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This is my first time to invoke Bune today.
I drew his sigil and wrote his name on a candle, I offered him an orange i picked from my orange tree, I drew his sigil I played his enn and concentrated oon his sigil however I did not se any movement, i just saw the flames flicker and I read out my request to Bune.
After sitting for bit the flame flickered and black smoke came from it drifted straight up.
Please any one who has close contact with Bune ask him if my request has been heard or not or is he willing to come to my aid?
The black smoke produced from the burning candle is making me having alot of thoughts :worried:


@Mike_Bee … I wouldn’t mind name drop to Bune either, if you see Bune at some soon point. (Im feeling optimistic)

Thanks for recommending me to everyone who wants a message passed to Bune bro…

Serving as a go between for people and spirits they want to work with isn’t something I do all the time for everyone.

Thanks again for thinking of me @Nightside :neutral_face:


I can think of three things:

  1. Not partaking in the very sweet gift you offered,
  2. You did not let your gaze soften and try to keep your eyes centered on the entire sigil,
  3. You are lusting for results, not trusting your results.

Not that what you did was wrong, but it seems to me the sigil opening is the issue.
In which case, record your evocation in your diary, examine your request to see if it is too wordy, let your gaze soften as you recite the enn and let the lines move on their own, while you softly but firmly keep your softened gaze on the whole sigil, then shout his name three times and shout “Come!”
State your request
Burn the request
Give and partake in offering
Give license to depart

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Thannkyou for the reply.
Should I try again later tonight or Igive it some time before trying invoking him again?
Also will the same orange offering be enough and should I eat some of that?
And how ofen should perition Bune?

You should only petition a spirit once.

If you are calling Bune a second time, then you should give a fresh offering, and the first offering should be disposed of. Remember, the orange was for the spirit, not for you, so unless what you offered was the experience of the spirit tasting it through your senses, then you should not eat it.


What darkest knight said … I misspoke, he corrected me on the offering :slight_smile:

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You weren’t wrong, my friend. There is indeed a practice in some traditions, like that of the Norse, where you do share offerings with the spirits. However, just going by the OP’s description, that is not what she offered to Bune, she offered the whole orange.

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I dont know if I contacted Bune or not because the candle popped and produced black smoke. I didnt even see the lines on the sigil move as well hence my question if I should contact him again or is my first contact enough. Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply. Means so much to me.

The black smoke and “popping” sound don’t mean anything. It is something that happens with all candles, and is usually because there is wax build up on the wick.

You should spend a few days practising opening Bune’ seal. Don’t ask for anything, or give offerings, just practice. Opening the seal is an important step in establishing contact with a spirit, and it also helps you learn to get into a trance state, which is necessary for communication.

And don’t worry about offending Bune or anything by opening his seal every day. Most spirits are very understanding when we are first learning, and he will appreciate the effort.

After spending a bit of time learning to open his seal, and to get into a light trance, then you can redo your petition.


I am in a very urgent crisis where if I dont pay my debts by this week, ill be reported to the police. I dont know what to do, at my wits end :disappointed_relieved: Is there any thing i could do to make the debtors forget about what they owe me while giving me time to get the money? I invoked Bune to ask him to help get me the money pay my debtoes.

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Unfortunately, emergency magick is very difficult, even for experienced magicians, because of the desperation and heavy emotional attachment to the outcome that are involved. Magick generally needs at least a little bit of time in order to shift circumstances.

I think your best bet is just a simple petition, like I describe here:

However, the biggest issue is time. You left the magick until quite late, so it is extremely difficult to turn the tide of circumstances in the time frame you have.

I would make a petition to King Paimon, and ask him to sway the minds of those you owe so you can have more time to get the money you need. Then I would petition Bune to bring the money.

Make your petitions with sincerity, and full trust in the spirits.

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That doesn’t mean you didn’t make contact with Bune or for the future, any other spirit you may work with. I don’t pay attention to the candles, the flames or the wax when I do my rituals because the candles I use always pop and sometimes blow out on their own all together due to the way they’re made. Some people read wax to give signs but I don’t because of the aforementioned reason.


I agree with everything that was said before by DarkestKnight and if I may, I would also like to add one more option for the OP.

This Demon has helped me in the past:

"Under Oriens, Paymon, Ariton, and Amaymon
To make somebody forget what you owe them.
If you owe somebody money, this ritual can make that person forget, or lose
the will to seek the money from you…"

You find how to work with him in this book:


Thankyou for the recommendation. Currently i do not have the funds to purchase this book.
What is the simplest way of invoking him?

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Here you go: :slight_smile:

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