Hey I just want to know if anyone can share their experience working with Astarte? Also I would like to know if anyone has a good spell caster that can do work with Astarte on my behalf so I can get my ex girlfriend begging for me back after she left me for someone else.


Sorry, man. This forum is not a review site and people advertising spell casting services, beyond the authors of BALG, is against the rules.

If you are looking to hire someone, go to and click on “ritual for hire.”


Ok thank you alot


You’re welcome, dude.

i do not have any experience with Astarte to share, but maybe some others do. Hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


Lol I hope I do as well. The story’s people tell on these forms be so interesting :joy:I love just reading about other people success. However I know that j.s Garrett is offering love work and calls apon Astarte , I would love to hear about their success with his love work.


Why not just try the candle spell on EAs YouTube?

Warning: can backfire majorly but that goes for just about anything. Especially things involving emotions.

But it’s simple and you can do it yourself. So look it up and give it a go if you are completely set on using Magick for this purpose.


Search Astaroth. Astarte is one of the forms of who most people on here call Astaroth.

You should find some stuff :blush:


Astarte is Al Uzza Astaroth. She will help in matters of love.


Do you or anyone know how to evoke her? Also I never evoked anything before so do you think she might be to powerful for me to try on my first try?


I tried to do the candle work EA offers but I don’t think I did it right lol


Gotta start somewhere.

Search for her sigil, enn, preferred offerings and candle color, incense type.

Use those to evoke.


You were probably over thinking things. You have to let it flow. Focus but let it flow


I just did some sort of spell work that just came to me and I’m not even sure if I did it right but a voice in my head guided me and told me to print out a picture of my ex girlfriend. can someone clarify what I did from their experience. So first what I did was stare into the sigil of Astroth in my left hand while saying his name until the image seemed like it was breathing and moving then some of the lines started to fade in and out then some of them would disappear. So then a voice came in my head and asked what do I want and I told the voice that I want my ex girlfriend on her knees begging for me back and I told the voice that I will offer my Semen as an offering. So I nutted on her picture while thinking about how the past was and how the future will be. Then in my head it was like I could see like a movie fast forward beginning to end about our relationship. After that I was directed to burry the image 3in deep. What’s also interesting I was attracted to the only purple flower I had in my back yard so I burried the picture with semen on it by that purple flower. Then I thought to my self is that the right color to have it by and as I went to try to and change the location of the picture something told me No don’t move it ,it’s alright also to forget about the spell and her and I will have what I desired. This is the first time I’m doing anything like this and I just want your y’all feed back on it?


Sounds like you did a good job then.

Don’t sweat it and just chill for a bit.


This is essential.


Oh wow this is the first time that I made some type of connection with Astroth or anything ever and it’s good to know that everything is in do time.


Have you had any love work done for you or done it yourself and how did it turn out for you?


I don’t do things concerning love and lust but the mechanics of these are similar to curses I’ve thrown.


Oh ok do you also do like break up spells? If so can you let me know about the ones you do cuz my ex is talking to someone new but he abused her by putting his hands on her and also manipulating her. I truly wish I could kill this guy with all my heart but all I know is his first name.


Got a photo? From social media or anything? Print it out and use it as a link when preforming the curse.