Can anyone recommend a spell to quiet an annoying neighbor?

So I’ve been in my present apartment for two years and don’t want to move during the Covid pandemic (also for financial reasons). But my next-door neighbors, who own the house, and have three young kids refuse to shut their kids up. I’ve tried diplomacy, I’ve tried talking to the landlord, to no avail. Because I am stuck working from home I am forced to listen to these uneducated Rugrats screaming at the top of their lungs. Oh, and did I mention that the husband is a cop? Or that they have a statue of Mary in their backyard?

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Make an offering to any demon

Have you tried using the search function? There are many threads already about this same issue with many good recommendations.


Excellent, thank you!

There is even a journal (kinda) of this.

And to update. I don’t hear blasting music for like a week now.
don’t know which spell or which ones i did work. did all the angel of wrath book spell on him and ask dantalion to mess up his mind to be more quiet and for illness/death. etc… Yup. it’s that bad. lol. maybe combination with complaints. I told manager about tenant rights to quiet law. Curfew law past 10pm. I also said i no longer can use one of my room above noisy neighbor as it’s shaking floor. This is after he got caught blasting music past curfew. Said it’s now storage rooom czu neighbor don’t listen to be more quiet and keep breaking noise law and tenant rights. Another tenant can not be so loud that it affect another tenant’s living quarters of health and usage. Just know your tenant rights and mention it. There is no reason for neighbor to blast music non stop for hours when he’s home. You just gotta phrase it truthfully and how frequent and often. Neighbor even lie that we make loud noise but manager knows we don’t cuz what he says isn’t true cuz we don’t have tv in one room and also everyone is quiet , use headphones or go to bed before 10pm. This is new manager and don’t know shit. So i had to explain the laws and that it’s his job. Before he said to go see mediator 3rd party.

Most time landlord don’t care.

I mention that we can’t use that one room cuz of vibration which is true . it has now become a storage or vacant most times when he blast music… And stick to the rental laws. None of the lying stufff that he does. AT first manager don’t believe or will do anything as he has no proof. But one time he blast music and got caught past 11pm. Then the manager believes me more. And he break the noise law 2 times in 3 days. after being told few days before. I also keep record of noise and how long.

I don’t even know if the manager talk to him. he don’t tell me if he did/ I just assume but this past week it is quiet no blasting music. And i think he’s ill too from the spells. NOIse very minimum compare to before. just hope it continues to be quiet. I’ll continue to cast on him to make him suffer as he deserve it. Can’t let my guard down cuz once he gets away with it one time, he keeps doing it.

Just before when manager sent notice for us to see 3rd party. he started right away blastin music for hours cuz it was a message that manager won’t do nothing. Somehow my complaint and him being caught , he got some warning. The main point with working with manager is truth and talk in a way that is believable and get them to sympathize and make sure they know you know the law. I said i ddin’t want to complain or bother him but I look up the law of tenant rights before complaint to make it legit. All i want is the tenant rights to be followed for every tenant. Mention with each complaint that he breaking the law of the building. I think i drill plenty message that neighbor dont’ care or violate law even if told.
Gotta do the magick and mundane way. It has to be legit complaint too. If they noisy once in awhile, complaint isn’t legit. The noise is like for hrs , sometimes several hrs during weekend and past curfew times almost nightly for me. Of course after he got complaint he became good so it’s hard to catch him. luckily he was noisy just in few days after complaint. I think that is what got manager to trust my complaint more. There was proof when he was caught giving credibility to me.

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Runes. Look for runes and mark in their wall enuoght to be marked. But no seen by anyone.

Sounds like a truly horrific experience! Yes they are not quite that level bad but he is a cop… So I have in my favor that the police here in the US are under a lot of fire because of the recent killings/beatings.

Thank you!

Lmao! I was just going to reccommend that the OP talk to wisepup !!!

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TMW you’re two days late asF with your irrelevant reply 🤦😭

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It’s only legit if it’s overboard and my situation is overboard even when i tried to work it out politely of which he flat out dont’ want to do; so magick cursing was the way to go for him being an asshat. That’s the compromise i get when they lie and talk shit to manager on purpose that they didn’t blast music and lying about us making noise past curfew. He’s basically tells me he’s a liar , con and a crook for breaking noise law/violating people’s rights. People like that need to suffer.

You can’t do much if it’s arguments. It’s basic living activity. My case was blasting music for hours during sleep time and looping and yelling along of songs or just rock tunes to shake the floor. You know he’s not listening to music. Just doing it as background loud noise to piss us off. No one listens to just boom boom boom sounds and looping songs for hrs. Easy fix is headphones which was suggested but he wanted t blast away. It’s like the mexicans drug dealers. they go around blasting music everywhere they go to get attention. They never heard of an earphone or headphones. lol

I know, having a rational conversation as an adult with some people is impossible… So at those times you have to resort to other means. I bought a boom box with NWA “fuck tha” police” cd. Let’s see how he likes that when I put that shit on full blast.


that could get you a warning if you do it in retaliation by the way. It’s actually breaking the law if you doing it on purpose to piss others off affecting their health/living rights. It falls under that nuisance law and can be fine or put to jail. depending on state law.

And if you complain and it’s not legit. It falls under the harassment law. That’s why i made sure i know the law before complaining.

What??? Oh crap… No, I’m not gonna do anything stupid or irrational… But I have a right to play my music loud within the noise code…if it happens to be N.W.A. and he doesn’t like it well that’s just too bad.

yes you have a right to play music just not to the extreme like my crazy neighbor where it shakes and you can hear it outside his front door for hours. The main thing is frequency, loudness , how long ,and time of day for it to fall under unreasonable noise.

If you follow the noise code then it’s not loud. =o)

No of course not :slight_smile: I’m not even like that even though I am a metal fan… I don’t inflict my music on other people! And, sadly, I am usually in bed by 10 PM!

Hey there. Not sure if you have solved your noisy neighbor problem or not but I just wanted to share this.

I have removed annoying neighbors in the past quite easily. The first time it took about 3 months total. One owner moved and the other one kicked out the trouble maker. (That was a couple of years ago)

Now I have since moved and I have yet again easily removed the new noisyness. So there were two issues: the teens who (illegally) ride their dirt/motor bikes along the road behind my home, and THEN there were the people who live below. Day after day they kept playing loud music and banging on the wall (or stomping loudly) every 15 minutes. They probably were dancing but I can only speculate.

Now at first, me simply stomping on the floor would quiet them down but then that started to embolden them. After about a week strait of this consistent 8 hour bang job I was done.

Now I didn’t want to still be posting about this in 2021 so I did the WORKS! First, I did some visualization work and engulfed their unit in kiln like flames that could melt metal, but only while the music and banging persist. Then I contacted the Angels of Wrath and destroyed their defenses and then destroyed them with wrath, but only while the music and banging persist. Then I went downstairs to their unit with my commanding oil and hotfoot curse powder. I drew the sigil of Santa Meurte on their door with the oil and then I dusted some of the poweder onto it. I also traced their door handle with the oil and again dusted it with the powder. And lastly I sprinkled a bit of powder across their doorway. I, yet again, communitcated that anything done to them would only persist as long as the music and banging persisted.

They turned down that music before I had even finished powdering their doorstep. I heard them whispering OMG what’s that!? (Mind you they don’t have a peep hole and I was so quiet and “lite” and their music was so loud that there is no way they heard me). But I did freeze for a second thinking they might open the door but they didn’t and I so continued. The whole time I could feel the heavy ass energy I was sending their way.

I then went back upstairs and I have heard NOT A SINGLE PEEP outta those people since. This was 3 weeks a ago. Now, as for the motor biking teens, I just called the cops for a week strait until they finally caught up with the little bastards. Their parents have been notified and they haven’t been back, hahaha. So all in all 100% success rate in less then one week. :grin:


@Single_Seed_In_Hell can you use a oil version being hot foot oil? that would leave less of a trace as liquid will sink into the carpet hallway floor. It’s also less noticeable if one anoint the door or doorknob.

my neighbor is actually quiet now from my spells using angel of wrath book and the master curse. of course also help with many complaint to manager. Just in case, i think getting rid of him is best. i don’t know when he’ll get back to his old ways again. Just recently he play for 7-8 hrs straight loud music during holidays daytime. happen like for 2 days until i start my spell again. then he stop. I rather he be gone as i don’t have to deal with him restarting his noisy addiction noise. i rather take the chance of a new tenant being noisy then dealing with this one regularly. As he deserve to be on the streets due to his uncompromising attitude behavior of thinking he’s king.


Yep girl, I am always respectful! Thank you so much for your endless love and support!

Oh wow thank you for this this is very helpful information… Yes there has been an uptick with them recently and the father confronted me basically calling me out saying I was single and old (which I consider a form of a threat! There by letting me know that I have no one to defend me. So I threaten to call the cops and ACS on him but this is a recurring problem, No clearly something magically is needed… I do not know Santa Muerte? What is needed to work with her respectfully and thoughtfully?,