Book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons

I am reading the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose of the Order of Unveiled Faces.

He describes magical work using only your imagination, with no need for formal rituals or tools. Is omitting all external stimuli going to lead to as much success for a beginner as having the mood set, so to speak?

Has anyone had experience working with this book?


yea its a pretty good book.i have work with it many times.stil my best option where on the go or in hurry to contact a spirit.
Results depends upon the situation.if you check the feedback here and in amazon they re very good


I am not sure what you mean with this part. If you can clarify I may be able to answer more clearly. If you mean is it helpful to enter a state in which you are entirely focussed on the pathworking and disregarding outside distractions, then the answer is yes. Clear undivided focus on the process you are executing is ideal in my view.

This is something of a favourite book of mine. Although due to lack of target feedback it is hard to establish level of effect in many cases.
The few rituals I have tried on myself have been quite remarkable. Ie, the one to look more beautiful. The author specifically mentions that people will often view you as having lost weight. Due to a medical situation I shot up about 17kg in six months (this is prior to me getting the book, the book didn’t cause the situation).
Within a couple of weeks of doing the ritual, a number of people started commenting that I had lost weight since they last saw me (despite me being 17kg fatter).

I did the lucid dreaming process once and for the next week or so had either full lucid or semi lucid dreams,

But as above, lack of target feedback limits my ability to assess effectiveness in the case of most of the work I’ve done with this book. I don’t have access to the lives of my foes to tell if they are being torn apart with the vengeance I have endeavoured to level at them. In the cases of my non-foes I can’t exactly casually throw into conversation “So… have you been having sexual dreams about me lately?” (although that would be hilarious).

If you have a nosey around this site you will find that the book is often discussed and that for the most part people rate it very favourably.

In summary, I recommend giving this book a shot, Don’t let the apparent simplicity fool you and don’t overthink it. Its a case of follow the instructions, execute the process and then get out of its way to let it do its thing.


I have worked with Lucifer by this book, it is effective,safe and easy. In addition I like the pathworking descriptions very beautiful and poetic.
I really felt Lucifer’s presence


Several members of this forum have used it to great success, if I’m not mistaken. I haven’t used it much, but when I did I had success with it (at least for the situations I can tell): Several clients and my employer owed me money, and they didn’t look like they were going to pay anytime soon or at all. I did the correspondent ritual and they paid or told me they were going to pay (and followed through) in the next 2 days, without me opening my mouth about it. I did another ritual to remove stability: I don’t think I was very specific, but the only stable things in the life of my target went to hell.

Anyway, the method this book uses is not new, is probably one of the oldest forms of magick called pathworking. I know it can look like you’re not doing magick, without all the props, but you’re. I would say, if you, as an individual, need all the physical things like candles or wands to get into the mood, them by all means; but it’s not a bad idea to try pathworking, to see if you like it. If you find it works for you, I’ll tell you is so convenient.

What I do and I’d suggest you do if you’re not sure about renouncing to external elements, start by doing any small opening ritual that generally puts you in a magical state: In my case, is The Stilllness in angels of wrath, or a part of the opening ritual in demons of magick. Once your mind is in a magical state, do a pathworking with Lucifer and the hidden demons. Just a suggestion.


I was asking about the trappings of ritual and tools (altar, wand, candles, incense, etc.) aiding me as a beginner, ie setting the mood helps my work. I can see how the bare minimum offered in the book would be more reasonable in that I don’t really have a space that I could use for rituals, as well as help my inner magical skills perhaps develop without any crutches, so to speak.


The simplicity offered definitely appeals to me. I would like to attempt full on ritual with tools, but this seems to have removed the complexity and daunting intimidation of wanting to step beyond my study.


The trappings of ritual are there for you. They mainly function as an aid to help you get into a magical state of mind (except when you are evoking to full physical manifestation. Then the tools are generally required).

However, If you want to help set the mood, as it were, for a pathworking, a simple, but powerful way to heighten your senses, is to turn off all the lights, and perform the ritual in complete darkness, or with the light of a single candle. This will greatly stimulate your imagination.


Thanks for the clarification. In my view, tools are not needed to use the book effectively. If they help you to get into the frame of mind that you work in, then all good.
I also don’t have much physical space to work in. I live in a very small room. Other than my bed and boxes of belongings, there is roughly one square metre of space (which is needed for the door to open). So I totally get your space limitations.
But as before, no tools needed to use this book effectively. But if tools help you, then use whatever you feel is right


I would guess that I still need to have something of the person (picture, etc., for binding or targeting) to direct the spell.

No, you don’t. You’re working with your imagination as a bridge, so it is sufficient enough to think about the target and speak their name.


Ok. Interesting. Deceptively simplistic, I’m sure.

So, I finished the book, but they didn’t include Lucifige Roficale in their pantheon, even though he is linked with Lucifer. Any idea how to work him into this path work? I would like to work with him as well.

Lucifuge Rofocale has nothing to do with the source material the author used. Why would you try to shoe horn him into a hierarchy in which he is not included?

Lucifuge only features in one traditional grimoire, the Grand Grimoire, and since Lucifer and the Hidden Demons is derived from the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Lucifuge doesn’t belong.


As you get used to the magick settling into the Pathworking and the demonic energies is very natural. Taking that moment to settle and know the demons you intend to connect with is the important part.

Other methods sometimes involve retrieving things like hairs or nails, but with this magick everything you need is in the ritual. The decision to perform the ritual, connect with the demons, and give your request is what creates the effect.

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Then it probably doesn’t matter. Perhaps summon Oriens and focus more on your pleasure. I’ve received information about results nearly a year after the fact. I’d completely forgotten about it, but results were good.

As the book says, hone your perception and be confident. There are also demons to know what others are thinking and to aid your understanding of a situation.


@ Ragepanda:
So pare your dream request with Apolion (who will reveal someone’s true thoughts to you)…the next time you come into contact with them, somehow some way you’ll know;

Also- if you’re speaking of Kalote’s power, Rose says straight up that you should use this power in combination with another. You’ll know if it works if he/she gives in to your seductive powers.

To anyone considering this system,

With many of these powers, you have to develop your psychic/ astral senses for both the actual pathworking and reading your targets.

As a sidenote, I have had astounding success with this system, be it cursing, seducion, or finances. As with most systems, the nature of your request and how plausible your request actually is have alot to do with your success.

I have used LHD in bathrooms, in rooms full of people, at 8am in the morning and/or 11pm at night. They’ve all worked.

That being said- pitch black room with one candle. Don’t strain too hard and learn to feel beyond your skin.

Memorize your images and practice them. That way you can get into a trance and be ready for their arrival. I actually made cards with the codes and I line them up in the order I need. I use the candle to glance at the codes but then shut my eyes and imagine.

When I get to Lucifer’s “Tree,” for example, I’ve learned to wait and reach out with my astral senses and feel for him while holding that final pathworking in my mind. I do that for all of the demons.

I usually see him (Lucifer that is). The other Kings and Dukes I generally feel they’re in that final place with me but I don’t always see them.

Good luck!


Trust me, it matters. They are doing everything they can to wreck my life and have been doing so for the last seven years. It matters.

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Won’t my nascent psychic abilities naturally develop as I do the path work?

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To a degree- but you’ll need more if you want the full experience. However, imagination is all you need for the actual pathworking and to make the request. Rose emphasizes this. But, for example, like if you want to know what someone’s thinking about you- you’ll have to develop and trust your intuition and your perception as that’s the way the demon will most likely communicate with you. You’ll all of a sudden be able to listen to someone talk and know what they think of you through the subtleties of their language and intonation. Much of this is done using psychic intuition and listening with a different part of your auditory apparatus…i.e. your astral ears.