Business proposal

I have a business proposal for EA and Timothy. They are welcome to contact me directly if they are interested.

Or, you know… you can just send them a message yourself instead of posting in the forums.

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Hi @Weare - best way to contact them for this kind of thing is via this link (I don’t work for BALG in any way, just making sure you have the right link :+1:):


Thank you for the help. I have tried this I’m just trying to send as many messages to them as possible in as many ways as I can.

I am trying to send as many messages as possible in as many ways as I can. I have tried to contact them as well. The more I put it out there the more likely I get a response

Timothy thank you for getting in touch with me. Whatever you decide about my idea I appreciate you hearing me out.

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WTF??? :confused: So U R just Volunteering???

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She has stated this multiple times in a few threads.


So the answer is NO I guess? . (Link please.)

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How about this one?

She states that she is a volunteer mod in the third paragraph.


WOW! WOw! woW!!! .Didn’t Know that AT ALL. My complete perspective changed about U after knowing this. Respect to @Lady_Eva . FOr going through each and every thread ( I am pretty sure she does that ) everyday and read all those idiotic comments by so many dumb dabblers just to keep order in the FORUM. I personally will never understand how come someone can just give away such a big part of her life without even getting paid or getting anything in return?
May be she is a better person than me , or in this case almost everyone here.

@Lady_Eva , sorry if I ever been a jerk to U, while trying 2 be funny or 2 impress U. YOU DESERVE BETTER. U ROCK.

Edit—: Now that i recollect U handled requests about deleting/editing threads better than many professional employees I had experience with. Damn, LOVE U. And sorry again for the Jerk Behavior in the past. Won’t happen again.


Lol Goku, she’s stated Exactly how she monitors issues and that she Volunteers many times.

Not sure why you’d doubt someone and demand links pfft.

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There is even a thread explaining how She does her Job???!!! Like to read it.

But now I can’t even ask U for the link , to read!!! I Am FUCKED :smile:

But seriously, I should start reading more, may be that’s why i haven’t got my ‘Regular’ status yet. U have no idea how much i am pineing for it.

And thanks for Recommending ’ ERASED’ anime, finally found an anime with above 8.5 rating ( it has on average 8.6 ) :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: :jp: :bouquet:

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How come you assume she isn’t gaining anything from it?
I guess Lady_Eva knows more about magick then many teachers who charge.


I’ve seen her act, and it’s Mc Gonagal on Steriods.^^
I remember a movie on witchcraft, where the whitch could turn herself Black.
That’s how i See Lady Eva in the Astrals.
Primary Black,
With slight glimpses of Gold radiating under a Black-Purple Coat.




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Lol, Nobody is questioning her ability and knowledge. Check our this 3 thread of her’s Podcast of 20th March: sex with spiritual entities, and my upcoming daemon baby
My Daemonic Child: Conception
My Daemonic Child: Birth

Just like the Fire Priestess in Game of Thrones . One of the BEST I have read here.

But still not better than my thread Different Levels of Kundalini rising/awakening Read this too. It explains different level of kundalini practice and how it is used to connect with any particular deity. If possible, leave a comment too.

Didn’t like the Mc Gonagal comparison at all. Hope she is more like the Fire Priestess.

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I have a business proposal for EA and Timothy. They are welcome to contact me directly if they are interested.


If this is your proposal EA and Tim are already aware and the answer is yes. They’re just trying to obtain their dad’s boat. Once they do you will hear back.

I don’t know whether this is a reply to the OP, but this topic seems to have run its course. :sunny:

Repeating this link for anyone in future who wishes to contact them regarding a business proposal:

Thank you, that’s very kind. :smiley:

For anyone finding this topic in future, I do not work for BALG in any manner as stated here (2015), here {2016), here (2017), here (2018), and regularly in between.

I have my own things I do, and am neither on their payroll, not aspiring or hoping to be. :+1:

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