Help with noisy homeless blasting music , which demon?

where i live there is a bunch of homeless in the alleyway next to the apartment building. All night we get drug dealers blasting music on regular basis. police don’t do much. They actually allow them to stay there as encampment even thought it’s against the law. How to use magick /demons to stop all these noisy blacks/ mexicans blasting music nightly. If the homeless drug dealers/ users not here, it would be quiet. Some of the homeless are quiet ,however, there is a group that have their buddies come and go doing errands blasting music. I tried some keep neighbor quiet spells but don’t seem to last.

I wonder if I can use the ‘master curse on the group of homeless encampment’ without knowing their names.but cast it as a group on those that stay in this alleyway. Seems more coming into this block as the sidewalk is wide for their tents and police put up metal blockers at other alleyway so they group over here.

Any suggestion?

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@anon59886753, I get what your saying, but my initial response was: “becasue that´s where the problem is,duh”

@anon37593562, why not try something less cursey, like a repellant spell to make the energy of the alley seem less appealing to the homeless who stay there? or even combine it with an attraction spell on a location elsewhere, so as you eliminate one area, you create a place for them to go?

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I don’t mind the homeless there. It’s the music blasting that keeps you awake at sleeping hours. For awhile the police actually got the dealers to not be there after i explain the noise law and that they are lazy not doing their jobs with our tax money. however, that only last like a week. It was quiet. ITs when there are mexican drug dealers hanging out here that brings the music blasting. They would have their errand boys riding bikes blasting music or cars drive by to pick up stuff or drop stuff off every freaking hour. mexicans and blacks tend to use blasting music as a code sign that they arrive. There are some quiet homeless here. It’s just the noise makers i want gone.

Got a little better with me lecturing the police but not good enough. Some keeping quiet spell or getting rid of people out of life spells last only short time. a week or so. This has been going on over a yr. Did cleanse energy spells and what came after that is a week of daily washing the street. I fine that funny. cleaning spell actually got city to clean the street. haha.

My suggestion stands with only a change of what you want gone.

At least i got some guinea pigs to test out magick. For some time i got no one to test it on as there were no one who piss me off enough. I won’t have guilt on these noisy drug dealers or drug users as they don’t respect people around them. it don’t just affect me. it affect the whole block as they blast music loud enough to hear block away.

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Your magick might affect the whole block too because energy spreads. Hopefully you heed @LockhartTemp 's advice and take care.

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Lucifer and the hidden demons - quieten noisy people including neighbours with demon Nilion

Magick of influence - make a neighbor quiet (including music) with demon Orias

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maybe the spells i cast on cleansing energy is working. it’s been lot better lately. hopefully stays that way.

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it was the magickal protection book that i used. they have a cleanse any space ritual if anyone’s curious.

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A little update. Ok. i got the homeless to be quiet and city cleaners to do some of their jobs. Now from 15 tents to like 6 tents on the block. No more blasting music so far for like a couple weeks. So now I got another problem. The noise transferred to the workplace.So somehow, the noise move from one area location to another areas of my life. Some one must be testing my patience.I got a coworker blasting music or playing music nonstop from opening to closing time. U know it’s constant noise if it’s nonstop music in another language that you don’t understand. Heck, even if i understand it, it’s still noise as it’s nonstop. Brain can’t function like that. It’s unhealthy. Only idiots can handle that. I told the owner. they don’t seem to care. Even when i said i’m recovering from cold. Told him i will cut my hours , yet they still don’t seem to care. He did tell them to lower the music. STill same BS. it’s work environment and the coworker be staring at phone all day and seeing which music to play ignoring customers. Now i got another person to practice spells on. Told her it’s work place and she ignores it thinking she can do whatever. Even got management to say something yet they say it once and that’s it. then she goes and play it again. Can’t talk to immature person who don’t know work ethics. especially when owner don’t give a hoot since they afraid workers will quit. They too lazy to find workers. Depending on them kids and letting them be on phone all day and socializing instead of working. I’ll have to talk to another coworker to send my message that if she won’t stop. demons will be her friend. They just have no respect for workplace. They think it’s ok to play music all day long. This is what you call stupid owners and workers who aren’t educated running amuck. Since she’s playing music and disregard for others, she will be another practice guinea pig. weather her life suffers or not i don’t care. I’ve told her few times to turn it off as it’s work place . Yet she ignores what i say. She thinks she’s the boss being able to do whatever. I’ll try to look for another job when i feel better from cold and cast bad luck spells on her. Maybe i can just scare her away telling another coworker that i will cast demon spell if she continues the music. But actually not casting it unless she really continues her music episodes.

It could be another possibility. wealth demons causing trouble so i will find another place as to help me better my wealth as that work place is a sinking ship.

another update. I haven’t been doing any magick on noise pollution from the homeless for awhile. Now they are beginning to blast music again. It was cool while it lasted. These are new homeless. They were never here before. The police also stop coming by. It’s the mayors. they think their clean up crew isn’t helping cuz 95% of homeless put on shelter decided to live in the streets rather then attempt to make better their lives living in shelter. It’s basically cuz they doing drugs. shelter don’t allow drugs. So i guess i have to cast spells again on the noisy homeless in the alleyway. It’s been more than a month since i cast any spell for quiet. I might have to resort to baneful curse on these homeless. Maybe demon possession spells on the noisy ones.

update. been doing good getting the homeless to stop the music. Things working well on that end. However, the stupid neighbor downstairs is at it again. I don’t think he’ll listen to the manager or management company that tells him about noise curfew. He would be good a week or so and then start the loud tv past curfew again. It’s a cycle. The only time he’s been good for a long time is when the old manager threaten him of eviction. however, new management decided to tell us to get a mediator by way of letter. Basically they are saying we don’t care. Fuk off. So crazy stupid neighbor doing whatever he wants. music /yelling day and nite. loud tv past 11pm til 1am onwards at nite and early 8 am loud music and long hrs of music . sometimes 4-8hrs straight. So i’m not getting any help with the manager/management company to go by the noise law violation past curfew. they won’t enforce it. That seems to be a loss cause as they won’t do their duty job. He’ll stop occasionally when they remind him yet he keeps breaking noise laws in few weeks. It’s been a headache. And at this point its’ really not good to complain to manager as it’s already been too much complaints. They might see me as the bad guy even though it’s legit complaint.

Any other ideas? Been casting spells to kill the dude and stuff. Demons to haunt him. Sitri to remove him out of premises. Him to lose income. To get sick/ill /accident. Nothing seems to be working since he keeps making loud noises. Well, spell might be working a bit until stupid manage gave us letter to go to mediator which basically says ‘do whatever you want’ . we won’t enforce anything. It was a lot better until manager gave him that stupid letter basically translated to 'management won’t do shit. " Noisy neighbor been going on for a long long time if you are reading this. So if you have any ideas??? share. I’m thinking maybe i should recast all the baneful magick. It’s been awhile since. couple months/few months. Maybe spell wore off?

Ask Lucifer

somehow i’m not drawn to using the demon lucifer. don’t know why. maybe because his main specialty is to bring light to lost souls when times are dark and he’s not seen as a baneful demon. :man_shrugging: More like awakening oneself to regain power rather than burn others up is what i see he is best for.

Have you tried to manipulate his mind? King Paimon may be useful here.

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He’s the emperor of the Goetia , he can send one of them to do it .

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oh no. no no no. It’s gonna get worse. The bastard neighbor seems to of just bought a new sound system and he’s turning his subwoofer on. Now it’s vibrating the floors. In the past the old manager tells him to shut off all subwoofers as it vibrates. Now i got this new manager who don’t know shit about sounds vibrating with subwoofer. All he does is ask to lower sound but that don’t get rid of the vibration from the subwoofer. so no i won’t be able to stay in my room during daytime too as the vibration gives me headache. Especially if he’s gonna play for hours when he’s home. and all day all nite during weekends. Stupid management don’t know how to enforce the law of noise violation.

I text manager about vibration past curfew. and he 40 mins later knock on his door many times but the guy don’t answer cuz he don’t hear it due to playing music. Manager says he come back 10mins later to knock. He didn’t . I see his text around 11:30pm and says he’s homeand I say he plays louder and vibrating floors. He text back saying i just talk to him to lower sound. Manager don’t make clear that vibration with subwoofer is not ok and that loud music is not ok after 10pm. Seems it’s not going to get fix as crazy stupid neighbor don’t care and he knows management won’t enforce law or threaten to evict him. IT’s common sense that subwoofer in apartment building is violation when it vibrates into another’s apartment yet manager don’t seems to realize that. No wonder the world is going to hell with all these younger folks not doing their jobs or know people skills to communicate properly intended message. He even believe the lies the neighbor says. He wanted proof. This is his proof. He can’t deny the guy play loud music and cause trouble. Manager is just playing ignorance and avoidance. Typical lazy manager worker who want free rent for no work.

Then again the neighbor dont’ care if he breaks law or bother others. So fuck up that he gets away with it time and again. If i was manager he would of gotten evicted already.

Possible i might have to move my bed to the other room but that room is bad luck . i might have no choice.

I probably will ask lucifer to take care of this and paimon to see if they will help. hope it will be a success with just a normal gratitude petition as i can’t communicate with demons so i don’t 'know what they want as thanks.

I’m reminded of my paper voodoo doll. I think i’ll add that too. =o)
Just also did quick request from paimon to get him to be quiet/ respect others or for him to move away. whichever way to get him to be quiet.

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a little update. so a few days ago, after manager talk to him to lower volume. He blast his music early today, however, he start to make adjustment to setting of speaker to not use subwoofer so it won’t shake. not only that. he also lower the volume a bit . I can hear it still but it’s tolerable for daytime noise cuz it’s not so loud that it shake the room or overpower what your doing. Let’s see how long this last. Before he would just blast and not care. Him lowering sound means he’s scared for a short time. This is cuz he got caught a short time ago.

I don’t get why people need to play music/tv so loud that they think it’s a club or a move theatre in an apartment setting. It’s plenty loud sound even when it don’t go into another apartment. And to do it day in day out after the many complaints too on purpose. some people just have no common sense and respect even when they know they are wrong.


Maybe paimon helped a little as before he don’t care about other’s and just blast away. Made him think twice after manager talk to him when he’s caught. Before, manager didn’t believe me as it’s not caught in the act cuz he wasn’t around.