Can magick cure gender dysphoira?

I understand that this is a charged topic, but I would like to know about the most likely answers based on your experiences with magick with as little bias. Since I have heard accounts here of magick changing ones orientation, such as an apparent heterosexual to homosexual man and other mind manipulation magick I may not be thinking of, would it also be possible to “cure” a trans person of gender dysphoria, even if they have been on HRT for years and have gone through surgical procedures? Could it be done in such a way that they no longer wish to go on with the gender identity they feel they deserve? Could a mage (at least sufficiently experienced) even be able to dissipate the gender dysphoria of a trans influencer who has tons of followers (not naming any names) and has gone through years of HRT and many procedures, to the point that they may even publicly announce that they are done with it?

I know this can be a charged topic from both sides, and that isn’t what this is about, I am just wondering about the potential of magick. If it is plausible, what kind of spirit or type of magick would be the best bet? Can it work on someone you do not personally know if you just have a picture of them and a name they go by?

Staying away from the quagmire of identity politics, yes, it is possible. If I remember correctly, there was a member of this forum who, through spirit work, decided to reverse their own transition.

If you are looking at forcing such a decision on someone else, any spirit that specializes in the suppression of the will should be able to do it. However, since our personal sense of who and what we are tends to be pretty deep rooted, the effect is likely to be temporary.

In my personal opinion, the chances are low if you are not somehow personally connected to them. A family member would likely have a greater chance of success than a stranger, for example, simply due to their familial bond (this is why when family is unaccepting, the effect is more devastating than if their peer group isn’t). You have to factor in that someone who suffers from dysphoria would likely be resistant, since they have probably been fighting against such influence most of their life.

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Yes it is possible. Though the fallout from such a dramatic shift in a persons life could do some serious damage. It would be a serious mind fuck especially after surgeries to come to the conclusion you’ve made a mistake and want to go in another direction.

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As someone who is transgender…I feel the need to say you should check your premises.

First, changing someone’s sexual orientation is less about actually changing who they are attracted to than it is removing mental barriers that are preventing them from admitting, either to themselves or society, who it is they like or which specific set of characteristics they find appealing.

Second, given that GD was reclassified as NOT a mental illness in the DSM, and with the growing body of scientific literature* that is pointing towards biological origins of GD, do you understand that you’d be asking to change the actual physical structure or amount of grey matter in specific areas of someone’s brain, or reverse how their genes unfolded and developed after being exposed to androgens at a specific point in time while in utero?

It’s a little bit more complex than praying away the gay. Not to mention changing people’s brain structures is something that was tried but isn’t any longer. I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out why.

Also, feel free to name that influencer because I have no idea who you’re talking about and would like to research them. I came to understand “transgender” before social networking and the age of the internet influencer. I was diagnosed by a qualified psychiatrist, which used to be a mandatory step in the process if one wanted to start HRT.

Given the state of things now, I’m wondering if the immediate gratification crowd simply saw that step as a barrier and got rid of it when, like the warning label on that container of Tide Pods, it was meant to protect everyone. Specifically it weeded out the posers by determining if that person really had GD or was using GD as a way to deflect attention from what was really wrong with them.

*(If anyone is interested, I have a list of peer reviewed journal articles from a research project I did a few years ago on this topic. The sources are actual scientific journals, and the list is even in APA format. I’ll even show you how you can find and download them, as well as almost any journal article, for free)

I wanted to note the part about surgery in a separate response: Everyone has their reasons for and against and it’s up to them to weigh the pros and cons and make their own decision.

For myself, I made the decision to NOT get “bottom” surgery, and it was the practical reasons that way outweighed any emotional reasons for getting it done: Women have more nerve endings in a more condensed space than males do, and even though the process is almost to the point of being routine, I didn’t want to chance losing even more than I did when I was circumsized.

And what would be the purpose? The technology to grow a female reproductive system, either organically or separately and have it implanted, doesn’t exist. I couldn’t get pregnant or give birth, so I’d be rolling the dice on never being able to have another orgasm just to have (in my opinion) a more aesthetically pleasing groin.

Seeing transwomen in adult films has ironically helped me with coming to terms with my decision. And the fact that “Transgender” is its own category has shown that enough people are willing to admit, at least anonymously behind a keyboard, that they’re able to accept trans individuals for who they are.

Sorry, but that would be against the rules of the forum.

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The thing about successful magickal workings is that they often appear as coincidence or could be |explained away" with plausible deniability; eg, “that $100 bill just happened to be there.” We cannot say for sure whether some stated successful cases are closeted/suppressed bisexual people or truly changed their orientation, but there is a forum member who is ace and is actively using magick to develop a sexuality. If the latter case is successful, then magick can modify sexual orientation, something otherwise “immovable” under mundane means.

The APA wrote in their justification for changing the terminology in the DSM-V that it was essentially for subjective, PC reasons to diminish discrimination. Just because a condition written in the DSM-V has [neuro]biological origins that does not take away the title of a condition being listed as a “disorder”, as evidence shows that people with NPD, anxiety disorder, or anti-social PD also have brain structures distinct from neurotypicals

I’m gonna stop you there because even if there wasn’t a recent peer-reviewed neuroscientific study that discredits the brain-sex theory, and I’m almost certain I had GD and thus possibly a feminine brain structure between 7th-9th grades and got over it despite probable exposure to hormones or said supposedly female brain structure (I now enjoy seeing my gains in the gym, bulky chest, abs, etc.), it is irrelevant to this forum and this topic. Yes, if this were a health forum and I was asking if it were possible to use the current means of medical science to cure GD without affirming the symptoms, then I would absolutely agree with your stance 100%; the only mundane way I can only see GD being neutralized without affirmation is through sufficiently advanced nanomachines modifying the patient’s brain structure to match that of a neurotypical person-transhumanism, or sci-fi for now.

However, that is not relevant, because we are talking about a practice that many allege has been able to cause things that experts would say are highly unlikely at best, such as curing cancer, causing it to rain in the driest region of the planet for a week, etc. So given the crazy shit that magick has allegedly been able to carry out, I was wondering if it was applicable to this since no one has asked yet. Having this work would be exciting for the magickal community, but no so much for science since the mainstream science community dismisses this all as “woo.”

Even though I’ve done some background research on the topic, I’d be interested in that list if you PMd it to me (in APA format). Regardless, if I attempted this and was successful, it lowers the authority of those sources you speak of[to the magickal or spiritual communities, not scientific, psychological, or medical communities] and makes them essentially irrelevant. I am sure there are peer-reviewed articles that conclude that workings allegedly to have been successful here should be impossible.

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Would Belial be a candidate for such workings?

I would think so, if the dysphoria is caused by peer pressure from social media and who you hang out with, and wanting to be like them as most humans are hardwired to do, then those are external chains on your mind and emotions, picked up through empathy, and they can be cleared. Belial as the Breaker of Chains can definitely help restore you to your true self after social influence upsets your equilibrium. His energy can protect you from mass psychosis as well.

But you might end up feeling isolated as a result, which was probably the cause of seeking peers, so you will need a replacement, or you can just pick it back up again, or something worse.

So if the problem is more like wanting friends and to be accepted, then a working to help them find a different set of friends and strengthen their sense of self might do better.

Leraje for mental strength, and an attraction spell for a peer group with the values you want the person to absorb.
Or maybe a spell to make them Sigma instead of Beta, so they want to go their own way more.

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Try casting a glamour on them for them to be perceived as their preferred gender. If you’re trying to reverse their sex change, then do the opposite. Good glamour magic can change the way a person perceives themselves, too.

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It can cure itself on its own. Children grow out of it

If the factors are removed.

Things like porn addiction.
Execive estrogenn in diet
“Normalization” of the condition


Speaking from personal experience, you are absolutely correct.

Even though I didn’t really know about this at all back then, when I was around 7-8th grade and early freshman year of HS, I wished I could be “pretty,” wore small clothes because I thought it “cuter” to be small, was happy at the fact that my name could be used by girls, wished I could wear a speedo at the beach and hang with the girls (to “be like them”) so I could feel like I’d strut around in a bikini, didn’t like the bulge in my crotch and wanted a crotch similar to females, tried talking in a high voice and told my siblings (because I was probably trying to convince myself) that I “had a high-pitch voice,” was happy when my pants got dirty at someone’s house so I wore a towel outside like a skirt, wished I could wear a tunic because the lower part was like a skirt, felt bad about my increase in body hair, height, and musculature, etc.

Now? I love pumping it at the gym, walk with a positive posture, and love seeing my gains I make at the gym, and actually have reversed body dysphoria (if anything) because I start to feel anxious when I skip working out for a week or 2 because I fear losing my gains, and I am attracted to women I find beautiful and want to “be their man” for them with rock-hard abs and big arms with veins in biceps.

If GD is a result of having the brain of the opposite sex or a certain hormonal exposure leading a person to feel this way, then I got over it, and I guess my “female brain” now likes having bulky muscles with a male tank top on and aspires to learn martial arts to be dominant in a fighting match when I have the means and opportunity to learn boxing lessons. Some of my idols are also manly men, like Schwarzenegger, Stallone, etc.

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I had GD. For a minuet in my youth.
I dont know if it was because of the meda i was on or that mom gave me or whats.

I was surrounded by females all the time. I heard alot of anti male stuff as well. I was unconsiously taught to hate myself as a man.

Fortunetly, after i hit 13 i grew out of it. Though i had a negative self image. I did alot of exercises to make myself be more masculine and mom hated it


The very first, and easiest, thing I would do is to simply make sure your second chakra is spinning the right way, which is COUNTER CLOCKWISE for men and the other way for women. Just visualize looking down on your second chakra (looks like an orange sun) and visualize the core spinning counter clockwise. (yes I know chakras are standing, but the body will understand and get it spinning) But also, I do agree it would be really cruel to make someone who have gone through with the surgery suddenly realize they made a mistake.