Being Called to Norse Sorcery by Odin

Hi Everyone,

I am a dedicated LHP Practitioner and have been for many years now. I have had much success with Infernal Magick and the current state of my life reflects that as most things in my life are in order and going extremely well. Around December of 2020 I had the opportunity to enter a raffle to win a free magickal painting (Portal) of Odin that was channeled by a skilled magician. Lone and behold I won that raffle and took that as a sign of Odin directly calling on me to work with him. It is an honor to be called by him and I intend to answer that call with the utmost respect. Ever since the portal arrived I have felt an extremely strong calling to step into the Norse Sorcery path and learn the runes. I have also felt a calling to perform the Eye of Odin ritual. I have no experience in this and was wondering if anyone recommends any good books to learn the foundation of Norse Sorcery and the runes without any of the dogma that comes with a mystical religion. Like something with a LHP Godhood undertone as that is what I resonate most with. It seems that whenever my life is going well a tough teacher comes to me to help me break through barriers to the next level of ascent. I welcome Odin but definitely want to do my research to honor him as I initiate and step into this path. Any advice or recommendations are welcome.

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Helrunar, Seidways by Jan Fries (anything by Jan Fries is good)
The Hanged God: Othinn Grimnir by ShanoOates
The Viking Spirit by Daniel McCoy


I worked with him to learn some of the Runes to basically read them but little on Galdr or anything.

He is a good deity to work with and you can expect the rest of the Norse Pantheon to come to you as well.


Know if any books that are more focused towards Freya/Freja (spelling?)

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1st off, super cool! I have worked this path a lot and I enjoy actively studying and working with it. I think you may definitely find that LHP undertone you spoke of.

Secondly, the suggestions others gave are awesome! I’m gonna compile a list of videos, YT channels and books and post it here later, ok?


@Mephisto Please tag me in the post when you compile it, I’m very interested as this is a path of Magick I haven’t gone down but am always fascinated to hear about.

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Odin require sacrifice, perhaps something you can’t be able to do.

I’ve been called to perform eye of Odin ritual as well xD hehe :yum: I’m very much excited about this path

Youtube Videos:

Freyia Norling, the Arctic Witch:

ThunderWizard, the Surfing Shaman:

Asbjorn Torvol, BALG:

E.A. Koetting, BALG:

Jackson Crawford:

Arith Harger:

Christina Marvel:

WARNING: I have not watched Christina, but something about her grabbed my attention

Order of the Volur:

Eihwaz Initiations:


RavenzCraft Arts:

Working Dragon Mystic:

Black Earth Productions AKA Sethikus Boza What I listed is what I specifically recommend, everything else may be hard to follow… What is discussed is paramount in this path, IMO:

Books (I have not read too many, I mostly watch videos and documentaries):

The Heathen: A Viking Grimoire of Norse Sorcery by Asbjorn Torvol

The Havamal (no specific author)

The Prose Edda by Jackson Crawford

Northern Mysteries and Magick: Runes and Feminine Powers by Freya Aswynn***

Icelandic Magic by Stephen E Flowers

The 9 Doors of Midgard (I have heard good things, have not read personally) by Edred Thorsson

There was another book that I will have to look at when I get home. Go on the BALG page for Asbjorn and there is a printable, free PDF that has valuable info on the path. I highly recommend this too. The triple astricks next to a book is a personal favorite of mine.

I am also happy to answer any questions you have as well :blush:

@anon8398376 @ATLien @anon84423462 (I think Vandheer said he was interested in this path too at some point, so edited to include him)


Much appreciated!

This is the book I am very interested in, and I planned to delve into this path next year, after my current operation is over, thanks Mephisto, saving this one. :love_you_gesture:


Of course!

You know where to find me if you have any questions about the path :wink:

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Sorry - correction: Shani Oates.

Sweet - I added this thread to the Books Recommendations collection thread as well. :slight_smile:
Everyone on the Norse path knows about Arith Harger’s yt already probably, he’s amazing. I was in his Petreon for a while and will probably rejoin.

Not that I own I’m afraid. I have a couple like this that are devotional works to The Morrighan, and I’m seeing people have done the same for Freya. They’re very personal but still very interesting, like our Journals here :slight_smile: Blogs and the yt videos Mephisto has might be a good source for this as well.

I also find people start categorising these devotional works as fiction, although they’re their UPG experiences in the occult, so I’ve stopped discounting the fictional stuff out of hand and do read some of it, though I don’t have any for the Norse path.

Amazon has these, but I haven’t read them myself…


+1 for 9 Doors. I used to own it before passing it along to someone else. It’s a fantastic book and honestly if you only had to pick one, this would not be a bad option as it’s an actual workbook from beginning to advanced. And once you have completed it you have the option of applying to the Rune Guild with the compilation of your notes if you so desire.


Me putting that list together like:

giphy (1)

On a serious note, the Norse path really has a lot to offer and learn from.

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Wow thank you so much for all the recommendations. Your dedication to this path definitely shows!


What do you think about opening a portal to Odin through the eye of Odin of Asbjorn Torvol, I want to do it, but at the same time I am a little afraid of not being able to close the portal in case things get out of control and he takes control so to speak of my life, and if I work with him do you think he would teach me powerful magic being that he is the father of fathers and is aligned with Jupiter that the largest planet expands everything, I do not want him to be a deity that controls my life and as I have not seen anywhere that teaches how to close the portal, in my case I would not know what to do, I need information, I would be very grateful, I have been thinking about this for over 1 year. … until today I found this page, I would really appreciate it, and forgive me for my English, I use Internet translator, because I am in the process of learning.

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Ok- reading this, I feel you are very green to this. So the first thing you want to ask yourself, is why do you want to do this and what would it accomplish?

Here is a piece of advice: Don’t do anything unnecessarily. Especially with him. You don’t need a portal to take in his wisdom and knowledge. He is also a trickster and a teacher- he is likely to use your mistakes as lessons and in a way that might not seem so kind at first, depending on how he might take to you. Opening a portal from the start is like inviting the woman you just had a first date to move into your house immediately; or to give the woman a key to your house when you barely know her.

However, while you reflect on why you want to do this, you may want to consider a fundamental shift in thinking- he doesn’t want to control you. Nothing that benefits you, would seek that of you. My relationship with the High One has always been one of equality and respect.

Don’t rush things, take your time to learn about Odin and to get to know him for yourself, before opening portals or pursuing such things.

More so Mercury than anything, but in reality, deities like him, cannot be boxed in and defined so easily.

Odin was my favorite of all the heathen gods. He’s a great mentor. Have fun with it. Runes are not bullshit at all. They’re powerful. Hail the aesir.

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