Get the book demons of magick by Gordon winter field it’s the best way to call on any of the 72 demons including astaroth/Astarte. It’s on amazon


And his first name is good enough so long as YOU know who your talking about. But knowing the full name can help so look him up on social media


Thanks everyone for y’all help and opinions


Also Does anyone have any experience with obsession love spells?


Yesterday I did the ritual and I shared it with you how I was guided. Now today what’s weird is my ex girlfriend calls me. She does not call me anymore if anything I would have to call her and hope she answers. So I have not spoken to her in like two days and just started to not care but she calls me. When she calls me she tells me how she’s so sick. She had Chinese food yesterday and that got her stomach hurting. However not only that her neck was hurting so she could not fix her hair and she felt weak. Is this a sign that the love magic is working or I did something wrong?


She probably just got food poisoning and feels bad so she’s calling you for comfort. Use it as an avenue. You wanted her to call you right?


Yeah I think she does as well but I just found it ironic that she calls me after I did the spell cuz I thought she was not gonna talk to me anymore. I totally want her to call me and be with me again but I can’t have her trying to use me as support then still talking to that guy. But some type of results is better than no results at all.


this is al uzza astoreth


Try: Love ritual …on the search bar


This sounds like a great ritual!!


Yes, this one can probably help you :slightly_smiling_face:


This is by far my favorite goddess/god. Astaroth, Astarte, Ishtar, all the way back to her beginning as Innana. For some reason Ishtar is the name I refer to. There’s a babylonian relief 3000 b.c. depicting her called the burnie relief. Tons of info available online about her. She’s even mentioned in the first human wrote book on clay the epic of Gilgamesh.


Hi do they both have the same sigil both Astarte and Astaroth, I know it’s the same entity under different names, but maybe different personality depending on if you call Astarte or Astaroth


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@Dtp234 what spell did you use?


I’d use a different sigil for Ishtar. You can search it here. I used it a few months ago. I wouldn’t use Astaroths sigil, I know it’s the same entity but I wouldn’t want that mask if I was looking for the mother figure.


I work with Astarte, and she is helpful, very caring and loving. It’s simple. Do a weekly or fortnightly offering (using her sigil) to her to build a relationship, and ask her for help with whatever you need help with. Unless you want to do that love slave thing. In which case, JS Garrett is offering a ritual for hire (I think) - check it out in the ritual for hire section on BALG.


Looking for her sigil! I remember that when I watched JS Garett’s video about her, I could see that her sigil looked different from Astaroth’s sigil, even if it was sightly.

Can someone provide the correct sigil for Astarte, please?


She told me she isn’t another aspect of Astaroth. Take that as you will.


silverfirefly - thank you so much!
How are you contacting her? Do you say incantations in demonic language and/or latin to summon her and/or are you using a specific pathworking for her? I ask because The only pathworking I’ve been using in general is that one in the desert, that asks Lucifer for permission to summon other demons, but I’ve felt like it feels kinda incomplete. I would appreciate if you could share your method for evoking her :slight_smile:

I don’t believe that Astarte and Astaroth are the same neither. But there are so many people that believe it that I had to clarify what I was looking for! :slight_smile:
Also, it was stated that they were clearly not the same, on the book Evoking Eternity.

PS: I also think/suspect that she is not Ishtar, because their sigils look so widly differenf - but I don’t have proof on this one.