I never asked her about Ishtar, but my best guess is, it is possible Ishtar might be a different mask or aspect of the same entity. How similar their sigils look would have little to do with that, but that’s just a guess.

You don’t need to do any form of pathworking or chant demonic incantations. She isn’t demonic as far as I can tell. Different energy, entirely.

Just open the sigil and vibrate her name until she comes. You can vibrate, “Astarte, come!” as that works.

If you want to build an ongoing relationship with her, you can set up a basic altar for her. You can use a red candle, draw or etch her sigil into it, pour her a glass of wine (any wine will do), a glass of water, and burn a stick of lavender incense. Offer that to her on her altar for 24 hours, and do this once a week. In time you may want to sit with her daily with her offering.


What are offerings that she likes?
I also would like to know if she is more effective towards lust (bringing sexual partners), or love and binding (bringing relationships) or both.
And if she has any other powers, if you could share more of your experiences.

(Due to my current life situation I can only set temporary altars)

Thank you so much again for your insights :slight_smile:


A temporary altar is absolutely fine if you’re calling her once a week to build a relationship with her, or if your working is a one-off.

I don’t know what other offerings she likes as I only offer wine and lavender incense (or any floral incense if needing to substitute) in addition to the basic offering of a candle and water and incense. You can ask her what other offerings she likes. The candle, water and incense is a basic offering to pretty much any spirit. The lavender/floral scent is what she specifically prefers, in addition to the colour red. Sometimes I offer rum instead of the wine, and she’s been fine with that.

I work with her for self-empowerment. I believe she could help with love/lust/etc but you’d have to ask her to be sure.


I’m working on my 3rd eye and other things , cause I haven’t been able to talk to them so directly yet.
So… :frowning:


Doesn’t matter. They are there and listening anyway. Don’t let your inability to see or hear spirit stop you from reaching out because that doesn’t stop them from helping you.


Well, I think she is also good for lust / continuous lust (and MAYBE love too), from what we can see on Ritual for Fire section.
From what I’ve learned so far from an Order, Lilith does the same as you’re doing with Astarte (self-empowerment, loving yourself and things like that).
Let’s see if more people have had experiences with Astarte, regarding bringing lovers :slight_smile:


Have any of you gotten the love slave by JS?


I don’t feel drawn to Lilith, and I don’t like spiders. lol


Well, I can share my experiences with Astarte. … I was actually led to her during a working invocation I had with Lucifer, very recently actually. He pointed out to me to make contact with Astarte. Not for something specifically, we’ll maybe not consciously thinking. He did say that she is near anyways and waiting. Needless to say the only thing I did to get in contact with her was with her enn.It was almost instantaneous. We did have a detailed chat about myself, life, the infernal, the chaotic past, nothing too out of the ordinary though . However, she is very loving, caring and to me at least very friendly and soft spoken. Very good and positive energy around her. Nowadays we communicate almost every evening or every other day. My two cents anyways. Regards.


What’s her enn? @KingOfEvil


I was wondering if you are talking about bisexuality.
I am not bisexual, I am a straight female.
Or what did you mean by spiders?

Once I was told by an occultist that I was “a daughter of Lilith”. I have never contacted Lilith so I don’t know so much about her, other than the abrahamic lore, and what that Order I talked about says.

I’m quite independent and sexual person but not bisexual for sure. Not attracted to girls.

But I find bisexual men very attractive!


I’m also looking for reviews for this ritual, but most urgently and importantly, the “Wealth and Prestige Rite” reviews


Astarte was helping me with my crush but advised me against persuing her in the end because there would have been Blood. The girls brothers and cousins would have attacked me and Astarte said that she and the other deities I was working with would have intervened and Blood would have been the result.

My experience with her is wonderful. Her Sigil feels like home to say the least. She has always been there for me, coming as Ishtar yesterday.

Yes she can help you. She can help with lust and deep soul love but if she advises you not to persue the relationship, listen.


‘Serena Allora Astarte Aken’ is the enn used. Like I said I didn’t actually have to do that much to get in contact with her, because it was already “set up” if I can phrase it like that. I would advise opening her sigil as well,if you wanted to make contact with her. There’s plenty of research on her that you can find pretty much anywhere, this forum in the search bar as well as a quick Google, will put you in the right direction…


No, I wasn’t referring to sexuality of any sort. I simply don’t feel called to work with her at this point. My radar isn’t jingling in her direction. As for spiders, a friend of mine who has a working relationship with her told me spiders are one of her sacred creatures, or something to that effect.


I have two different sigils: one for Astarte and one for Ishtar. Are you saying they are the same?


Not really ‘cause that’s what I did and tried before creating this topic. Thanks for the enn!


@KingOfEvil what was the reason for Lucifer telling you to call Astarte?
Curious! And this might also help


Dunno if you’ve tried vk jehannum website, go to Google, type vk jehannum followed by the entity name. E.g Vk jehannum Astarte.


During of invocation of Lucifer I asked if there are any other entities that He’d recommend me getting into contact with and he replied to get hold of Astarte and that she is waiting anyways… The immediate reason I’m not sure, although I think it was more geared towards sexuality and more sensual desires and outcomes. Which He definitely knew I was researching on:smiling_imp: