Bonding with spirit Lover

Im sorry if this was already asked but i looked around the forum and nothing really tells me how to

How do you bond with your spirit lover weather is a Succubus, Angel, Djinn, ect what are some exercises you do with them the increases your bond and be able to feel them

Again sorry if this was asked already and if it was please feel free to remove this post and point me out to where it was explain


Being able to feel them requires development f the psychic sense. We have a bunch of tutorials to get started on that.

After that, bonding is about spending positive, good quality time together, sharing energy, values and ideas, same as it is for incarnate spirits including humans.


I sometimes get the feeling that my Succubus is bored with me!! I get the feeling that she is sitting in the corner in a robe with a her in hair in rollers filing her nails and sighing, " Yeah, good morning." :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This gonna sound funny, but how do I spice up our relationship??

I would ask her if everything’s alright. Also ask her if it’s ok to do a working on it.

There are Goetia that do exactly this, bring more sexual energy into a romantic relationship, but she’ll know if you do magick involving her without her consent, unlike most humans, so definitely ask first.

That for responding so FAST!! Well I have been envoking demons to help me with money, my music business and starting ( human) relationships. ( I need help in these areas!!) Could these be the problem??

Plus, does working with demons (including my Succubus) mean I’m Possessed?? Because I don’t feel it. I"m starting to feel like my same old self like I did before I started down this path 5 or 6 months ago??

It’s said they can get jealous, and the energy between them and human partners can cause problems, or they can feel taken advantage of and neglected.

There is a member ere called @succupedia who posted a lot about succubi being married to one, so you might like to browse through the Love and Sex Magick category if the forum and learn other people’s experiences in this vein, like this one:

They’re not easier than or stop gaps for human partners, if you wanted a succubus thinking that, then stop, get a human partner and have done with it. These guys are immortal and take relationships seriously, even if they are feeding off you while doing it.


The best thing you can do to deepen your bond is spend time with them. Do some fun activity together, maybe make some art or cook something. Ask what they think about something, just chat about anything. Get to know them, and let them get to know you. Ask their favorites, what they like, what they dislike. Quality time is always good imo. Maybe make something for them.

edit: adding something based off of what mulberry said, if you make a promise stick to it. They also get hurt and angry, you need to have space for them as you expect them to have space for you.


When I come in from work every night I tell her about my day. I"m writing a song to her. You can’t use Succubus as sex toys because they come and go when they want to.


I heard that as long as you let them know about your human lover they are ok. They will get off on the sexual energy of both you. (During sex) is that true??

I sense some experience right there…
@Onion ! Now you are part of the Spirit Lover’s Club™️?


One of the best things to do if you wanna bond with somebody can be through difficulty. Extreme times can be the best to show the best and worst of one, therefore those are applicable to get to know them and bond whomever you want and vice versa.
This work with every person I’ve met, friends, lovers even enemies :ok_hand:


Funny how alot of you are talking about this considering the i just got dumped by one of my lovers yesterday :disappointed_relieved::cry:

The was one of the worse pain i ever felt literally, it felt like a part of me was torn apart and shredded into pieces.:broken_heart: thou i understand her reasoning for doing it it left me and my other lovers sad some were angry but mostly sad and lot of crying from me and them

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since a few months now :eyes: @Ignited

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It’s good that you understand why, you can work on it or if it was personal for your lover only then ig you could let it be? but I don’t think it’s my place to comment on that.

us as humans usually form stronger bonds during pain because it’s when we are vulnerable and support goes a long way. So I agree to what Susanne said, sometimes pain can also deepen bonds, but remember to not always bond over pain.

Are you talking about a Succubus??

Close but no she isnt a succubus

heard that as long as you let them know about your human lover they are ok. They will get off on the sexual energy of both you. (During sex) is that true??

the best ones are those already apart of either your bloodlines or other alternative selves

are you a pyshic?

it’s a good investment to research your soul ties

why invite a stranger instead a friend?

I think they can but t’s doing to depend on the individual entity. You know how some humans get off on watching and call themselves cucks, and some are poly, and some are swingers and some just assume fidelity, and some are “stay away from my husband or I’ll scratch your eyes out”. :joy:

Best to ask, really.


Who’s the fortunate one?

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