Break Up Rite


Okay recently i posted a love rite and i gave a warning about Love Magick it’s unpredictable, people involved can suffer obsession, or mental health i have seen cases of suicide when these type of rites are done so here’s a potent break up rite for this situation.

Tools needed.

  1. A Glass Jar With A Lid.
  2. Two pictures of each person.
  3. Dandelion Flower.
  4. A Small Stick.
  5. A Black Candle.
  6. A Lemon.
  7. Vinegar.
  8. Small Sigil Of Asmodeous.


Sit facing the north, put all the tool’s in front of you, Light a black candle and meditate on the black candle. Feel the chaotic energies inside the black candle the more you think about these properties of that candle the more you can feel the power emanate from the candle.

Now visualize the black candle emanate with darkness, see this create a dark cloud and then say

" May the chaos and destructive powers of darkness come to me ".

Visualize this cloud grow all around the candle, as you feed it your focus the more the cloud gains a critical mass.

Next place the jar right by the candle in front of it, now point your right middle and index finger pointing at the dark cloud and push your power and will in that direction.

Then visualize the dark cloud be pushed into the jar, see it compress as a small black tornado of destructive power.

Then put the pictures of both people in front of you, look at one picture and repeat their full name over and over as you do this scry into the picture like a sigil when it opens, you’ve now created a direct link to that person’s energy.

Now do the same with the next image, put both pictures together, one on top of the other and place the images in the jar and say …

" ( Names of both people ) you shall no longer love each other, chaos shall shake the foundation of your bond, in the name of Asmodeous, you shall despite each other, no longer will you feel love for each-other, no longer shall you lust after each-other may this relationship be drained of love, lust and all goodness ".

Now Hold up a small stick and say

" ( Names of both people ) This is your bond ".

Then visualize the love energy flow inside the stick then snap it into two and say

" Your bond is broken ".

Then place both sticks in the jar, Now take the small sigil of asmodeous scry into it and when its open say

" Great King Asmodeous, Ayer avage Aloren Asmodeus aken, use your power to separate (Both names of the people), this is my task to you Asmodeous ".

Now feel the powers of Asmodeous emanate from the sigil place it inside of the jar. Next hold Dandelion flower in your hands it has great baneful properties of separation breathe on it and give the plants soul life, feel the powers emanate from the flower.

Now place the flour in the jar and next hold a lemon up in the air and say

" Turn the love between (Both peoples names) Sour ".

Then bite into the lemon squeeze the juices of the lemon in the jar, then feel that sour energy in the jar radiate. Next pour vinegar into the jar to add to the sour energy and say

" The Love of ( Both names of people ) shall turn sour, so shall their emotions, so shall their sex life, so shall their thoughts for each other ".

Sit in front of the jar and focus on the building power within it and say

" They shall heal once apart,
They shall heal once both are removed
from each-others heart

Now visualize them breaking up in every way possible, inhale deeply and gather your desire of their break up, in you chest then exhale deeply and exhaust that desire into the jar.

Now take the black candle pour in black wax inside the jar over all the implements and say

" I seal the fate of the seperation and break up of ( Both names ) by the powers of darkness, your love shall be no more ".

Now put the lid on it, place the black candle on top of the lid, visualize the dark energies of the candle charge the jar, allow the candle to burn until extinguished.

Then bury the jar, a cemetery would be best as it is the death of a relationship, or near one of the peoples house. After this is done then banish the area and cleanse yourself this is important.


Conner Kendall.


Bookmarked this and it’s love spell counterpart.


If you have no image or personal effects of one party can you use spirit powder as a substitute?

Could this be used as an all purpose break two people up ritual?


I would suggest printing out a picture of them

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Will it work in case than I am not able to open sigil? Thanks.

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Not really all you need to do is learn scrying and how to enter the theta gamma sync.

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OK, I was hoping for another answer :-). So far I can not do it and I would very much need such a ritual to do it. I still have a lot to learn.

Sadly I only have an image of one of the parties involved so no link to the other hence the question - Thanks in any case, I know the other party’s name so I can use that if it comes the crunch.

I’m finding spirit powder so powerful I’ve spent several days making it for various purposes so I now have a selection to work with - ha ha ha. Never knew that was what it was called or its proper purpose but now I know that was a gift from my lovely Dukante friend.

Thanks again for these rituals and taking the time to write them out so clearly.

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Can I use different words in place of love and sex life? The man in this relationship is a narcassitic controlling asshole. He does not love my target but is more worried about his image if she left him and what it looks like to others. He also needs her financially to keep his image up to all who know him. They don’t have sex, they don’t communicate, they tolerate each other and she is afraid to leave as he may cause issues for her at work (they work for the same company). She is afraid she cannot financially survive on her own with her daughter. He is not a nice man and has used and lied to his own father, her family and her. He uses people for money and puts on an image like he has everything together and it is all a lie. It goes much deeper than that but I feel if I use the words love, sex etc. it will not be relevant. I need to break the bond of the routine, convenience and the unhealthy comfort and safety that dysfunctional environment creates for my target. I need the environment to become extremely uncomfortable, feeling of no peace and intense anxiety there and hate going to the house and want to get away from him and that environment immediately. I need him to want her gone as well, otherwise he will hold on no matter how miserable (they already are) because he could care less about a relationship, just his goals and image are important. It’s like I need the unhealthy environment they live in where it’s “normal” for them to fight and show no love or affection for one another to become 100 times worse like a war zone so it gets to a point of no return. Normal breakup won’t work here because that type of unhappiness and fighting is everyday for them. Sorry for how long this is.

Bookmarked. Thanks for sharing!

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Is there a substitute for dandelions? Can’t seem to find that anywhere…
Thank you

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Is this break up ritual only for the love ritual you wrote or can we use it us a break up in general?

I agree with you. Love spells can go so horribly wrong in many different ways. I refuse to do them. So happy you posted this. One party will get obsessed with the other, there can be domestic violence issues, mental health problems, you are so correct. Have seen this happen more times than I can count. I believe the reason love spells are dangerous is because two people who haven’t had time to know for sure that they should be bound together should not be, and going against free will in this case is ethically just wrong. The person who isn’t aware such magick has been done often resists, yet still funds himself herself tied to the other, and the results are never pleasant. Thanks so much for sharing your ritual. :slight_smile:

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I have a question about this Rite:

What if I do not know the Name of one of the Persons and have no Picture of this Person? Is there anything else I could do? Cus this is the Case in my Situation that I do not know the Name and do not have a Picture of the Person only of one I got Picture and full Name.

Thank you

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Same situation :frowning:

If you’re in the left hand path, you’re going to be circumventing peoples free will on a regular basis, in one way or another


Thank you for this rite! I can’t get hold of fresh dandelions but I can get DRIED dandelion flowers. Will that do for its baneful purpose?

Or can I replace the dandelion with fresh hibiscus, Marigold or dried hibiscus, rosebuds or jasmine? @C.Kendall