Banishing ritual. Need help/ suggestions

Lately i encountered a presence in my house, an energy of someone and i assume it is the presence or spirit of someone who passed away in this house.

I was hoping if i could get any seggestions on banishing rituals.
And also if you have any banishing ritual formula it would be nice to know how or from where or who you have recieved this ritual.

Usually if you wish for something to leave you can remove it by commanding so, but as with almost everything on this side of the fence, doubting yourself is your enemy,

If that doesn’t suffice EA Koetting has a great instructional video on YouTube for banishing for new comers.


@GodEv3R First thing I think would probably help before any is being authoritative towards it or them and asking who it is, what they want, and a name. A few parasites are not necessarily all too evil. Some just linger around. Residual energy from something left behind. Others and negative entities may be weak while others not so much. Being legitimately authoritative overcomes fear (for some). Fear - which is mostly what they feed on, and therefore your commands may make it weaker and eventually leave your space and aura or environment to bother someone else such as a relative, just an example. But be aware this doesn’t necessarily banish - they’ll attach onto others though which I’ll explain in my next point.

If the above fails, try cleansing your home and learn banishing rituals, setting up wards, and incantations I was recommended to do so myself before diving in the path I’m following. When banishing, be sure to do them with pure intent. I was taught there are variations as well. Choose your path or liking when regarding which banishing you’ll perform. I’m not sure which path you follow but I thought mentioning it may help.

Sorry for what you’re going through. Protect yourself. I myself learn more and more. I’m no expert and I’ll admit that but protection is rule #1

Well, it is not evil nor a parasite but at first i thought that maybe it is possible to contact it through a spirit or entity’s assistance. But then i thought that i can just do a banishing ritual but i still don’t know of any banishing rituals yet.

I personally don’t “fear” it, it just an unwanted presence within my house now the actual worst part which is the main problem at the moment is that i live with 2 other roomates and they are pretty annoyed by it and one of them is an annoying narrow minded person that turnes to a religion at those situations and react with fear and stress but without stop or a limit which really annoying.

If you don’t find one that speaks to you, you can try Jason Miller’s Protection and Reversal Magick book. It’s Hekate-based and I found several of the rituals useful.


hi, check these threads they might be useful.