Belial and sex. Is that the expected?

Good evening to all:
I want to share my experience with Belial.
I have started working with him slowly, and little by little (now for about 2 months).

Every time I call him or I speak with him, we end up having sex.
It always involves some kind of blood exchange, with a very sensual pleasure.
It is not just plain sex, it is loving, but rough. He always shows himself as a very handsome man, with long white/silver hair, very pale skin, orange snake eyes, and some kind of snake skin pattern in some parts of his body.

It also happens after he has taught me something about the Qliphoth on that day, or about magic.
Sometimes he brings other demons (incubus/sucubus?) with him, who join, in order to take part into a more passive (secondary) role.
Sex was never part of the deal with him, but I am happy with it. I feel that it is kind of a communion with him, but it feels odd.
I work with Lilith as well, and sometimes she has incubus/succubus coming around my place (without attacking me, just being there to chat and give each other advice about sexual vampirism). But with Belial it is VERY different.

Is this usual?Did something similar happen to any of you?

I am just curious.

Dark kisses to you all,x.


yes he have this savage way,he does like to show off his dick. he manifests in various grotesque forms i never seen him in a human shape its always some kind of savage/grotesque form

not to mention that terrifying climax that he brings lol

i have confronted him many times,saying things like why don’t you suck my dick instead of show yours this kind of thing lol and no i’m not kidding lol

until today he still says things like

how long will you resist me
how long you will resist yourself

for sure,he does like to mess with the sexual side of the individual

well that’s it



Then it must be an usual part of himself.

It is interesting though…


Belial is one of a kind. He can be rather charismatic when he wants to be. You should count yourself fortunate to be so favored that he shows that side of himself with you rather then play coy as he seems want to do with those he is less enthusiastic about.


It is fascinating how every demon/force/deity/spirit can have their own personality and how they get on better with some people than others. It is, in the end, like when you try to make friends.There will be some people who you connect more with, and anothers that are ok with you, but the connection is not that strong.
I don’t get on much with Santa Muerte, to give an example.
We do not hate each other, but we are not as compatible unfortunately.


Welcome to my world! :joy:

He takes that form around me too (without the snake skin).


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I don’t recall him showing his dick but he has been very sexual.
We always seemed to resist going all the way.
He never showed him self as a man.
I would tend to feel a very large presence
and when I closed my eyes I would always picture a very large spider.
Made sexual encounters a bit odd at times. haha


There is a very intense sexual dynamic when dealing with spirituality especially with spiritual entities that a lot of Westerners don’t want to deal with for various reasons but coming from Neo-Victorian/Semi-Puritanical values; despite ironically we reside within Western nations that uses sex to sell everything and anything. This thread shows more proof of validity underpinning the Goetia Girls Shaman Chaos Magick Paradigm approach to integrating the sexual dynamic in spirit work just sexual dynamic is c addressed within Shamanic paradigms found around the world and not pretending that factor doesn’t exist.


Sure, there is a sexual dynamic, but some people take it too far and start thinking everything is about sex and orgies. They get so trapped within the sex obsession that they never get anything done.


This. Been working with him for a year, he never showed his dick. Maybe his metaphorical dick, as in trying to establish authority but nah, we never had sex. Guess he’s just not into me, lol.


Come on, even I am into you (platonically). He is polite :smiley:


Ya me neither. Ive had a father figure vibe from him, nothing no way sexual.



Hehehe. He called me a conceited bitch once.


I hear “You little shit” on a regular basis for quite some time now. I am sure thats how they show that they care. Lel. (my favourite burn was “You dense cabbage head”, so far, tho)




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