more power over venom. I see centipedes on tips of horns of Demons I speak with at times. Certainly centipede energy are 1 of the insects that can help you in black magic rituals against enemies.


I had been told by a few people there was brujeria(mexican witchcraft) on me… one lady told me “she couldn’t believe I hadn’t killed myself” Is it possible that the centipede protected me, the possible victim of witchcraft?