Depressed? Carrying Weight? Sleep Problems? Men, Read This

The seemingly “natural” & “healthy” essential oils found in shampoos and many other products may be negatively impacting your core self, because when the male brain experiences low testosterone, it starts causing a cascade of problems that each work to make the others worse, and take you further from power and peak functioning:

From that:

A suspected link between abnormal breast growth in young boys and the use of lavender and tea tree oils has been given new weight, after a study found eight chemicals contained in the oils interfere with hormones.

Gynaecomastia is rare, and there is often no obvious cause.

But there have been a number of cases linked to use of these essential oils.

The American study found that key chemicals in the oils boost oestrogen and inhibit testosterone.

There are numerous things right now causing low-t in men which many of you are aware of, but this is one that may slip under tha radar even for guys aware of this and doing all the other things right, so I thought it worthy of sharing.


Hmm. I’ve always had male boobies, no complaints on either side :wink:. Not real weight problems I used to be 250+lbs since I changed my diet cut down on eating meat (costs are high) I’m down to 200 lbs. The only depression I had was being out of work and stuck in this house. Now that the job situation has changed for the better everything is good. I used to make my own deodorant and tea tree oil is the main ingredient.


The point with a lot of these things is they can reach a tipping point and then the endocrine system can’t recover from that, and the general environment has so many things in it that affect testosterone levels that adding more, and from a source people may be less aware of, is worth knowing about. :smiley:


Oh no doubt. Ring the bells let it be known. Speaking only for myself it was the way I was born so I look at it as being natural. Now for the record I did call my moms and ask her what she did 55 years before I was born. There is a possibility that there was something in the mix. And other than me making my own deodorant which was a year or 2 ago I’m not around those kinds of chemicals.


Big reason when I was on TRT I had the doc prescribe Arimidex for anti estrogen properties…
Or you can take a natural version DIM 250 Mg twice a day if needed, they have lower dosages…

Estrogenic properties and phyto chemicals are rampant…


what are some of these other things?

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I’ve thought of this my husband started body building in high school but was 350LBS when I married him. He’s laid off the junk food and soda lost 60LBS but with all his struggling I wonder if there isn’t something in our enviroment. He uses old spice bodywash and deodorant, sprays and shampoos.

It might just be genetics. our peditrician considers our 20mo old to be obese when he is only 7LBS over what his average size weight is.
Although he is as tall as a 3yr old. I wonder if it makes any difference the products we use for him. People assume we are overfeeding him or giving him junk food but we rarely eat out. We eat lean meats and fruits and vegetables.


Pesticides, environmental estrogens, BPA in plastics, store receipts , chemicals in the water… Testosterone is dropping off at a record pace along with infertility…


Soybean products can decrease T cause it mimics estrogen.


I use some stuff to enhance my T, for example, red garnets, hematites, red candles anointed with clove oil, clove incense, BTW coffee with powdered cloves is good to enhance T levels, or chewing some cloves daily.


Good info here. For the guys that want non-invasive ways to boost their T levels:

  1. Cold showers. It boosts T production, as well as white blood cell count. Also, great for your skin.

  2. Healthy sources of saturated fats, i.e. eggs and mayonaise. I know mayonaise sounds counter-intuitive for a healthy diet, but that myth is being dispelled in the modern age. Everything in moderation.

  3. Make sure you are getting in your micronutrients, especially your zinc, magnesium and B6. If these start to slip then your T levels will plummet.

  4. If you masturbate regularly, stop. Your body will register you as sex-deprived and will kick up T production to compensate and make you ‘more attractive’ to mate with so you can fire better.

  5. Broccoli. Eat your broccoli.

  6. Intermittent fasting can also raise T levels in some people, plus it is all around healthy.


I went through a major surgery (open chest) since than my T levels collapsed. I have been researching and taking several measures. I do intermittent fasting every week, I eat vegetables and fruits, love broccoli! I have been using coconut oil which gave me a boost. I eat eggs also, take vitamin C, Zinc, magnesium and L-arginine. Another good thing is royal jelly and also bee pollen.


Very, very wise!

Oh, I forgot; stay away from bananas. They are about the worst fruit you can eat as a male in general, especially for T levels.


Another important thing, vitamin D. Also solarized water. Put water under the sun for several hour, drink it every day (do not let it under the sun in plastic bottles!).


Really??? OMG I love bananas and eat them daily!!! I’m quitting bananas right now! LOL

You have seen benefits from royal jelly? I never tried it, but always heard good things. Any bonuses to it other than the T that you have noticed? I am toying with the idea of using it myself…

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When I take royal jelly daily for sometime my health improves as a whole. I feel much better, in hi spirits, my mood improves, I can study and work better, sleep better also. And feel more willing to sex LOL.

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@Woodsman81 have you tried some red garnets? Use them in both pockets at groins level.

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Someone told me to use copper also. I know copper is related to Venus but as it is a very good electrical conductor maybe it works. Maybe a copper cock ring LOL :joy:

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Another very dangerous thing is mold, it messes with the whole health, mainly the glands. I have lived in a terrible house where there was mold everywhere. I noticed it contributed to my low T levels. Then I moved to a better place and my health improved as a whole.