Can anyone recommend a spell to quiet an annoying neighbor?

Ha ha, that’s amazing! Yes I know the angels of wrath book but have not worked yet with Santa Muerte. He’s been quiet this far since he sees that he cannot intimidate me but I may have to resort to more desperate means if he starts to act up again. Him and his children are out of control.

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I would imagine that oil would be better than powder which can easily be blown away… I might look into that as well.

Maybe you can creep them out by putting Satanic symbols everywhere? Play Satanic music? Hang creepy dolls from trees? Dress like a Goth? Honestly I don’t know. But it might be funny.

Funny that you mention that…I was going to put something in my window next to our shared walkway.


What metal tops your charts?

Btw, looking for new or old or different?

Try the neverending

I’ve found so much good shit there. I usually buy through

Akhtya has some pretty weird music

Might be hilarious if you got started on Halloween early.

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I’ll check them out!

Hoping your username and situation aren’t related to the fact 313 is a Detroit area code XD

No it’s actually from Wednesday 1313 a.k.a. Joey Jordison former drummer of slipknot

Slipknot, Korn, Asking Alexandria, Alice in Chains…Also Manson and In This Moment


Get a trimming of their lawn.

Tie it to them spiritually.

Burn it in ritual.
Burn the ashes.
Burn what is left.
Stomp on them.
Piss on them.
Throw it back in their lawn.

Eat a sandwich.

Forget the ritual.


I’ve tried a different variation of this but this seems simple enough and doable… I will try this in the coming weeks if he starts to act up again. Thank you for the suggestion!

the only good part i see is.
Eat a sandwich. =o)

Yes. Most, if not all, powders can be made into oils; actually that is how you make oils. If you would rather use an oil version just use your chosen powder and add your oil to it. Let it steep for ~ 2 - 4 weeks in a cool dark place then you are good to go. FYI, I prefer to strain my oil mixs if they have fine particulate matter as I do not like grittyness.

Tbh this is the first time I’ve done this exact combo of magick! I was super surprised with the speedy results! I was very confident about achieving positive results but I was very blown away with how instantaneous the outcome was.

But as an unfortunate side note… :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

I understand what that, “OMG, what was that!?” statement meant… The statement that the neighbors made as I was powdering their door…

…In that instant I killed their parakeet.

Feel kinda bad…:grimacing:🤷 :cry:

nah!! parakeet couldn’t take the loud noise no more. animals don’t like noise either.

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Poor bird has been dealing the noise longer then I have tbh. But I didn’t mean for that to happen. But what ever occured in their home, at that moment, killed the noise and the bird for sure…

Santa Meurte IS A DEATH SAINT. I cannot stress that more. She does not manifest. She kills. But…you can use that to your advantage.

Side note…
This is not the first time she has inadvertently killed an unexpected target when I summoned her. To be clear, she gets the job done; but, I must warn you all, there may be unexpected carnage.

There IS a price to pay when working with her. Yes, offerings will suffice, and yes she will deliver. But…there will be a few unexpected surprises that you didn’t originally anticipate.

TO BE CLEAR…she does not harm her devotees or her devotees near and dear; but she may just kill somthing you didn’t mean to die.

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If it’s not my immediate family. i’m ok with his pet dying. =o) I’m helping the pet move on to better than staying with the scumbag.

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Legit I agree. If I had to do it all over again I would make the same choice. The parrokeet is happy in bird heaven and I no longer have to deal w/ the noice and banging. I am OKAY with this. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :sweat_smile:

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Well I’m OK with this person‘s girlfriend dying or her dog dying because she’s a horrible person with severe mental and drug issues who is basically using him… It’s not even that I want him back at this point… It’s just that he has caused so much pain and disruption to my life that was unjustified… He is a liar… And worst of all he’s a psychiatrist! I just don’t want any harm to come to me and mine.