Blood Magick vs Sex Magick?

My epic question for all concerned is this. Which ritual variation is best for a male to evoke or invoke Lilith, succubi, incubi, or any variation of similar spirit form? Whether it is for asking for love, passion, or other personal interest, what works best for each?

If it is Blood Magick, how did you break through a mental barrier if any when it came to shedding your own blood?

If it is Sex Magick, do you save your fluids for a solid time before a ritual or did you just do it from a day-to-day basis?

Candles: What to do if you are limited to a small space with a sensitive fire alarm system?


Neither. You can use any working system of evocation. When I evoked Lilith, I used the basic procedure of EA Koetting’s system which required no bodily fluids.

Electric tea lights.


I’ve had the strongest results with sex magick with partner but it went chaotic and hard go control.


Have you ever had any results when alone? In my case, the knowledge and energy is there enough to count for two people(at least I think it is possible to work like that). I am just wondering about people other than myself.

You could I just prefer partners to compare and push boundaries.

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Neither blood nor sex have been required for me to open to, guide, and flow the energy for specific magick projects including working with entities. The sex magick I do is with my partner and rarely solo. No fluid retention. The trick for partner work for me was finding the right partner.

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Finding a partner in this day and in the area in which I live is like finding a needle in a haystack with confetti.

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That all makes sense. I just have my itches to find that perfect ritual for opening to, guidance, and channeling the daylights out of the entities I have been exposed to. Sex magick is great with a partner, I’m sure. I just have not had any luck with such findings in the town I live in, nor do I have even the faintest idea of where to even look. Seems to me like you got lucky or you managed to pull the right spirit strings.

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Which turns you on the most or gives most AWE? Which do you feel the pull? Its magick of self?

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I would honestly say Sex Magick. There is just such an erotic magnetism to it. Through Sex Magick, I have encountered what feels like legitimate daughters of Lilith. It feels like electricity coursing through every fiber of my being when I can channel them. Sometimes it is just one at a time, and others it is all 5 of them. I don’t have any idea how I obtained their names. But I am currently forming a digital journal of each of them. I just wish I could channel them without any interruptions during rituals.


In the Rituals of Pleasure by Asenath Mason there are both and more. Asenath suggests following the rituals but I always tend to deviate.

Doing them raises my sex drive but I really should utilize the rituals to manifest something greater.

I’m not wanting in a lot but i still abstain from human relationships. I just find them to be eventual toxic problems.

World today is a bit more plague-ish and hatred filled than last year. Only sex i’d even consider is spirits tbh.

Sex magic for a different use like healing, gaining something, trickery, deception… maybe.

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There is something to scratching that itch! Whatever drives you along your path is worth giving attention to.

Hope this isn’t too off topic!

Eventually attracting partners did start becoming almost predictable. Not in the pick up artist way. There was a rhythm to it. Kind of a cycle. Patience and being open were key.

The big problem was screening. Each woman I was guided to meet had potential to open and share a profound connectIon with me. Stability of the connection was an entirely different matter. I have met only one woman where the connection was naturally stable. I asked her to marry me a month after we met.

Given the pain and drama I experienced in the past if I was solo again I would be quite discerning about choosing another partner. Of course, harvesting the energy in a chaotic sex magick partnership has potential. Not sure there is anything I want bad enough to willingly be in that situation again.

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I haven’t been able to get a hold of anything by Asenath Mason as of yet. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard of her at all until here.

However, I can totally understand concepts of sex drive spikes and things of the like. Sometimes, I think my rituals manifest something greater, but at a slower pace than I’m used to.

Human relationships can definitely turn into toxic problems. Of that, I am a subject matter expert. I’ve seen relationships at every stage fall to pieces in a blink of an eye.

Even when I’ve been in a human relationship, it feels like my spirit relationships seem a thousand times better than the real world relationship. It’s almost as if the spirit is competing for my attention or they just want to enhance my morale in lieu of reality.

Sex magic definitely needs to be a little bit more focused on my end as well. It needs to have a stronger goal than just getting rocks off. Not saying that doesn’t have its benefits, lol. But still. Healing, gaining insight of various spirit planes(the most common thing lately), and overall wisdom. Trickery and deception aren’t exactly goals of mine, but would be sidebar perks connected to wisdom.

Tbh Read About Zar Spirits and I’ll ask to be transparent. Where did Lilith come from and where did she go? There a truth in the Names and in Knowing you Sow.


I wouldn’t say it’s off topic at all. Everything eventually comes right around to finding that mystical someone that revs the daylights out of your engines.

However, I’ve seen so many relationships crash due to mostly the other person being a total hypocrite to the extent that I no longer see what in the blazes attracted me to them in the first place.

I truly hope that there is a such thing as a woman that makes all of the sense to me as yours does to you. For the sake of romance and even romantic justice in the world, I hope that there is a such thing.

I suppose real world relationships work in a way in a form of evolution. One relationship falls apart, then a different relationship that either morphs into something better or worse than the one before it occurs.

Finding a partner that would even gun after chaotic sex magick right along with me is like looking for a unicorn of some kind, perhaps a black unicorn with a golden horn. I hope that such a partner exists for me.

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Your Lillu just know. We are all of us Chosen Born of Osiris “Born from the Earth” Mother of all Creation that’s how they are with us. Gotta Maintain a Balance with Divine Masculine in some shape or form. Tip scales to hard meep** break your mind.

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When you Balance she will Come dear Brother just know. It’s seeds that we will inevitably sow. Seeds of Set to seal out the dark. Our children are to be the Light Bringers Three she told me I know. Haha haha lmao

Zar Spirits? That’s the first I’ve heard of that kind of spirit. Maybe I just need to brush up on my readings. As for the Names, they reveal themselves ranging from a moment’s notice to dreams when I wear my Lilith Sigil Ring(I have 2 different rings that spark different results). I’m not sure where Lilith went, more likely that she didn’t go anywhere. Just more like she sent 5 different daughters to me to channel on her behalf. These 5 different daughters have personalities that differ from each other. They even revealed their occupation within the spirit realm. Each of them spark the living daylights out of my sex drive on a level that is utterly bonkers.

Is it possible that a person can have both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, regardless of physical gender? I hope that isn’t in opposition to your reply. It’s just your mentioning of Divine Masculine kind of sparked that question immediately.

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No that’s just it that’s the key bruh

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