Different Levels of Kundalini rising/awakening

What I found the most confusing aspect in kundalini practice is that all the levels below comes under one single term, ‘‘kundalini awakening/rising’’-

Level 1- Activating the central channel, sushumna nadi in side the spinal cord. Any kind of spiritual practice automatically activates it, even if one is not even aware of anything related to kundalini. As you are already so deep into occult, I am 90% sure it is already activated in ur case. If you ever had physical manifestation of any spirit, even to the slightest degree, then I am over 9000% sure it is already activated.

Level 2- Connecting the central channel with another channel in the back and completing the microcosmic orbit. This one has to be done consciously.

Level 3- pumping the kundalini energy little by little, through prayer or visualization or meditating on it, etc . Robert Bruce’s kundalini course works on this level.
(Kundalini energy is a source of infinite amount of energy and having conscious control will give you access to that ocean of energy, to use it as one wants!!!)

Level 4- Pierceing the chakra and activating those to a small degree.

Level 5- pierceing chakras in a big way getting flooded by the energy of those chakras. At this level one achieves all those cosmic consciousness, godly ecstasy, which are highly sought after in New age groups.

(From level 3 one developes hightened senses, clair ability)

Level 6- consciousness control over the chakras. At this level you are an ascended master. And have some control over the elements, with some siddhis/supernatural powers.

Level 7- complete conscious control over kundalini energy, source of infinite energy at your disposal. At this level you can become physically immortal.

Level 8- complete mastery/conscious control over and UNITING with all the 114 chakras, the microcosmic representation of the fundamental fabric of our universe/world system. Now you are a demi-god with complete mastery and control over the elements and many more things. (Mysteries of all the hidden chakras is indeed a ‘Thing’ by itself.)

Level 9- complete mastery over all the nadis/astral channels. At this level you are not only a demi god, but a demi god of the HIGHEST order!!!

So that is the problem, all this level fall under single term,’ kundalini rising '. Something which can be done in 1000 different ways!

Another important aspect with kundalini practice is that if it is done under the umbrella and coloring of any powerful entity then it can used as a way of achieving partial or complete union with that powerful diety. I won’t go into details but all the animals in Hindu mythology symbolizes that. Like Azi Dahaka if one raises the serpent energy under the umbrella and coloring of, Let’s say Ganesha, he will feel his energy rising in the motion of a mouse, ride of Ganesha, through his spine!!! And thus incorporate his energy in him.


114 chakras??
wow!i think i open other hidden chakras on my body and defenetly i aint know them all
where did you find that they are 114?really interested


Came to know from some Indian scriptures and got confirmed by a siddha. Don’t know the details , So sorry on that regard.


thats ok

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In a way, yes. Kundalini is the force responsible for individualization. That’s why even plants and rocks have it!!!

Quick comment to say I think I’ve experienced this, good post. :sunny:


Oddly what you describe sounds more related to what I’ve learned of work related to qi/prana and the meridians and dantein networks than kundalini and the chakras.

Also the part i have learned about kundalini that alot of texts seem to miss is the part where the energy is sent back down the chakras and the descent back down the spine to ground it in the body. Black magick of ahriman describes this process a bit.

yes, microcosmic orbit is about that, to create circular channel when any positive energy, elixir made through inner alchemy can circulate through out the whole body. Most likely U know this.
i DON’t know in details about the dantein networks but IN Kundalini system there are 72000 nadis/ astral channels and some school make it into 72, making 1000 similar channels into One unit and works on those. Easier to work.


:thinking: only context i have for this term is specific forms of qigong work with the fire and water paths in the body. Still learning about it though.

It should be noted that the microcosmic orbit in Taoism is NOT the same thing as the kundalini. The orbit is a minor circuit, and is a stepping stone to the kundalini, which is called the Greater Kan and Li in the Chinese system.

If anyone is interested in obtaining the kundalini through the Chinese meridian system, I highly recommend the book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris. He completed the kundalini using qi gong methods and describes the process.


No clue on that one, it was mentioned in one of the lessons in the teachings i’m exploring.

He went over some of the details and differences in the chakras, meridians and the 3 danteins in reference to energy work practices he teaches.

Kinda like the differences between the skeletal, muscular and vascular systems. Their connected and interrelated but different fron each other


Yeah, the meridians and dan tiens are a completely separate system from the chakras, and the kundalini can be accomplished through either of them. You can also work with both systems at the same time, as author Donna Eden, who is an energy healer, does. :+1:

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See the way it was explained to me is work with the other 2 relate to qi/prana mostly andcan stimulate kundalini overtime as a result and visa versa but the work for both is different in nature.

Bmoa has its own aspects of this.

I agree 100%. Absolutely epic book. Easy read, valuable information and personal insight on the woes of awakening.

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I think we are saying the same thing in our own way, that the kundalini can be achieved through either the meridian or the chakra system.

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i think so but the function of the 2 is different in terms of end goals from what i can tell.

as i understand it kundalini is linked to the psyche of the person hence the practice of the ascent and then decent of it for purification and grounding this power in the body, hence the connection to sexual energies it has. The meridians and channels of the body along with the 3 major dantiens or energy cauldrons are where power is stored, refined and then directed through the meridians or major channels in the in various energy patterns depending on the practice for various effects or abilities.

This is why doing some energy work prior to ritual work can amplify the effects of the ritual, so far that is some of what my brain has pieced together in terms of the relation between these. there are also rituals that stimulate the various meridians that are along the spine area for various purposes, kinda overlayed with the chakras but different like how blood vessels and nerves are intertwined but serve different functions.

The ignition of the black sun is like this, it uses energy work combined with the directions to stimulate energies within and outside the body to prepare it for the energies of the current. At least that is how it has felt to me when i focus on the flows of energy.

in most people not engaging in some sort of energy or spiritual practice i think the meridians and dantiens are running on bare minimum for life in general and bodily function then it is up to the individual what they do with it. this is why some traditions like yoga or daoist practices include
stationary postures that need to be practiced and worked into over time.

As the body is able to more easily move and hold the posture it is being prepared to allow greater flows of energy through it when the real work begins.

not sure if all this is accurate in its entirety but it has seems sound so far when i put it into practice.


Another method is a kundalini shaktipat or kundalini reiki, where someone else sends that energy to you, and it is very powerful, like you feel amazing for months afterwards, unlimited energy almost.

I feel like after the 9th stage scientifically speaking (if we added science into this) physical immortality is probable. If you’re an infinite source of energy your cells would be good to go for as long as that infinite source of energy lasts

What are your guy’s thoughts on that. Idk if that’s true or not but yeah

The body would have to evolve in order to adapt to that energy, it is possible

But not necessarily ethical, I’d personally wouldn’t want to maintain that for eternity, unless I could incarnate in and out of reality at will which I also think is possible but these things take decades of daily work and dedication to the point it’s not even worth it

Like being immortal on earth would be hell in my opinion when there’s so many brighter and more colorful realities out there why wouldn’t anyone wanna go there lol

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But there is another form of immortality the tao speaks about that has to do with the rainbow body, the physical body gets reduced to atoms and they live eternally karma completely broken as a rainbow light body, the physical body is still in karma, we just borrowed it from the earth so taking that into the eternal bandwidth would be hard to maintain even if someone were to adapt to that extent however I’m aware that there are shamans and wizards from the ancient times that could take their physical bodies into the astral plane and shapeshift physically so the same thing can be done theoretically if the body was to vibrate beyond time and space which is again an eternal frequency but falling back into karma would be the problem with that which would lower the bodies frequency back into time space duality