Break out of your shell and become an extroverted playboy - Ultimate Social Layered Spell

Just looovvvvve it.

i will work with this in a few days.

i remember @Micah told me the same thing a while a go haha


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Done. Wainting for results :joy::joy::joy:

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do I evoke each demon and ask for these changes or do I just petition them?
also do I do one evocation/petition a day for each task or once a week?

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Thanks for the awesome tips.

Tried a few of them and found myself in a new life.

Haagenti showed me how to remove all internal mental blockages. Now, I don’t feel any hindering with my interactions.

Asmodai helped me see the things that were holding me back from being my best with women and rapidly changed them with the help of Haagenti.

Sitri straight up showed me I had no libido or vitality to work with. So, I developed them by removing metal blockages and Nofap for a period of time.

Now, I feel like a million buck.

Right now, I will make petitions to

Gremori for sultry glamour

Vuall for sexual appeal

Zepar for energetic influence

Asmodai this time for projecting polarising masculinity

Sitri to just bring all of them together.

I still don’t understand “bring me back my ex” posts when you have this kind of powers. Of course, I’ll let them do them.


Two questions. Can asmodai do the “polarizing masculinity thing” with femininity for women? And what would energetic influence do? Like what does that exactly mean?

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For Asmodai, did you mean polarizing feminine energy that would attract masculine? Sure, Asmodai will find a way to teach you. In my case, I knew about this for a long time, I just needed a way make the feeling permanent.

Zepar is known to make the conjurer seems sexually appealing for brief sexual encounters to others. That’s why he’s the go to man for PUA community.

Tbh, I don’t think you need that many layers. I just enjoy working with lust demons. I love their energies.