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Anyone know how to boost test, I saw someone posted about a book before where you could cure health problems with your mind. I have low t from taking some workout supplements similar to steroids and it’s reallu annoying because I’m young, thanks for responses

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Some links to older posts I made about this, if anything in them is broken now flag the post and I’ll try and fix it, also run a search on the forum because I know there have been other topics about this:

Makes you a better person:



So don’t use most popular washes? I use them once a day should probably stop, I think it will go up soon I use to be in the 1000s for T but I took some stuff I shouldn’t hav


If you have low testosterone, the first thing you should do is confirm it with a doctor. There is a huge difference between thinking you have low testosterone and actually having it.

If it is confirmed, your doctor can suggest things to help bring it up, as well as help determine possible causes (such as certain medical conditions) but you have to keep in mind that not every man will have high levels of testosterone naturally. Doctors go by the median average, so your body might very well produce a lower than average amount due to various factors, including genetics.

For example, I have lower than average blood pressure. When I have an issue, my doctor has to take into account other factors before determining that anything is due to low blood pressure. When I’m extremely stressed, a state known to raise blood pressure, my levels actually measure as average.

Like any hormone, testosterone levels also fluctuate throughout the day, so the amount you have in the morning will be higher than it is later in the day.

I have a friend who has probably the highest level of testosterone I have ever seen in a human being. There is a home movie of him as a teenager fighting a bear. Seriously. The bear wandered into his back yard and he jumped on its back and started punching it in the head. He will fight anything.

Compared to him, my own levels of T would be considered low, but they are, in fact, slightly above average.

After proper evaluation, and the ruling out of physical causes like disease or a malfunctioning organ or two, then you can look into ways of raising it via visualisation and magick. Remember, that too much of any hormone, including testosterone, is a bad thing, and can lead to a breakdown of other bodily processes.

Look into the book Internal Alchemy, by Taylor Ellwood, for techniques for exploring your body and hacking hormone levels.


Some dietary suggestions with links to studies:


Yes that is the book I was looking for ty, and I won’t take anything I’m a teenager so I don’t wanta be prescribed stuff from big pharma, I will let it recover with foods and this subliminal/binaural is helping a lot it seems

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Also if anyone knows are stuff like black maca, tongkat Ali, and tribilus extract bullshit or helpful? Ty

I exploring subliminal and binaural audio tracks for various reasons. Some of them, and you have try each personally, are fabulous for me. For testosterone, there is this very interesting one I have come across: Sex God Ultra ⚠⚠⚠ binaural subliminal WARNING DO NOT OVER-USE!! - YouTube.
I have tried it and it is quite intense. So max 1 hour total listening time, i.e. about 4 repeats. Perhaps spread out during the day. I still listen to it daily and certainly has an interesting effect on my emotional state. However, I don’t really know about the hormone itself because I don’t do any clinical testing. Ultimately, everything boils down to state of consciousness.


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Strength training #1

Supplement that with vitamin d and zinc