Beating Alcoholism

I’m an alcoholic and I desperately want to quit drinking, my drink of choice is beer. I drink every night after work and too excess on the weekends. I hate it and have tried several methods to quit drinking and have only been met with failure.

Is there a spirit that I can ask for help to quit drinking and not crave it any longer and not be tempted by those around me that drink?

I have a strong desire and sense of need to begin a relationship with Lucifer, but I want to be clear minded and alcohol free so that I can communicate with Lucifer and offer myself to him with a clear stable mind. I feel as tho if I don’t free myself of alcohol that I’d be wasting Lucifer’s time and not be taken seriously due to my level of intoxication.


Do you have withdrawals? If so you shouldn’t quit cold turkey, you could die. I suggest seeking help through a doctor of some sort.

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I experience insomnia and irritability for the most part when I try to quit drinking, other than that no other symptoms that I’ve noticed.

Oddly enough last winter I got the flu and didn’t drink while I had the flu and after I got over the flu I didn’t drink for two straight weeks, with zero negative side affects.

I tell myself every day I need to and want to stop drinking, it’s the will power to stop and the strength to not drink even when those around me are drinking that I seek out the help and guidance of a spirit.

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As an addict I know where you are coming from, exactly. I suggest you seek help from professionals. If you have drank every day since last winter, then withdrawals are going to be a bitch and may kill you. I’m not saying magic can’t help, but you should approach this issue from every side. It’s going to take all you have to defeat it.

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Belial might assist with this, getting your mastery back:

Look up tapering as well, that’s another route out if your body and brain are dependent. Lots of info online about this, do your due diligence and be safe. :+1:

Some useful posts:

This means basically don’t go on and off the wagon, especially at high quantities, or you may fry things that can’t be un-fried.


^ Worth researching, the brain metabolism effect.

More info on coconut oil here:

2 alternatives that are radically different to 12-step:

2nd one might really be useful to you if you’re not in too deep, he really flays the whole marketing of booze to people.

Finally self-linkage :stuck_out_tongue: but my thoughts on why magicians often get addicted to stuff, and my own experiences:


I started drinking in 2006 after I lost my mom to melanoma, so I’m going on year 12 of straight drinking, with only a few very short blocks of time I didnt drink, and I mean short, no more than 2 weeks.

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Sorry for your loss. A traumatic life event often tips people over the edge, you’re not alone. :heart_decoration:

Thank you Lady_Eva. These are great suggestions thank you. I will order both books, I’m open to anything at this point, its time to change my life, for myself, but also for my wife and daughter and this huge desire and sense of need to work with Lucifer.

I’ve seen a lot on here about Belial and the great experiences those have had with him. I would love to work with him if he’s willing to work with me and help me overcome this disease. I do not want to offend and push away a spirit or demon due to my intoxication.


Well anyone who drank as much would get addicted, and past a certain baseline of frequency, addiction is found in all animal models (I don’t agree with those being done, but they exist) because it’s about a biochemical change, not a character defect or anything… but that’s enough of that, the books I suggested dissext the idea of alcoholism as a personal weakness, and give you the best chance IMO of breaking loose. :slight_smile:

I think you have every hope of trading in the relatively shallow buzz of beer for some real power, and also healing from the things that have happened. :+1:

Take a look at these for some starting points:

Bit of fun:

You got this, you’re not flawed, you’re not “dis-eased,” and you’re not defective. :+1:


Lady Eva beat me to the punch and I would have to agree with both getting professional health and Belial being a good spirit to work with (along with the therapy). I would also recommend Vine’s help whenever the obstacle seems too big to overcome (he specializes in destroying obstacles) and perhaps Azrael’s aid to put to rest any leftover grief you may have in the back of your mind during this change. Also, that you are not alone in this and there are others who have been there.


Lady_Eva thank you so much for all of the advice and knowledge you’ve offered. I’m reading though your post again so that I can soak up all the knowledge you’ve shared with me and be sure that I properly call upon Belial in a proper and respectful manor.

Again thank you so much for your help and guidance, it’s greatly appreciated.


I would recommend Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. He has the power to free the mind from addictions. There are many here who have had success with him for such things as this.


Do the Zagan rite
and maybe you could piont out the position and aspects of Neptune in your natal chart as it can tell you what are you avoiding by drinking and why
so you can face it

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I will do anything I can do to help your journey. I’m currently 209 days sober. You can do this. You are more powerful than a drink. Look at my username, keep it with you. You’ll feel powerless, you’ll feel powerful. You’ll convince yourself you can just have one, well guess what, you can’t. I had to punch through rock bottom to the core of the earth and claw my way back. Sobriety is a journey that is not always easy, or even gratifying. BUT by cleaning up, you’re doing what’s best for you. You’re taking back your life from that liquid. Remember, alcohol is not your friend. No matter how many times it tells you it is. It only wants to destroy. Good luck.