Blood Magick vs Sex Magick?

We don’t have Blood Magick they do our Reflection, or Twin Flame of Sorts.

“subdue ye thine passions to ever awake” These Phantoms that come to you from out of the Dark are her calling you wanting you soo. Gotta find the Balance Within Build your Energy through the Chakras or “Asherah” Tree of life.

Channel her and call her tell her your awake and Now waiting To accept whatever is Fate. Build your energy To just make it happen.

Okay, so what you’re saying is if we have a partner, the woman applies the Blood Magick and we apply the Sex Magick. Does that necessarily mean that the Phantoms/Succubi are the female entities that provide the Blood Magick if we are alone(working solo)?

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Yes again in ways we may never fully comprehend.

The female Entity’s are our Potential Twin Flames reflections until there’s but one. Five of them to cope with dear brother, cmon that’s a lot.

Well, it could be worse. I could be a modern day Solomon and deal with hundreds of wives and concubines.

Maybe you will.

Only time and Lilith’s favor will tell that. To be brutally honest, sometimes the energy from them feels like 500 different women rolled into 5

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@DarkestKnight said it best @DarkPaladin , you don’t have to use either of those methids because you can evoke Lillith by using Asenath Mason’s method found in the book Qliphothic Invocations and Evocations or even the Draconian Ritual book or the methods of E.A Koetting. If you want to you can use sex magick as a way to connect to Lillith and her realm Gamaliel but then you’d have to get her sigil first. Which you can release your spunk on and you can of course use blood in combination with that if you dare. However, if you do I suggest you seal of the area or the banishings before hand as well as after the ritual to ward off potential parasites that might be lingering there.

When I evoked Lillith the first time I used Mason’s method along with sex magick, which at the point of orgasm I called out to Lillith whie imagining the sigil in my mind and then let your essence lose on the sigil if you will. If you don’t feel ok with that, you can just use blood. Blood just like spunk attracts spirits and in worst case scenarios a parasite so I will again remind you of banishings before and after the ritual. How to get over the fear of drawing blood that’s a bit tricky, it won’ t necessairly hurt much at all, and what you have to do is to attempt to get over the fear of pain, which is usually the main one. You can numb the area you want to draw blood from with phramactueitcals, that is if you plan to draw blood from your forearm. Otherwise pricking your finger with a sterile needle should be more than enough, you only need a few drops after all. If you are dong it right you should feel a slight pinch if you use a needle or better yet a sterile lancet to draw blood from your finger tip. I’d suggest not to use a knife as those can leave ugly scars. Also the reason why you’d want to sterilize the area before drawing blood as well as the tool is revent the bacteria from either the tool or on your skin to get into the blood stream which is a sterile environment and if baceria gets in there it can cause sepsis which can lead to septic shock and thereby organ failure which can and will without antibiotic treatment result in your death. If you can find 75% alcohol or above to sterilize the tools, then at least heat them up over a candle for a about 20 seconds or so, it should kill of most of bacteria making it safe enough to puncture the skin to draw blood. Better safe than sorry in this case. Blood can be used in invocation work as well as an offering to her at her arrival or before she leaves the ritual area. The don’t mind blood at all menstrual blood especally if you can get hold of that.

For sex magick with a partner see if you can find a woman who’s willing to let Lillith Posesses her while you are being possesed by Samael I haven’t tried this, as first I can’t because I am gay. However I have allowed Samael to possess me once for that purpose, sex magick with a guy and believe it or not it works really well as Samael can be used for interactions with people of the same sex or oppposite as it is humans alone who make that clear cut distinction between men or women only. In short having sex while being posessed by a demon was a pretty intense experience to say the least I’ll detail it in my Qliphothic journal at some point. You can easily modify the Evocaton thread which I’ll post the link to, below to add posession into the mix however if you are being posessed you won’t necessairly be in control all that much, remember this.

You can use electric lighting, I’d suggest you make the color of the light red as that is the color of blood, and menstrual blood which are related to femenine magick and therefore ties into the cycle of the moon. Which is something the realm of Gamaliel and Lillith herself is also connected to. Or get some scented small round candles, perhaps you canfind something like these where you live?


One way to Evoke her if you don’t want to spend money on the books of E.A Koetting, Mason or other authors there’s this alternative. If you don’t want to release spunk or draw blood you don’t have to use any of that, just evoke her and while I’d recommend these incenses; Dragon’s blood incense or Frankincense or even Rose incense, as those works really well. You don’t have to but it helps with immersion for you while esepcially dragon’s blood incense more or less is crack for the spirits and draws them to you very effectively according to my experience. Have a look at this guide to help you with this it’s really well put together.

I’ve tried it a few times it works nicely when I’ve tried it. Have a look if you are intrested. Hope this helped you out, good luck.

All the best


Thank you for your concepts. I’ll start reading up on EA’s Complete Works book that I just got in today. I hope it includes his ritual methods in huge detail. Asenath Mason is a new author to my knowledge. In my honest logic, one can never explore too many methods or have too many friends.

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