Podcast of 20th March: sex with spiritual entities, and my upcoming daemon baby

I’m editing this post to make one thing clear - this baby/Child referred to herein is a spirit, an entity, a non-physical being, and it is NOT a human child, I have NO human children, no human children, babies, or conceptions of human babies are involved in this.

That should be abundantly clear anyway, but it’s so far in violation of my ethics to involve human children in black magick that I want that right up here where everyone can see it. Not a human child. A DEMON. Hope that’s clear. :slight_smile:

This totally weirded me out, with regards to the timing, because I’ve been doing this stuff since I was underage (for human sexual activity) AND I’ve been planning to birth an entity, specifically a daemonic entity, for a while now, based on my first successful evocation (i.e., external to me, tangible, and other people were affected by it) which was kind of an egregoric thing took the form of a malevolent baby, and which I conceptualised as my own child at the time.

My mother was originally told she was having twins, so I possibly (like an estimated one-in-eight pregnancies - it’s nothing special) started out as twins, and then while I may not have physically absorbed my twin, its life and development would have been sacrificed for my own, and I drew a parallel between that and also the fact that every month I bled out material that could have become a child… heh, I think I mentioned that I was a weird teenager…

Anyway, I stopped using that entity because I was young, didn’t know anything about magick except what I’d read in books (like some of Dennis Wheatley’s stuff, and “horror” authors), and it got kind of scary - wanted me to draw pictures of it and start giving it physical form - but I’m older and probably more competant now, so yeah.

It’s been something on my mind for the last few years, for various reasons, and then recently as I’ve got more competant at “black magick” it’s begun to seem the natural next step for me, and all my trusted and long-term spirit allies and mentors have been in full support of this.

What’s cool is that the physical form I’m planning to give this, at least to begin with, is based on the skulls EA had in the vid about the demonic heirarchy - a skull, possibly a glass one, with the sigil in wax upon the forehead, so I totally got her initial kind of “nursery” from that! (Divination says she’s going to be primarily female, but further details are either not shareable right now, or aren’t yet complete. My first egregore/daemon child was male.)

To be honest, this is the internet, aka home of nutters and haters and all sorts of eejits, and I wasn’t even going to post ANYTHING about it, but this forum is such a groundbreaking place at its highest points, I feel motivated to share - and like any would-be mother I’m going to be keeping a lot of stuff completely personal and private, because I want to avoid prurient interest that’s little above the level of a sideshow - but, what I can post of the results, I will.

Totally incredible timing, anyway!

Sex with spirits, anyone fancy sharing some experiences on that topic? Sensible stuff you’ve actually done, or genuine questions and concerns?

I recommend it (with the usual cautions) and think this is a great area to explore, a great way to transcend your links to everyday life and start seeing things a little differently, and I’ll maybe share some stuff but again, I’m not interested in putting on a sideshow here, I have a serious professional life and also a partner who I don’t want to disrespect, so I’ll see what (if anything) other people care to bring to this thread before I post more about that topic.


I don’t know if you want to use it or even have an interest in some “Traditional” form of this creation process but in the book Fire&Ice there are some good descriptions.
Form page 108 onwards .
There are 2 Rituals for Astral Procreation. May it be an Inspiration for you.

I would like to know the general opinion on conceiving a Physical child through Ritual Sex.
(would it be beneficial for the Child’s mental or even Magical capability’s…)

I’ve heard a lot about that book so I’ll definitely have a look, thanks! I’m working closely with a lot of spirits on this so some of it might be what they say, but ideas are always welcome, espevially from people who’ve trodden this exact route before.

I have no idea about a lot of it, and a part of me still feels some kind of mammalian, atavistic horror at the very idea, but it’s so obviously “what’s next” and my higher mind embraces it… ah, motherhood, mind you I remember when my friend had her first baby, she went through all this and more even though the father was just some guy who lived with his mum, so I’m both extremely awed, and daunted, by the scope of it, and also just going to get on with it - as, I guess, women, wizards, and witches have done for all the years to this date!


Although I much prefer to summon a cloud of darkness and demand that the entity I want to make rise up from the shadows using Blood Essence I’ve captured, the idea of RAISING a demon is beyond me. If that’s possible. Seriously, can you raise a demon?

RAISING HELL! Aw man, I can make so many corny jokes about this I could write a list. And I’m not even a comedian!

But seriously, how would you raise a demon? It is beyond my small physical mind’s (which is actually abnormally huge, like almost-touching-my-skull huge) capabilities.



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I do not have any experience having sex with spirits, but Donald Tyson’s book ‘Sexual Alchemy’ is all about how to call a spirit lover. There is also Crowley’s novel ‘Moonchild’ although that is about a magically created physical child.

I look forward to hearing more, Lady Eva, of whatever you are willing to share. It is a very intriguing concept. I love the creativity of your mind!

Oh man, I didn’t see this topic before. But my experience with Sexual Entities has been going on for about 2 years now. I posted about it a while ago, although it has evolved since that time:


In my opinion, being clear about the relationship(s) one is in and maintaining boundaries and agreements is at least as important if not more important with spirits than with other people.

Also creating another living being could be a lifelong commitment.

In that regard spent about four years considering the ramifications before I committed to creating a tulpa. Although the creation process is different in that I did not use sex to create it. It’s a daily commitment that will continue for the rest of my life as far as I know.

Yes: I’m creating her to be my ally in the work I want to do, and to be my inheritor of various things that have shaped my life, things that I don’t think I could ever pass on to a human child (not without warping them, anyway, and taking away their right to be the person they wish to be) and to carry my values and axis of the influences that have been most significant to me forwards, long after I’m gone.

For a long time I just lived, but now I’ve reached a point where I want to leave something lasting behind, so in a sense she’s going to be part of my “life’s work” and perpetuate the things that matter to me.

As for, “how do you raise a daemon?” - in reverse, it seems: structure her first, to co-create her capabilities and attributes, the same as you’d design an egregore; choose a name, for which I’m using Flowers’ system of stoicheia (letters as elements) with other stuff added; various physical & spiritual prep, which is where I’m at right now; then later conception (breathing life of both creators into this existing structure) followed by a short gestation period and then “birth” into a physical object that will house her for a while.

I’ve read that book you posted Vergil (thanks) and it was surprising and heartening how much of it directly related to things I’ve been told already, which makes me feel even more optimistic about this entire endeavour.

That said, this isn’t the “only” or “correct” way to do something like this, just the way I’m doing it, and if people reading this think I’m crazy, then yeah - I may well be, this could be some internal process, or any other kind of thing that happens in the subjective and which is relevant and meaningful only to the person to whom it happens.

I’ve trodden this path long enough to know these things happen, and that what has value and meaning for me isn’t necessarily going to be tangible to anyone else.

So I’ll only know if it’s really working out in the outer world by results once she’s matured enough to affect the physical world, and I don’t know how long that will be, but if/when I feel she can create tangible results, I’ll release her sigil and details as a short grimoire, and barring unforseens, I’ll be sure to post it here first.

@ The1Gza, I’d love to hear how your relationships have evolved if you feel like updating your thread please?

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Will do.

I was listening to a podcast on the way home this morning and the subject turned to shamanism, it was mentioned that in some shamanic paths that the shaman would marry a spiritual being. This was done not only as deeper form of commitment or initiation but also to develop a stronger bond with the spiritual court one worked in. One would become part of the spiritual bloodline and this could be passed on through the shamans physical bloodline as well. Mahy be something to consider on the other side of the spectrum if you ever decide to take that route, or your relationship to the spiritual partner gets to that level of commitment.

The Goetia Girls guy talks extensively about that very subject.

Yeah I remember checking out that site when you first posted your succubus thread. It had some really interesting stuff and I found the way they go about a relationship with a spirit much more attractive (and I don’t mean that because of the full frontal nudity…I liked that too). It reminded me of something I read from Conjureman Ali about the origins of the spirits of the Goestia. The spirits were origianlly treated well and respected as guests and allies, they may have to be put in check from time to time just like any other guest who oversteps their bounds but it wasn’t treating them with the restraint, distrust and disdain as the grimoire tradition does.

Might as well out myself: I have a long-term spirit partner, my human partner also has a male entity connected to him, so that’s been my household for several years now, and the entity I plan to conceive with is neither of those, because of reasons… let’s leave it at that before we get Jerry Springer calling by, shall we?

I don’t “belong to” any of them by the way, and none of this gets me special treatment, I could already evoke to physical appearance before this even happened, plus had solid skills in invocation, astral travel, mediumship and healing etc., and obviously 90% of my life is normal - the 10%, yeah, you got me there.

And my life’s far from perfect, I have a few health problems I’m working on, my financial situation isn’t at all amazing, I do stupid things without any magic hand appearing out of nowhere to stop me, and don’t have like the key to some fast track of wonderfulness.

Coaching and encouragement from these entities is what finally precipitated me leaving my old, rather creaky RHP (external Divine) models behind and start roaring down the LHP as fast as I could go, and it’s drastically altered my worldview, given me UPG so far out that sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, and permanently changed my views on magick.

I hope if anyone reading this thinks I’m crazy (and I may be), at least the fact I haven’t been a dick about it on threads here, ever, shows that I’m sincere and that this is simply the way of things in my life; I’m not naming any of the entities involved, because that’s sucky, I’m not channelling them, don’t claim any special knowledge or mastery, and also I’m not taking on mediation if they ever fuck anyone up! I’d rather stand or fall on my own merits and am not whoring myself out to any entity for shortcuts, I just happen to have always LOVED the occult, magick the whole thing, and on a few occasions that’s… extended a bit outside the normal lines.

I guess the fact that these kinds of sexual, intimate, visceral relationships are possible, sustainable, and you still get to have a life, and a laugh (let’s not mention the sex), is one of the messages I feel is missing most in magick, especially the drier forms where entities are your enemy, to be kept at bay with ring-upon-ring of godnames and so on, and best learned about from dusty old translations of translations.

Since I joined in October I’ve done my utmost to walk around this topic, neither lying nor being open, and actually it’s been a bit of a strain - I won’t bring it up again outside this thread, but it’s part of why I so passionately hate aggressive forms of monotheism, the use of constraints on entities that go way beyond reason and into a power trip on the part of the primate wielding his little “magic” sword, and so on.

Once you leave the world of magick belts and godnames in a language you don’t even speak behind, the whole majesty and wonder of the realms upon realms opens up, the new dawn of people walking once again arm in arm with their gods - instead of on their knees praying to be heard, or on their pulpits claiming to some be in unique and lofty touch with the unseen, through virtue of their celibate lifestyle and special bloody dresses - it really does make everything a personal matter, and past that point there’s no more doubt or “Is magick real?” - only, “Where’s my bloody sport’s car you bastards!”

Am I ranting? Yeah.

But if you were me, you would too every now and then. :wink:


Hey Lady Eva, if you don’t mind would you be interested in participating in an experiment here. Remember your old demon baby you brought up? What would you say if I told you I might be able to modify that old spirit of yours to be more useful, I’m always interested in getting peoples opinions on stuff I do so if your interested let me know.

I’m interested - can we PM tomorrow?

Sure thing, I think this will be an excellent way to showcase what I have planned in regards to the robo-EA egregore that was running amuck on the forum awhile ago.

You’re actually making it, if I read that right?

If so, I want to peek under the hood. Very interested in the mechanics of magic since I started Omnimancy.

My dog won’t go anywhere near where I’m storing the materials to creat her sigils and compose her rites; the “father” just spat a load of vileness down my throat, usually I’m into kink and would absorb this, revel in it, ride his ass, but this took some assimilation, some power bent towards this goal…

I am going to bear a child I cannot love, for it will be its Father’s ascent.

I am going to bear a child who will carry my axis, my gravitas, my scars.

This isn’t a game.

Oh hey Lady E, try calling your demon baby back, tell me if you notice anything different about it.

Okay, I called up that old entity (which was male and an egregore) and on first glance it’s kind of PINK, and draped, like that video for Prince where a woman wore a veil over her whole body like a dust sheet, I’d be hard pushed to say exactly what but it’s different, that’s for sure.

It looks like it’s been sanded down, and painted gloss pink. And it was never a chatty thing but now it just kind of bobs when I interrogate it.