Attached entity, please help!

You should be fine unless you just let the problem run unchecked , the best you can do is not give it attention , thoughts or emotions to feed it , where your focus goes energy flows

Thank you very much for the detailed instructions, I will do these. I hope it will help.

I tried that too, I called all the 4 archangels by their names singularly and nothing changed. Is there a specific way I should do this or a specific thing I should say? And how did you get rid of your attachments? With a shaman’s help?

It’s really hard to, since I can feel everything that it is doing on a more physical level. I have tried this and it feels more like a temporary fix–albiet no sleep due to the fact that if I lay still or try and relax for a few seconds it’ll start sexually stimulating me right away. If I even think of it, it’ll start. If I don’t it’s weaker but still their…it’s definitely a struggle. However I see your point. I’ve been avoiding doing anything relaxing/sitting/being on my bed during the day. To try and “starve” it.

Yes, exactly the same happens to me, we probably got the same type. If you figure out a way to remove it, please let me know.

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Yes with a shaman , they will try to reattach after they are removed , you need to grow your knowledge , learn energy work and many other things

You will need someone to go into astral space and disattach it for you , or Learn knowledge of the astral and Etheric yourself , it’s sad that there’s no forum post on how to remove them honestly , no advice helped me , call out to archangel Michael , chant his vowels Mee-Kah-Ell , while meditating and with the intention for him to protect you from these beings , even if it won’t permanently fix the problem he will be in your presence And help

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It wouldn’t have gotten attatched if I didn’t mistaken it for an entity I was trying to reach out to. It was mimicking her energy (although much weaker and doesn’t have an energy presence in my room the way she does when SHE is actually around). I fell for it big time, however this will be a GREAT teaching moment for myself and when this problem is dealt with…I’ll definitely come out stronger. Now I’m just dealing with issues of worrying if anything is going to work – which I know is a bad thing when your trying to banish and stuff, However even before this I’ve had bad anxiety problems.

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I did try another angel as well, known to remove curses and attachments? I forget the name but when I opened his sigil, and made my request…I actually felt sick, and light headed for some reason. It didn’t last long but I found that odd.

Found his sigil: Opfaal

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This forum is dangerous for beginners honestly , want to jump onto this and that , try to get it removed from someone knowledgeable and take a journey of a couple years growing your occult knowledge , or get a mentor


I’ll definitely look into a mentor, that would be useful. How would I go about that? Is there mentors online, or do I need to go to a local shaman and ask them?

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First figure out what you want to learn , go from there , set your intention to find one , a shaman is different from a practicing occultist , but they can remove what you need to be removed , although their abilities and skillsets overlap with occult practitioners , it’s different

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Can you link the post here you create about this entity/topic please? I would like to follow that too.

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I’ll see about getting a scan here – figure out what it is.

Then also look into getting it removed and doing alot of cleansing/banishings/etc to keep it from re-attatching.


Hey, would I need to post my request in the “Request a scan” thread that is already made, I’m not sure because this is more help related to my problem and not just a “I’m curious” type of thing that I think would need a new thread.

I wouldn’t , I would find someone who actually knows 100% what they’re doing

Okay, so then find someone who has verified years of experience in this.

You do realise, the point of LBRP is to call angels to do it for you? And here you are basicaly telling people to so a dumbed down version of the LBRP by asking Michael to do it - who is also called in the LBRP.

Anyway, banishing absolutely can clear an attachment, as per Jason’s experience. Try not to state your opinion as fact - it’s probably true for you, but might not be true for everyone. This is magick - energy follows mind, intention is everything, and what you fear is what you find.

So, there’s no harm in the OP trying it, and if they find it’s not enough then they can try something else.
I’d hit this with multiple techniques anyway.


I know that but lbrp is good for clearing an area and setting up boundaries , it will not clear attachments a majority of the time