Belial, Twin Souls, And Spirit Marriage For Evolution

People familiar with soul contracts and marriage are free to explain to me your experience and knowledge of what it means for your being in the after life.

Belial usually appears and tells me some random information, or when I feel out of my mind and terrible about my circumstance, to “slap me.” Things have been calm for half a year now, and I haven’t felt or heard from him since September. I no longer feel him around me ether anymore. I have “run” away from him many times, but I always return.

He told me a year ago what he wanted me to do for him that involves other people, and it does inspire me in a way, but some things concern me. I haven’t started because I lack confidence and enough knowledge, but I also want to know what exactly I’m doing if this aligns with my greater aspiration for my soul. Even if I may be gifted somehow because Belial wanted to hire me, I have terrible executive functions.

I’m married to Belial, and does that mean my soul will conjoin with his or is it already? I have thought of making a more profound commitment to him through the rituals of Mark Allan Smith’s Primal Path, but much of Mark’s works feel too satanic for me, but I have been approached by many spirits already, so maybe I’m just not ready right now but will be later in life.
To not make this text too long, he told me who I am and how I am “created by/related” to him and two other twins where one is my counterpart for transforming in this life.

The whole marriage pact happened without me realizing what was happening. Belial entranced me for months, and I must have accepted his proposal. It was in 2018 so, I’m still relatively new, but I’ve learned and transformed a lot! I have been sad, angry, beyond hurt, homeless, alone, sick, and everything through these years, but now when things are calm, I kind of miss it! I feel a need for change again. I easily fall into complacency, which he doesn’t like about me. If the laziness goes on for too long, Belial always throws a tower on me, so that I get forced to change. I don’t want to wait until then this time.

Much of my journey has been to connect information and experiences into a system and help “ordinary people” in my life in crisis who are stubborn and don’t want change.

I have also separated from my counterpart, but I’m not too concerned about that. I feel intuitive that my companion would follow me if I pursued my “purpose wholeheartedly.” My and my counterpart’s dynamic between each other is so similar to Belial and mine. I feel like I am Belial to him, as Belias is for me. We are all connected on different timelines and dimensional layers, like blood cells within beings.

I want to be precise in how I will go forward if it is for my higher good to still entangle with Belial, and if so, how to strengthen communication and get out of my head. What does this kind of spirit marriage mean? Will I still be an individual soul, or is Belial taking on me as part of himself, like a composite? I don’t think I want that. I feel I have more than one soul inside me, and it’s tearing me apart to have different wills that contradict each other. To evolve further, one needs to be quick on feet and decisive, which is not possible with other intentions inside. How can I know if I have different entities inside and includes Belial? How to get rid of them? I feel it disturbs and hurts my body and mind to be in this limbo state between worlds.

I’ll start by saying all of my relationships with the spirits I work with have all been strictly business so far, so I can’t give you much in terms of marriage or romantic workings, but I do know they’re taken as very serious commitments and should be made up of two willing parties otherwise only one-side knowingly benefits from such an arrangement.

If you haven’t looked already, this thread has some wonderful information on the topic:

If you feel there might be others present with you I’d advise a cleansing/banishing if they clash with what you desire and cause you distress, in a situation like this, I think it’d be best to have a sound mind before entering a serious engagement with such an entity and to ensure they are who they claim to be, so you don’t end up a feeding ground for some low life parasite.

I do highly recommend checking out that thread, they touch on pretty much every aspect and come from a place of experience, that way you know exactly what you’re getting into.


Human or spirit, this sounds super unhealthy.

Sounds like you’re not dealing with Belial. Spirits rarely (if ever) seek humans out because they are “gifted” above others. Be careful whatever you’re messing with.

You might want to evoke Belial (with his sigil and enn and everything) to make sure you’re dealing with him all the time and to ask him questions such as this.

Again, it doesn’t seem like something Belial would do to trick you into marrying him. This sounds very unhealthy and extreme.

You need to do some banishing. It seems like whatever this spirit is, I really don’t believe it’s Belial, is hurting you and you need to remove it from yourself and your life. Do an evocation with a spirit who can actually help you. Call Belial (with a formal ritual using his sigil) or Lucifer or another spirit you trust. Banish, banish, banish.

Also the link posted by @Eia should be helpful.


Tricksters and parasites can gaslight you, be careful with it.


As one who has several relationships of different types, I have to agree soundly with meow. You shouldn’t need any sort of trickery or misdirection for something like this. And the emotional rollercoaster is a huge red flag for parasitic feeding patterns.

I think several rounds of cord cutting and banishing are in order. It would be a good idea to do them periodically. I would also suggest you call on Hecate and not this spirit you’ve been working with. It would be a good idea to move towards a different type of energy to reduce confusion. I’ve spoken with her, but it’s your choice to call on her or not.


For reference, here’s more info on identifying and dealing with parasites and spiritual hygiene basics to help you avoid them in future.


Sounds like a massive gaslight. You’re not married, as there was no consent, and, imo, marriage requires a witness, otherwise it’s more like a pact. This… what sounds like a total impostor… hasn’t shown up in months. Who cares? :woman_shrugging:

I think it’s high time to clear this upset out of your life and spend the energy on something useful.

I have thought of making a more profound commitment to him through the rituals of Mark Allan Smith…

Why though? What’s it doing for you? This thing “always throws a tower on” you, so it can feed on your turmoil, can you really not grow any other way? Take a class, join a new club, pathwork a new occult book, you don’t need a wrecking ball in your life to grow.

Too bad. It’s not it’s business! It’s yours, it’s YOUR life, and if you choose to rest on your laurels for a bit you’re allowed.

It might be your path to learn how to protect yourself, whether it’s Belial or not. If it’s him, it’s exactly like him to deliberately piss you off to breaking point to make you grow a spine and tell him to fuck off, take change and fix his bullshit. Grow that spine or be destroyed, Belial will do that.

Imo: and this will sound harsh, he doesn’t marry people, he makes them stand up or die. Trial by fire, no mercy given. You should NEVER have let this thing get so far out of hand that he just told you you were married and you rolled over and went “ok”!? Hell no.

I think, you failed the test.

It’s only going to get worse until YOU fix it. You have to stand up and refuse to even be tested.

“Never bend the knee.” … Belial

I don’t know what or who your “counterpart” is, but this sounds just as awful, from them as well as you. I think keeping them at arms length until you get on an even keel and figure out who you are and what you really want would be better. But… you don’t seem to care about them anyway, so get rid of them and let them heal and move on, don’t be selfish if you don’t actually love them.


No, don’t, Belial or not Belial, doesn’t matter. Banish, make a clean break, find out who you are and what you actually want.
You can always do the Mark Allen Smith thing later, there’s no rush, and Belial doesn’t care, He admires strength. You should do that after you’ve learned how to protect yourself, how check for impostors, got the basics of magick working down, found out what’s you and what was you being a gaslit and abused pushover.

I don’t think you have to be in a rush to make decisions to evolve, I think you need to know yourself.
But I agree, to be in control and decisive, you need to understand yourself and have good information. You have to be able to tell where you begin and end, and make decisions as that individual. That’s all about being human.

I agree I think it’s hurting you, and kind of dicking with your life, sounds like.
As people have mentioned, there’s multiple techniques for closing out relationships and banishing. If it’s Belial, you should be able to simply command him and it will be done, as he’s a higher being and will respect that, and such beings don’t feed on us so they have no need to cling. Job done. If it’s not, it will hang on and then you’ll know it’s a parasite (tutorials above), it’s not letting go because it needs it’s food source and you will learn a lot fighting it to get rid of it. :slight_smile:


Its time you banish this pseudo-husband of yours my friend.

Even if it was Belial and you would be getting this kind of gaslight and abuse you should fight back. Its clearly not since this entire situation is everything Belial stands against.

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real shit

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Belail’s test HAHAHAHAHA. Now, if you think you have the answers from this post. Know that you do not. One time I told him to fuck off, I’m going to get my ex back. (Well, lets just say I made a ton of posts on it, I did get my ex back, but it was awful, and he left again in 3 months anyway,)


That’s not quite the same thing as having Belial tell you you married him, and that was not a test. :slight_smile:

He gave you advice and you were within your rights to ignore it, he happened to be right but he didn’t cause the issues.

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Hmmm, this doesn’t sound like King Belial to me. He is always direct and blunt with no sugar coating usually and he does not favor games like this.

As others have said, it sounds unhealthy

Cord cutting doesn’t work in this case (I have tried it with help), and also when it comes to banishing, it may only work temporarily, but if the mood vibration or unconscious inner conflict remains, entities and circumstances will come back, just in another form. I have also tried cold water showers, affirmations etc. What remains is to go into the root of it, clogged energy in my body and work my heart.

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I kept my text short and left out a lot because I hoped that people on a similar path would recognize the keywords I used. If you or someone has genuine constructive ideas, advice, or opinions about this, I’m willing to listen and learn, but if you want to be a troll and can’t perceive things beyond your monkey mind and wounding, then why bother? People are quick to jump to conclusions based on their understandings, and I understand that. I also don’t think people who only work in business fashion with Belial do not know him deeper. I don’t want or feel the need to spoil every aspect of our relationship here. The marriage part that I didn’t realize was happening was poorly expressed. I did know, and he did give me time, but it was so surreal, and I felt over-excited by his energy, so I handled it impulsively. It was stupid, and I don’t recommend it to anyone, but done is done. I was in a vulnerable state in my life, and he was my rock.

I was inclined to get two silver rings and summon him on a specific date, namely, April 30th, 2018? Why? No idea. Months later, a ceremony was held in the astral, and Archangel Chamuel was witness and Belial with his name written differently. Is this ever reversible if I want to?

He can be very kind, charming, humorous when he wants to be, and very blunt and harsh when needed. He can use emotional and physical pain, but he always seems to have a good reason why he does things, and it is not just to hurt or make me angry for some sadistic reason, even though it may look like that. Another example, I was suid to a court case last year based on totally flawed reasons. I was extremely nervous and sad at myself for the situation but learned how bad the system is and to speak up for myself no matter what. Even tho it was complicated, it ended up being what I needed. Besides that, I have been thrown out of my bed with force by Belial, I don’t think an egregore or thought-form possesses that amount of power, but I’m not close to the idea that I also have had other parasites or entities around me. A few months ago, he did announce though a third party that an entity was watching me in my bathroom that wanted my attention and that he could help me banish it. I didn’t know if it worked, but I haven’t felt it since, but I still have chills running through my spine? What is that?

To say he does things to piss me off, grow a spine, and tell Belial to fuck off, but to be in your ego, butthurt and angry, that’s easy and weak from my perspective. To truly master and graduate from earth experiences, you need to love them. I’m the same as everyone but with different challenges and needs. It’s a dance of progression and being humbled again, and this dance shows itself physically through the counterpart soulmate one encounter though the tunnels of set and Qliphotic realm.

Yes, I know that I have no rush for that work. And I have to know myself more first.
So when it comes to the dynamic between me and my twin soul/counterpart, you don’t have to jump to conclusions. I said this thread is for those that have experiences of these types of soul contracts. As far as my counterpart, I know it sounds highly unhealthy from the outside, looking in as if he is some narcissistic sociopathic vampire and that I am “codependent.” We have power struggles for sure, but it’s not so simple as codependency and narcissism. The roles reverse from time to time so that we experience both ends. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for these years, and entities like Belial and Azazel feeds on the emotions that get spilled out. Do we have a contract and a spiritual connection for a higher good? Perhaps but I’m not entirely sure.

Do most people have a misconception about twin flames, counterparts, and soulmates, and is the purpose of these relationships meaningful? Absolutely. Everybody may not have all of these three soul contracts, but for those who have, these are ones I want to exchange experiences with and share my unique perspective.

Most people have it wrong when it comes to twin flames and soulmates. We all use different words and terminology, but in essence, from my experience, there are two distinct types of individuals that exist for your evolution. A Twin flame has the same Spirit Light Frequency as yourself and polarizes at the level of the mind/astral, like a magnet, like everything else on this material plane. When you live in a state close to Samadi or Tipheret, you will connect with your Twin Flame on the dayside Tree of Life. As long as your awareness exists in the now, your Twin flame will not only come/come back into your life but also want to stay in it. They are you in that sense. But it’s confirmed that they don’t necessarily will remain in your life. It depends on you. When you decide to take the journey further, you will have to go through the dark side to reach the supernal triad, the realm of the soul. Now, the other significant person is what I call the counterpart. It has The King/Queen dynamic, which you can also call the Shadow Twin or Twin Soul because I feel this soul directly connects you with the Tunnels Of Set journey through the shadow realms of reality. This journey can be highly uncomfortable, but the source for power.

Belial revealed that I am my soulmate’s North and that he has something to do with our splitting. We have had this dance back and forth as we both have healed and evolved together and interdependently. I also feel that the Twin flame and Twinsoul/soulmate somehow connect with you and your Godself all together in higher dimensions. But we are all split into several pieces down here on earth, just like Osiris. And as each level of spiritual initiation, you gain 360 degrees of knowledge, then 720 degrees, and so on. As you ascend, you earn your wings back as in the symbol of Ezekiel’s Wheel, also represented by other thrones of Angels. When I began in Qliphoth, Belial showed me a sign of crossing timelines in a cube. We are down here collecting ourselves.

I have told Belial to leave me, and I have often ignored him to focus on “useful 3d things”, but it always gets to the point of destruction on my part. He wanted me to change location and quit the job I was focusing on or to flush it down in the toilet, as he showed it. He implied that I was hiding and chased “castle clouds.” The situation got to a point where I had an accident and acquired a neck injury that forced me to move and leave that job. I walked a year long with the injury. It blocked spinal fluids that caused severe pain and issues down my spine and hip that the doctors could not identify or help me with until I met a very skillful, alternative cross-disciplined chiropractic.

Now, I have come to accept that it is part of my path to go through and learn about the anomalous nature of trauma and how it can correlate to initiation and energy work. Also,as a woman, one doesn’t need to be “masculine” or toxic to be strong-willed and have boundaries, I learned to recognize my shadows and my gifts that comes with those. It’s not a random wrecking ball that occurs because I or anyone is a “weak person” or to distracts me from “ordinary life”; this is and has been my life. And also, every time I get “hit” or “attacked,” I know now I’m being blessed with energy to alchemize for my to me stronger and wiser, but of course, it doesn’t happen overnight.

I set a firm intention to do anything to evolve and learn about evolution before Belial came in. The shamanic path or the seer is heavy; suppose you are into authentic occult information and spiritual initiation for the right reasons. In that case, you will face extreme opposition. It’s most of the time not kisses, unicorns, and business money. The reason my person could connect with me on such a deep level, our relationship was designed. It was supposed to attach to sensitive points in my psyche and aura. I had to integrate these parts of myself consciously. When powers are dealt with and taken on as your own, you become the a-pax, and those forces can only vampirize on chaotic energies of people’s unconscious, so to become aware that all your thoughts, concerns, and impulses are not your own, they can only feed off our lower nature and frequency.

We are the distorted Elohim on earth, here to have an experience. I also have a strong intuition that when enough couples have ascended with their true soulmate and collapsed all the split timelines of themselves into the A-pax point of evolution, 9th Ether Awareness, Zero point magnetic, electric light coherence, and Merkaba Activation, a new re-emergence of reality will occur for people in the new dream. We are all here dreaming.

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Just make a journal. If they aren’t living it themselves they can’t embrace it nor understand it from insider perspective.

Just do you. Keep it low :key:.

I know no one here could even start to understand my relationship with Lucifer.

It’s my life. I can freely do with it what I desire from it

You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone here or anywhere else


Yes, I don’t have justify inner experiances for anyone else, good point. I just had to put it out of my head, let society out of my head. But I am argmentative in nature, and to respond is just how I learn and realise what I know and so on.


Start a journal

it as greatly helped me

a lot

going through my


Why was his name written differently I wonder.

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I have to agree with @Crown. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I have learned that bit myself. For me it’s because I lacked the self confidence. I wanted to hear what others had to say and well Iv learned quite well sometimes it’s just good to not talk about somethings so openly. Yet it’s nice to share somethings to find like minded people.

I am however intrigued on this and your experiences.