How to get admitted into the college of your choice

Greetings BALG,

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve been admitted today to the college I wanted and I will explain my process to do so here.

I was inspired by the following thread to the this but I modified it with my intuition:

I created a sigil first with the goal I wanted and I charged it with Sex Magick. It is important to mention that since I’m practicing seminal retention, I focused my non-ejaculatory orgasm to the sigil and visualize it being charged with the energy.

I created two of these sigils and charged them to then do a sigil Magick ritual with King Paimon and Belial as states in the thread above. Blood was the offering and I burned the sigils after I finished the ritual.

I forgot about the ritual and then received the email that I was accepted into college

Try it out by yourself!

Hail Belial! Hail King Paimon!

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If I knew it was just about burning papers, I wouldn’t have struggled to get good marks and a good PSU score

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I would say that you learn for good grades. :slight_smile: