Working With Azazel - My 500 Day Experience (Azazel pact, Azazel evocation, Azazel invocation)

Hello fellow forum members,

This post is dedicated to Azazel and will briefly describe how working with him has changed my life.

Before working with Azazel I have worked with Bune, Lucifer and Lucifuge Rofocale (in this order). Azazel has a certain reputation of being strict, turning your life upside down and being extremely straight forward. Therefore I was always hesitant to connect with him. A good friend of mine did her first working with Azazel and sent me a picture of the black candle that she used being completely bended after the ritual.

As per these first impressions and rumors I procrastinated this step for quite a while BUT this is the exact reason WHY I want to share my experience, as Azazel turned out to be my guide, companion and father like figure who catapulted my spiritual, financial and life progress onto another level that was sheer unimaginable before.

My first initiation with Azazel was together with a good friend who also has a well-known YouTube Channel (Anewbiz). We prepared for a week with a reading, and laid out an agreement between me and Azazel. The main goal here was spiritual and financial growth. I was already at a comfortable point of finance but was hungry for more success. I felt like I had let down my spiritual growth and focused to much on the accumulation of wealth. I was dealing with night terrors of waking up daily and having astral visions of my room filled with blood and spiritual parasites where I screamed from the top of my lungs. Concluding, I was in a place where I was doing good financially but quite stagnant and even negatively influenced in every other aspect.

The offering from my side to Azazel was a daily blood offering, every morning, afternoon and evening for the foreseeable future. Some people here agree / disagree with the offering of blood, and I can understand both perspectives. For me this mechanism represented an infinite amplification of the initial pact and later on resulted in the amazing bond me and this spirit have built.

Therefore due to working with Azazel three times EVERY SINGLE DAY, he was by my side for a very long time. After the first few weeks my life already started to change drastically. I could finally go to bed again and sleep in peace BUT there were blockages in my current business coming up, which was initially very frustrating. After some time I realized that this was a sign that led me to re-thinking also the way I structure my work and eventually forced me to start a new approach that completely blew all of my previous results out of the water. I was more inspired to work and it was much more lucrative from a time vs money perspective.

When you connect with Azazel you can prepare for your life to REALLY shift. And exactly this happened. My well-being was enhanced, my work mission changed, and my social life improved massively. I met some of the most amazing, spiritual people whilst before being much more of an isolated workaholic.

4 Months later I moved countries with these newly won friends, started more inspiring business ventures and experienced life in a whole different way. The daily regiment of connecting with Azazel held me accountable and even on days where I felt miserable, I was sick or life threw me a massive curveball he was always there for me and guided me to the right perspective ALWAYS.

Azazel is said to be connected with Saturn which really makes sense. He really comes along as a strict but loving parent, all about delayed gratification, growth and learning. There was not one single situation where I felt left down, no matter what. Connecting with a god conscious that is vibrating on a higher dimensional frequency on a daily basis and experiencing the growth in knowledge and experience that comes from that is an experience that has shaped my life dramatically. All the challenges that occurred during that time and the growth caused by that turned me into a completely different being over the cause of these past 500 days.

I don’t live in the same country anymore, have a new social circle, multiple new business ventures and a completely changed mindset and spirit. This post is dedicated to tell my story and inspire you to take the leap and work with Azazel, as the change that has occurred, and the many unexplainable events that resulted from my working with him, the protection and power that is given by him have impacted my life like nothing else.

Working with a demon/god on a daily intimate basis is really a great way of establish a connection that goes far beyond a simple spell or one time working. Azazel will be a part of my being forever and I am grateful beyond words for that.

Azazel is a master of every art, spirituality, growth, knowledge, fame, money, love, protection you name it. His power is beyond belief.

Have you worked with Azazel before? If not I hope this post inspires you!
If yes - PLEASE share your experience with me!

All hail Azazel and many blessings to you who read through this (it is not a coincidence).

  • If you are looking for a step for step guide on how to work with Azazel check out this full tutorial

I agree Azazel is a wonderful teacher. Sounds like you have a great experience with him. He definitely gets stuff done and doesn’t mess about


Fantastic thread. Bookmarked. Thanks for sharing.


Yes! Azazel is such an amazing teacher and guide! In my experience, he has that dark father like energy that’s strict yet understanding at the same time.


Awesome post! Congratulations on everything! :confetti_ball: :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Working with Azazel is one of the best things to do ever. Congrats!!!


NOTE: I am deleting this post as I posted it as a reply to the wrong video.


I just found this as I am starting to work with Azazel myself. It is very true on how he is close to Satan. He is amazing and can be strict. But my experience with him so far is an amazing one and I’m looking forward to doing more with him.


I work with Azazel and he changes my life radically. I am grateful to him for everything. but your story is very inspiring


What to do when you don’t really feel Azazel’s really present in your life.
As a beginner, I have experienced several feelings when I contact with demons. I contacted Azazel
because it was recommended to me by a tarotist, I did a prepared ritual and prayers.
But I don’t know if Azazel likes one to be working with several demons at the same time.
I approach demons with respect and I force myself to be brave and firm, I’m glad to read posts like this one but at the same time its a sweet and sour taste since I feel ignored.

It’s easier to channel him using the correct flow of energy like facing East Azazel has a constructive friendly and warm manifestation. Facing South is very energetic and excellent for most magickal operations. Just try it

Eya on ca Azazel aken

Hi. I’m currently in my first pact with the allmighty Azazel and the only thing i could say is that azazel is by far the first one along lucifer that has made such a powerful life changing impact over the few last weeks.

His power is beyond my expectations which is mind blowing and kinda makes me feel that he is giving me the chance to fully manifest my actual desire “business goals” which i’m excited to work with him everyday as usual.

Thank you lucifer for guiding me to Azazel the keeper of the black flame