Burnt the F**KOut

Magick hasnt worked
Effort hasnt worked
Consistant failures
Stuck in a damn rut
trying to be more positive, but it feels like your lying to yourself
hate everything and everyone
Debt is a fucking life drainer

On top of this; money has been elusive even through best efforts you try to reconcile and nothing fucking changes.

what do you do?

As it turns out I had quiet the eye opener tonight. Its a real shocker. I think my magick is gonna be just fine.
But i have been in your spot. You have to push through it

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Well, I take a deep breath and just let everything go. For about a day. Maybe two. Maybe three days if the world is falling down around me.

I just let myself breathe and live my life without pushing toward anything. I spend some time in nature.

Then I take stock of my situation and realize if something isn’t working it’s because I haven’t figured something out.

And then I get off my ass and get back to work. At whatever it is.

I may not accomplish what I want in a day. Or a week. Or in a month. Or in a year. Or in five years. But I will accomplish it.

If I’m not willing to work that hard at it, invest that much of myself into it, it’s the wrong goal for me.


Try reading a book outside the genres you know. Try cooking something new. Take a walk somewhere you’ve never been. Try keeping an art journal.

And remember that the money system is BROKEN. Just keep your head on straight and understand that the goal of the system is to break you down into the mindset of a slave. Refuse to be broken. Debt sucks, I know it deeply. Dig your heels in, learn something new, sieze your opportunities with both hands. Fight like a mage, fight smart and fight hard. Magickal efforts supplement mundane efforts, and mundane efforts supplement magickal efforts. It works together, and the key word is WORK. Nothing is free, so fight for what’s rightfully yours.

Don’t give up, you have too many people standing with you!


I love Valkarath’s advice. Take a step back, and let go.
Anastasiya’s advice is solid too.

Honestly, if nothing is working, then nothing is working. That is a Truth … so at least you can say you found a momentary Truth! <-- ok I know that sucked. Sorry. You gotta laugh man, even if its a Captain Insano laugh, you gotta LAUGH.

Those nature walks are great for coming up with a new game plan.

Note: Hating people, even when they suck and deserve it, radiates from you. This energy is crippling. At some point you will absolutely need to say “Fuck it!” and swim in the filth with the rest of us. Put on a mask of your design, anything, and re-invent yourself out there in the business world.

Have anything you don’t use that you can sell? Magick is all around, so if you have magick books that haven’t worked out for you … unload them. You are magick, you don’t need words on pages until you are more comfortable in life. Should give you a few bucks for a new outfit. You can always buy stuff. This world is swimming is junk. Even a 50,000$ guitar is just more junk unless you have passion and time to play it as an instrument. Things you don’t use are not fulfilling their purpose … so get rid of all of it. I sold my precious guitar rig at a point in my life when rent and job hunting was simply more important. I bought it all back years later. (No I don’t have a fancy guitar … i just have guitars that I play.)

Re-worked your resume lately? Dig deep and look at those past experiences on your resume and beef em up. You may discover leadership (or whatever) experience you never thought you have … especially since you are desperate anyways. Beef it up. Embellish a little, just don’t outright lie. It is important to be exhaustive on a resume. If some idiot says: Oh your resume is too long … you can just say, “Well it got me in front of you didn’t it?” :wink:

Cleansing rituals, like splashing some cold water on your face under a bright bathroom light while saying something pertinent can be life altering. Give it a shot. Asperging, or sprinkling some consecrated water around your place helps. I put frankincense in there, but any smell that feels spiritual to you will work just fine.

Life sucks right now. You need money. You need your shit to come together, so to speak. I totally know!!!

Get rid of everything (including a mindset!!) that you don’t need and hit the god damn RESET button.

That’s all I have friend.


Don’t let go @Pwnie. That’s not a suggestion, that is a command. You have to much that depends on you to let go: family, friends, your own ascent, money, your hearts desires, etc. I was jobless all the way up until about two weeks ago. In three days, I got a job. Mind you, this is after 3 YEARS of unsuccessful job hunting! Nothing was working for me either, and I also hated everything and everyone; but I HELD ON! I didn’t let go of the hate, I used it to my advantage. If you have to force the magic to work, then force that shit to work. All the anger, frustration, pain,etc I internalized brought me to where I am now. And where is that? Working at KFC, strengthening my chakras, ASCENDING, things getting better… Need I say more? You are a God in human form. What does a God do when he gets burnt out? He acts! Take all that rage and everything else and rise up, take command, and MAKE the Gods act on your behalf! You don’t have to endure suffering while there are forces WATCHING you right now on standby waiting for you to call them! If you need magical help, then PM me or anyone else here; but I feel you just need a shot of Magical NO2 lol. Well, here it is! Hope this helps


I kept going. I looked for a certain magical current, I can’t call it anything other than that but it’s sort of a milky or incandescent light that does lead to promising things materially. Sometimes it’s a blue or gold but that’s somewhat different to me. It does mean favorable things on the outside but, eh, it’s strange because of the people that it leads me to often suck. In terms of White Magic, it’s great because I learn more about life but for personal peace and happiness? Horrid sometimes.

It’s a strange current and does have the physical appearance of some kind of light but it does feed me. Magical spells for money do work but I often notice people don’t let their magic work, what with all the thinking they’re doing in the mean time. Sometimes the pull for magic to work is too subtle for people to seen their goals manifested but I guess that depends on them.

Again: keep going. There may be more for you during this time that will be required of you in the future. One of the better pieces of advice I got was that magic isn’t something that you do, it’s something that you are. I personally think, aside from psychological depression being a possibility, that you may be encountering a magical depression where you see a huge decrease in it’s ability to work. That idea, for a lack of better wording, does exist and rather similar to the “Winds of Magic,” thing in Warhammer Total War.

Maybe adjust focus, maybe move to another desire. Maybe put your foot down and command with all might for you and your goal to be as one. Maybe you need to “pierce the veil,” as it were, to get the job done. Best of luck!

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Sorry to sound cilche’ but it sounds like you are on the verge of success. When magic is all you got, it becomes all that you need. Yeah, cliche’…but so much truth to that statement. Trust that your magic is working if only not to the extent that you intended. You might just get surprised.

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Sounds like me when I am attacked energetically by the fucking enemies that I am in warfare again with.

Don’t be so serious or you will destroy your own efforts. Magick is best done nice and easy. Develop for yourself the right abilities to communicate with the spirits. Your doubt will also destroy all your efforts. Try my Psychic development techniques here and see if it doesn’t help. I wish you all the best in your ascent. Cheers!


^ All good ideas. :slight_smile:

One thing you can do is imagine yourself standing in a room that you KNOW to be safe, and you call on “the one who can help me most to achieve success” and ask whatever shows up, regardless of what it looks like, what is holding you back - you write that advice down, if they give you an answer you don’t understand you keep asking HOW and WHAT questions (leave “why” alone for now) until you have some kind of plan laid out.

Then with your normal consciousness back after a drink of wtare and maybe a short walk, you look at what you wrote and see what you can implmet right now.

I’m also going to share these which may help (they did for me):

From “problem” to ACTION

3 minute brain dump

Creating an inner sanctuary


Awesome advice Lady_Eva.