Good books about working with Norse deities?

Most of the norse books are either about runes or general info about the gods from a mythology perspective, but I’m wondering if anybody has recommendations for any book that deals in detail with actually working with norse gods, specifically Thor. Or any other helpful resources.

Thank you

‘A Practical Heathen’s Guide to Asatru’ by Patricia M. Lafayllve. It will show you how to carry out rituals and you can modify it to your liking. Couple it with ‘The Master Work of Chaos Magick’ by Adam Blackthorne, particularly the chapter on working with any spirits, and all your prayers and rituals will be immensely powerful.

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@itsnathanm7 maybe you can give some?

I was going to assume you were aware of Heathen: A Viking Grimoire of Norse Sorcery | Asbjörn Torvol | Become A Living God.

But then I remembered what Assume means :wink::laughing:

I jus giggled at this :joy::sweat_smile:

Please see the below link for a full list of resources regarding Nordic Witchcraft:

Being Called to Norse Sorcery by Odin - #10 by itsnathanm7


Thank you :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

I was not aware and this looks exactly like the type of thing I was looking for, thank you!

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