Belial wants me to summon him in the solomanic manner.. Or he will destroy me

So about a month ago I got into working with Belial.
He played a major part in my childhood. He did help me some but also caused me massive suffering.
Hes said hes been blocking me in many areas of my life on purpose.
He says either he will destroy my life after this if I refuse to stand up to him. He wants me to be strong and if i understand correctly my challenge is to evoke him in the solomanic way in which I command the spirit. (I hate this idea, I know its a test too, but also he said hes doing this specifically because ive been too weak to claim my own power and tell other people what to do. So he wants me to challenge him, “his every way is darkness”
This is obviously a huge test…
In the beginning i made the mistake of beng a bit too… Submissive, fearful, and saw him and the darkness as an adversary (which manifested exactly that in my life)

Though ive learned and Dantalion and i are cultivating a pretty good beginning to a relationship, i dont want to piss Dantalion off. Will he be angry that i command Belial? Ive told him about how belial has threatened me with death, jail, never having sex again, and of beng his slave and working for him.

He wants me to be free. He wants me to be sovereign. And this is what i want. He even told me my dream job wasnt in the cards and that id have to work 3 jobs to survive and be unhappy the rest of my life.
Synchronistically the TV right now says “this is your responsibility” “its worth fighting for” and ive been fighting for my spirituality my whole life. Its the most important thing to me and I must succeed and I must make my dream a reality even if the fucking darkest entity goes against me. I dont give a fuck. Im so tired of things outside of myself controlling my life.

Ive continually been learning lessons best i can and maintaining strong willpower despite everything…

Can someone please provide guidance and tips?
This seems to be a bit of a unique situation. He says he made this situation just for me because he knows how much trouble I have with this.

I dont knoe what to do… Except i know I must get clear on what exactly i want to happen, and I must be firm in my will despite the fear and doubt… .


If I were in your situation and someone told me to do something that I would absolutely hate to do, I wouldn’t do it.

I would say “NO! I do what I want.

There is an Adventure Time episode where the protagonist is forced to do things the way others want. So he freaks out and starts shouting “NO, I WANT TO DO IT MY WAY.” And he does it his way.

From what I understand, Belial wants you to stand up to him, not follow his every order like a puppy.

Forget what others want. What do you want?


Sounds very fishy. Like an impostor has inserted itself into your connection. This is the opposite of what Belial is about.
Banish, cleanse, and get back in touch with the real Belial. Fix your defenses. Ask Dantalion for help.

From what I understand, Belial wants you to stand up to him

This is also very possible. Stand up for yourself.


That sounds like him. He’s the sort of mentor to throw people into difficult situations because he knows you can handle it. However, he’s careful not to make you face something he knows you can’t handle.

So stand up to him.


I love adventure time and your simple answer cleared things up a bit for me. Ill get to work on figuring out what i want.


I am going to some similar situation only that I belive I caused my own suffering to teach my self something but I need to figure out, what?

Been struggling to find job for over 3 years and been through a tons of jobs interview.
I tought about calling King Belial to ask him for help, but I think I still need to do what I started first.

Belial challenged me to fight him and I had to use a blasting rod on him, and the beings he called forth to attack me:

He needs you know you’re willing to take the upper hand and use it, if you’re familiar with the Star Trek universe, the Klingon culture of getting right in someone’s face to greet them, respecting them with an aggressive show of strength, may be a parallel to this. :thinking:


Another test for me is to approach girls that are in conversation already or to talk to a girl thats with a guy because its a particularly evolutionary and primal fear I have.
He needs me to take the upper hand and learn how to use my will above my ego and moralistic concepts, since ive become aware of how sin and righteousness are portrayed to the public are actually lies used to control and the truth is righteousness is to adhere to ones self, truth, will and sin is to deviate from this will…

And the monotheistic religions use this as a mechanism of control asserting that we are doomed as sinners rather than being naturally righteous and good by nature since we are part of That Which Is, and its all Good, by divine nature, its all perfect.

Of course, my emotions, ego, ways of living and being have yet to catch up to this divine level of truth.
But Belial insists i must die and be reborn like the phoenix first and that becoming a master one must fail and fail again and again until we truly become masters of Will.

I looked into your journal post, and wow. I see a lot of parallels to what im going through.


Specifically what you mentioned
“Believing i must have some higher goal or purpose in order to enact my will”
“Feeling that theres something fundamentally wrong with the world, or possibly just me, and having a sense of needing to correct it” that parallels my experiences as an empath. The term earth angel would be perfectly accurate with younger me.
Also id say im still leaning towards the RHP or atleast id like to think I am.
And i too have tried asking the angels and they keep telling me the same thing. Theyre not unwilling to provide help to me but they dont want to tell me what they want to do. They just keep saying “find out what YOU want to do, and believe in it”
At the same time Belial is very insistent on free will.
I was refferred to an Edgar cayce book specifically referencing the difference between light and dark magic.
I have read Low magic by Lon Milo Duquette and it made things more clear.

By the way, thank you for your honest and helpful answers, big help to me on the path.

After reading your RHP journal, i see even mire parallels and also want to say that i also received this “prophesy” about for the good of the planet we must attain godlike power in terms of magic, psychic abilities and taking back our power.
It seems as though ( and it could just be my perception) but that things are getting to be more polarized and that now is a better time than ever to reclaim our power.


In about 1 hour my time will be up…
I have read up on much if the principles of soloman, did my best to summon some divine energy but i feel so damn blocked.
Whats more, I literally saw 4 cats in the span of an hour (sign of the presence of Belial)
And the last 2 were pissed at me and hissed. This was when i was studying the lesser key of Solomon.
I never have a problem with cats hissing at me. Though it was probably just becayse I shined light on them.

Im starting to believe now that this is just a big illusion in which im being manipulated through my fears and subconscious.
But ar the same time Belial came before me and told me every detail of my life even my thoughts for a full month in the future…
He told me of this night that would happen.

I havent given up. But i dont know what i am to do…

I feel that if i duck up hell destroy my life.

I wish to rise. May the divine fill me with power. May I have the authority to command this infernal spirit, Belial. May it be the will of the divine that Belial is on my side.
For the lesson here i believe was to take all of this fear, all of these struggles, all the guilt, blocks, and misfortune and come to be at peace with them and rise in consciousness and love to manifest my true new path rather than being controlled and being afraid.

These infernal beings manifest on the material plane, changes and can cause domino effects of sometimes undesireable change but also lessons growth and strength.
I did this to become stronger in my self, in my light.

Belial has his own consciousness, his own will and he may or may not approve of the lessons I have learned.
But Im learning its not about others approving of our lessons.

I do not wish to summon and command this spirit in the manner of Soloman.
I choose that I use my own divine will to cause him to help me manifest my highest good.
Any fear, any problems, doubts, or blocks being set upon me are dealt with.
Though in the past i have failed, i will not succumb to the will of this spirit.
I apologize for the angry remarks and disrespect i showed Belial in my moments of weakness. I apologize for the adversarial relationship. Though i get the sense he does not want me to apologize. For he is not my enemy. Though we see things differently.
I know not what the future holds.
But i know that it is overcome, I know that I have overcome.
I can not be afraid.
I will not be beaten by Belial.
I do not need a ritual or fancy god names to proclaim this.
I proclaim this now.
I have overcome. And it is done.
Whether or not i passed his test… Idk… But i passed my own test… And thats all i care about.


Start working out by running everyday
Do push-ups everyday let yourself heal of course.
Also get yourself some boxing gloves

Join a fighting class
The fighting class is gonna improve your mental strength among other things
Also do magick so if belial gets close you punch him in the face then use magick to defeat him with all that you could be prepared also do deep meditation expand your knowledge

Make sure your quick when you punch him because if he grabs you he can throw you down on the ground

Do satanic void meditation he’s a link
Satanic Void Meditation that meditation it will really help you

And make sure you start doing lucid dreams
If you don’t know how to lucid dream
All you have to do is go to sleep dream and remember your dreams and everyday remember your dreams eventually your dreams will become more clearer and eventually you will lucid dream

But when I mean get strong I don’t mean do a few pushups and say that was a good workout now time to eat a bag of chips watch tv

Do not be Lazy don’t say Ive done my 30 minute run now time to lay down on my couch watching tv for 5 6 hours

No laziness always work on improving yourself you wanna defeat belial take my advice and use others advice and beat belial down

Good Luck you can do it you just gotta be willing to do as I say.

REMEMBER DO NOT BE LAZY. You can watch tv of course so your balanced with your material and spiritual life, but just because I said you can watch tv doesn’t mean you go and avoid belial.

Avoiding things that are inevitable is called being Lazy

You wanna win Don’t Be LAZY

And if you have a job take a vacation time and if you can’t then lie to your boss say your grandma is sick and you have to take care of her I’m sure he will be fine with that

Save or copy what I said and print the instructions out so you can win

Here print the void meditation out too I copied it just for you just in case you wanna be Lazy being lazy is gonna make you lose then your gonna get destroyed

So don’t be lazy print all my instructions out and do what I said it will improve your life and I will help you win

But remember do meditation and don’t avoid meditation unless you wanna lose

“Void Meditation” is what is known as “stilling the mind.” The benefits of void meditation are the ability to turn off unwanted thoughts and influences at will, being able to control your thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you (as with the average person), and a sense of inner peace. Void meditation is essential for anyone who practices power meditation, and is important for success in advanced magickal practice. Power meditation changes the strength of our thoughts and it is very important to be able to control thoughts and to turn them off or focus them at will. Thought power, also known as ‘witch power’ is needed for success in ritual and in using your mind to obtain what you want. Power meditation, strengthens our thoughts, and people who are more aware or sensitive will be able to pick up on our thoughts and feelings telepathically. Void meditation will train your mind to be silent so others will not know what you are thinking. The Japanese Ninja use this technique to avoid being detected while carrying out important missions that require one to advance or infiltrate, unnoticed. Void meditation trains your mind so you can focus during rituals and in every day life so your mind brings you what you desire.

There are several techniques for void meditation. The goal is to turn off all of your thoughts and focus on the here and now. You get your mind to be completely still for a specified length of time. In the beginning, this can be extremely difficult, as thoughts will come into your head continually. Before you know it, you will again be thinking about something. Don’t get upset with yourself as this is very normal and even for advanced practitioners, certain meditation sessions may not go as smooth as usual. Just keep bringing your mind back to focus. Patience and persistence are the keys here. It definitely helps to do some breathing exercises beforehand to induce a trance state. Some people find meditating after a heavy meal causes the mind to be easily distracted.

Always try to meditate when you are fully awake and alert. If you try to do void meditation when you are tired, chances are you will quickly fall asleep.

  1. Breathing exercises are optional. This is a simple method of breathing that will induce a trance state:
  • Breathe in for a count of six,*
  • Hold your breath for a count of six
  • Exhale for a count of six

Repeat this several times until you feel relaxed.

  • Only hold as long as you feel comfortable. If holding for a count of six is not comfortable, then hold for a count of 4, or even 2. Just make sure you are uniform in your counts. Never hold longer than is comfortable. Breathing exercises are never to be pushed, as in doing so, they can cause damage to the nervous system.
  1. Now, get your entire mind to be completely still and free of any thoughts for a specified amount of time with no thoughts or music in your head. Your mind should be a total blank. You should focus on being in the here and now. For beginners, five minutes is fine. Intermediate and advanced practitioners can go anywhere from 15 minutes to however long they feel is essential.

Void meditation can be done with your eyes open or closed. When your eyes are open, you will more than likely see a mist around objects as you settle into a trance state. This is normal. If you choose to close your eyes, you may fall asleep, but this is an individual choice and use whatever method works best.

Choose something small to focus on. This can be a point on the wall, a second hand on a clock, or even a piece of lint on your clothing. Many choose to meditate on a candle flame. The important thing is to concentrate on your object of choice

Focus inside of yourself and relax. You can put yourself deeper and deeper into a trance with a feeling of falling. This is normal. For people who are new, this falling sensation that often accompanies a deep trance can make you feel dizzy. To stop the sensation, focus on the front of your body.

Void meditation can be done anywhere and at any time with just focusing on the here and now and concentrating totally on whatever you are doing. This method works best for those of you who are unable to secure any privacy. Just set a goal to focus on the here and now for a specific amount of time each day and you will benefit.


  • Visualize an object and hold the image in your mind. At first, it will fade in and out, but as you progress, it will remain longer and longer. This is definitely a needed ability for magickal practice and focusing your mind power.
  • Focus on a specific chant or sound. You can do this either aloud or in your head. This is what is known as a “mantra.” You breathe in and on the exhale, chant a specific mantra or tone of your choice. One common chant used in kundalini yoga is “Sa Ta Na Ma.” This is pronounced “Sah- Tah- Nah- Mah.” You can also chant “Sa Tan” “Say-Tahn”
    or “Say- Tahn- Nah- S-S-S-S.”
  • Focus on a specific emotion- anger, happiness, sadness, love, hate. You can choose an emotion going by how you feel on a specific day. This is excellent training for advanced ritual.
  • Focus on a specific texture, for example, running your fingers back and forth across velvet or a terry towel.
  • Focus on a specific odor or taste.

Advanced void meditation that includes adding physical positions trains both your mind and develops an iron will, and extreme inner strength.

  1. Keep your entire body still. Do NOT move. This is what the advanced yogis do.
    Get into a comfortable position. Don’t scratch any itches, just ignore them and stay focused. Muscle cramps may come and go. Ignore any physical fatigue or mental fatigue. Just continue to remain focused.

  2. Add uncomfortable and/or awkward positions. Make sure these are taken from a Yoga or Tai Chi book, so that they are physically beneficial. This is a discipline that is taught in many Martial Arts schools where one learns to ignore pain, while retaining intense focus. This strengthens the mind for physical combat and drastically increases your sense of self-confidence. This will also increase your resistance to pain.
    Many martial arts masters meditate under cold waterfalls, in snow or other painful conditions. One’s physical health must be built up here, for obvious reasons. A cold shower can be substituted. As with anything new, be sure to start out gradual.
    These techniques, when mastered, will give one total control over one’s mind and emotions. If one faces death, one will not freeze up or panic with fear and the odds of one’s survival will greatly increase.

  3. Running and meditating; focusing on your running steps, increases endurance both mentally and physically.

This is an excellent way to empower yourself while doing void meditation. This is advanced and you must have a feel for energy and be able to draw it in as with the Energy Meditation. Here you don’t visualize the energy, you just breathe in and out, absorbing the energy on the inhale and expanding your aura on the exhale. You focus totally on the feel. you should be adept at energy breathing before incorporating this method into your void meditation.


It’s not things outside of yourself controlling your life. It’s coming from within you, and it’s something you need to conquer.


i can understand you in this situation, Belial always throw opportunities for me to talk to girls (since i´ve never been in a relationship), but i don´t blame him because i want to stop my fear of talking to girls, specially if it´s someone i don´t know


My advice to you is do it. He wants you to be strong and if this is the best way then you should do it. Your other guides won’t be angry. They understand.

Lady Eva I just had a similar experience with Susanoo. He outright told me to stab him in the neck in the Astral. I did it and he seemed to like the fact that I took action :thinking:

Be sure to use discretion and don’t go and flirt with girls who have faulty boyfriends. Then again Belial will probably empower you to intimidate them.

This guy makes a good point. Physical excercise is mandatory. Just remember to work out your legs and core too :wink:


Yeah demons are physically strong it’s hard to over power a demon in muscle strength

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We are doomed as sinners — sin is basically action based on the over-riding power of carnal desires (humanities primitivism) and the impulsiveness they create, moreover the refusal to progress from their control over you as pilot of your ship. Belial is saying this to you possibly. He’s saying your primitive and weak because of your obsession with carnalities, he already owns you thereby, which to him is probably very boring as he owns so many people. Ill bet off the cusp your asking him for stuff that is to do with physical and carnal desires - money - girls - job etc etc which shows you are controlled BY them. To him possibly certainly to me, it would sound like a hamster squeaking because it wants food, albeit the hamster can be forgiven as it is merely a hamster. The irony is, it is the capacity for manipulation of these very carnal primitivistic actions and desires within the human mind, that allows Belial to control them lolol. Don’t for a moment think that Belial doesn’t know who created your soul - and it wasn’t him. Try understanding that Belial is BELOW you…! Command Belial in the name of your creator…! The servant is NOT king…! He wants you to UNDERSTAND what the pomp and pageantry of Solomonic evocation MEANS, so not only he but others AND other people cant push your around…!

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I really liked the points you made and even though we disagree on a couple things such as men being inherently sinners, your overall message was super helpful.
Id like to suggest a different paradigm of which i have made my own. Sin is straying from your objective, the goal, manifestation or creation you desire.
(From Neville Goddard)
And man is inherently good, one of the seven secrets of soloman. If we look at ourselves as a whole are we not much greater than the sins we commit? What good does it do for one to see themself as evil? For me it has created much shame in my life. We have higher nature and lower nature and the lower nature gives us our fight and something to overcome while the higher consciousness of God and our soul or higher self guides us.
The bible says “cast off righteousness” basically meaning that even the desire to appear righteous is a bad thing if it means straying from our will or objective.

I dont mean to appear confrontational or deny you your truths you believe in as i believe we all have a right to our own truths and i respect those that choose their own beliefs rather than their beliefs be chosen for them. I simply feel as a part of my quest that I must express my truth.

But what you said about being a slave to carnal desires and them being a passage to be controlled… Yes… Indeed, anything that controls the will, or has dominion over the self like low carnal desires must be tamed and whipped into shape. Im learning to gain mastery over these things and using the sexual energy to build myself up rather than chase external things. In other words becoming the man which has the qualities to obtain these things naturally.

You are absolutely right i feel my friend, regarding what the Solomanic way means… I really appreciate you sharing that with me.
Perhaps its not the evocation he truly wants but the lessons behind what such an evocation would mean, not being afraid of my own will and power to command and change that which has affected my life for so long.
Like you said with the being pushed around.
This whole process can feel difficult at times but the lessons are golden.

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when I really got into mountain biking, I would focus on my pedaling technique to the point of thinking about nothing but exactly how it feels, what muscles I’m using, how much I’m using them, ect. after a while I noticed my efficiency and endurance went way up. being “in the zone” from riding seemed to help with focusing too. I can definitely attest to running meditation, except for me it with can apply this style of meditation to anything physical really.