Centipede symbolism




In order to be complient with forum rules I’m not saying that Redditors on r/The_Donald call each other Centipedes, but I’m also not not saying that either…

That’s what comes to mind at first thought.

Interesting creatures. The dude on James & the Giant Peach was a badass


1 of the Deities I do rituals to once in a while is Beelzebub, insect world is 1 of his many domains. So maybe Beelzebub was trying to say something to you, who knows. Insects are some of many soldiers of Beelzebub. From flies, wasps, bees, spiders, ants, lightning bugs, and so on. Unless it is a mosquito, I usually as gently as possible let the insect outside. Some times letting insects crawl on you like Praying Mantis increases your powers. It is like forming a bond with energies of Beelzebub. His insects can be utilized in all kinds of rituals from divination to destructive rituals. Spiders can be very protective and help out in divination. I used to do Tarot Card rituals next to a spider and web.



and this guy flew onto that pole and bent its head all the way back and just stared at me until I looked away… that was the same week as the centipede incident… any ideas?


Very interesting post. The fact a centiped is only seen crawling on your spell book and it is a real physical manifestation indicates a strong warning against what you were doing back in July 18. You also claim vivid nightmares and other visions which seem to coincide which the centiped all forming a warning to stop and take a different direction with your spellcraft.


I know Beelzebub ‘‘Lod of flies’’, is 1 of the Deities that uses insects to communicate at times.


these are from my egg cleansing… any thoughts?