How to Properly Write a Kosher Killing Thread

Not sure how to write a post about how to kill with out talking about how to kill… :person_shrugging:

I did indeed kill a bird. I shall include this link to the actual spellworks that I did:

So if anyone wants anymore information about death spells you are free to PM me. I will be pleased to share more information. After almost 3 decades I am very good at what I do and I am happy to teach others…(unless that is somehow against the forum rules)

Jsyk killing a bird is not a flex for me, lolol, but I understand that for many others it may be :wink:

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Tbh I wasn’t exactly looking for interest per se. I just post what I post. There are many posts here that are not educational in nature.

Something isn’t important just because of the mear mention of it…:wink:

But it was only mentioned because it was an unintended consequence/result of the spell work and it was not the first time it has happened, only the most recent.

The powder was made a while ago (I have the recipe somewhere but they are secrets anyhow). I can give a bit more detailed instructions in PM if anyone really wants to know the main components.

And I ask for forgiveness never permission.

But I get it now. I’ll just have to play wordsmith is all. :grin:

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In fact, as long as the moderator has no “legitimate” objections I feel very inclined to start a Journal: How To Effectively Kill with Magick…

If anyone is afraid or intimidated by anyone elses ability to kill with magick then you are out of your league and in the wrong place.

(I would also like mention that I have NEVER threatened ANYONE on this forum in ANY way. I may disagree/dislike and talk shit but I do not make threats. So to anyone who has made even the slightest implication that I have is a BOLD FACE LIAR!)

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She had it coming :man_shrugging:

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Okay that’s enough.

@Single_Seed_In_Hell I have suspended you until Monday, to give you some cooling down time.

This topic is not about how to write a thread in any way whatsoever, it’s simply a riff off my formal warning to you here:

You have received a reasonable reply to your first post, suggesting ways you can freely share killing magick on the forum, something many others have done, and your reply states openly that you don’t intend to try sharing, but insist on people PM-ing you instead, and yet again seem to be treating this as some kind of game.

Misleading titles designed to make people think the thread contains information they can use (which you have openly described as “clickbait”) suggest otherwise.

I refer to my formal warning here regarding your previous comments: #45.


@Single_Seed_In_Hell has just made a new account to try and evade the 48-hour temporary suspension, the username leaves no doubt as to the intent, and I have therefore extended both bans to permanent:


I love how the new username is “Vengeance”.