Being called by a spirit/demon/jinn

I’m not really sure where to begin and sorry in advance if this seems like a bit of a ramble, but I’m pretty shaken right now.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted a cat. Funnily enough, they’re not even close to being my favourite animal but I’ve always felt attracted to them. I remember pestering my parents to buy a family cat while at the same time having nightmares where I’d scream and cry in my sleep (I have no recollection of this) and claim to see fleeting shadows in my peripheral when I was out and about. This went on for months; getting the cat began to play second fiddle to getting my parents to agree with me. I eventually convinced my mother, but my father would not budge.

My parents became worried about me to the extent they went to a religious spiritual leader to see if there was any spirit/demon/jinn at work. They were told that getting a cat would be the worst thing for me at that time and that a spirit/demon/jinn was wanted something with me. This is where things become frustrating for me. My mum and dad refuse to go into specific detail to this day, but all they tell me is that the entity wishes to entwine his life with mine and that he is preying on my weakness for cats. According to the spiritual leader they went to, allowing the entity into my life would cause be detrimental to my future and that I’d struggle with work, my mental health and marriage.

While I have never had any doubts about what I’ve been told, I keep wondering what exactly the entity is and why I seem particularly attracted to it. I’m an adult in my early 20s now, but I still seem unable to shake my obsession with owning a cat. In fact, I’ve actually placed a deposit on a beautiful young Ragdoll male kitten and have backed out of the purchase after my mum went to the same spiritual adiviser despite not using his services in years. She asked me questions I wasn’t able to give any rational answer for, one being why I was attracted to this specific male kitten even though I’ve never wanted a male kitten before.

Honestly…I’m just so confused. None of the people in my life can provide me with any answers so I have no choice but to find my own.

Who is this entity? How do I know if he is malevolent? Is manifesting in the form of a cat the only way he may appear to me? How do I communicate with him? In all fairness, my life has been one failure after another since my early teens nd I’m at wits end figuring out why this entity seems to want to approach me - if that’s the right way to word it.

Apologies again for the rambling and I thank anyone who can shine any light on this topic.

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You might just want a cat because the heart wants what the heart wants, and your parents kind of gaslighting you about it is making it worse… it’s human nature to want that “forbidden fruit”.

I wouldn’t expect the nightmares to be related. Everybody had bad dreams, all the time, unless you’re still having them and are dreaming about being chases or getting clues that you have an entity issue, you probably don’t. Keeping a dream journal will help you remember more to learn about this.

The unseen is loaded with entities like this, all people are affected sooner or later. They induce strife so they can feed off the negative energy. We call them parasites and it’s easy to banish them. Check out our “Parasites Tutorial Collection”, or use incense (that they hate) and intention to cleanse the house and yourself, tell it t’s not welcome and to leave and stay away.

It’s possible that your have an entity attached and it actually wants a cat, but this is very strange. It’s not unusual for human ghosts that died with addictions to possess humans trying to fulfill the addictions still, so the haunted person becomes addicted, but, tbh, the DJinn have their own pets, they don’t need ours. This doesn’t add up and feels like an excuse: “blame a Djinni so we don’t have to get a cat” sort of thing.

At this point, I think there’s no entity, to be honest.
You have no evidence of any entity, only someone else’s imagination, based on wanting a cat. That is not a red flag for parasites or Djinn. For this to be real you have to validate that for yourself. Bad luck doesn’t mean you are haunted or cursed, you probably had plenty of good luck as well, no? You sound like a well adjusted and articulate person who’s been given weird excuses and is trying to understand why… maybe the problem is with the people making the excuses?

That’s not really a reasonable question to ask anyone, least of all a kid that just wants a cat. You and the cats energies were on similar wavelengths, probably, but how are you supposed to know that? This is very unfair.

However it’s your parents house, and if they don’t want a cat in it, that’s their right. They shouldn’t have to make up dumb excuses, they should just say ‘no’ and mean it, then you wouldn’t be trying to find reasons why. They just don’t want one, and you have to accept that while you’re under their roof.

I would wait until you get a home of your own and then you can share it with as many cats as you like, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. In the meantime have patience. Maybe you could volunteer work at the local cat shelter to help take care of homeless cats in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying, your response helped to clear a lot of things up for me that I suspected might be true. I’ve decided against getting him for now because of my parents, but I will definitely be getting one once I get my own place! Thanks again - I truly appreciate your help :leaves:

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