Black Vs. White Magic

Just curious, what are your opinions and thinking about the ever blurring line that is the line in between “black” and “white” magic?

Is black magic defined by working with demons or entities that are considered inherently evil by the Christian faith or by the majority of faiths? Or is black magic any type of magic that has a net net negative on all worlds. Is black magic any type of magical work regardless of its effect working with entities that have a net negitive impact or “black” source of energy. Regardless of what you choose to do with that energy. Or is it any type of magic considered socially unacceptable for whatever reason by society.

What is white magic? Is white magic, magic that is beneficial to all worlds as a whole, and has a net positive impact? Or is white magic a construct created by popular faiths to deem certain types of magic, or less popular, minority faiths or magic practices unworthy of the title of good, because of their otherness and refusal to accept common principles. Or, is white magic simply a surface level term to describe working with forces that tend to have a positive impact on our worlds. No matter what actions you may be preforming with the entities power is it considered white magic simply because the source of the magical energy used to influence our world came from a traditionally positive or “white” source.

I don’t know why the line is blurry, what makes you say that? If you take a dualistic view it’s black vs white, LHP vs RHP, dark vs light.

I think its a matter of semantics and etymology. Black or sinister aka LHP magick generally just means self serving as opposed to selfless. It can also mean “evil” because some self serving magick is going to be baneful.

It has nothing to do with entities. Magick is just a tool, and a tool is neutral: it’s the intention of the practitioner that matters. Pray to “god” for healing for another: white magick, pray to that same entity for harm: that’s a curse so it’s black magick.

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