Astaroth Appears as a Gorgeous Black Woman

You read the title right. Last week, I had a late night/early morning dream on September 15.

I was in a nondescript park on a sunny day. It was just like the many parks we have in D.C. No big deal. There was this striking beautiful, attractive dark copper complexioned (assuming African-American) woman, long shoulder-length black hair, mid-20-ish sitting on one of the park benches. She was dressed in a navy blue pantsuit. Despite her looks, she could easily blend into the corporate culture of the D.C. area.

Something inside of me knew it was Astaroth. I called out to her, unsure. She said, “Yes, it’s me. I came in a more pleasing form to you. Call me Astara.”

She got up and kissed me. Next thing I knew we were in bed together. Let’s just leave it at that.

I wonder if this was really her or if it some entity posing as her. In a previous post, Astaroth appeared as a pale-skinned (assuming Caucasian) woman with a 1920’s style redhead pixie-cut and a long sleeveless black silk velvet dress.

Coincidence: In front of the Wilson Building (D.C. City Hall), there was a DC Parks and Recreation promotion about DC Parks!


I just started watching a show “Devils and Realist” and this is what she looks like in it.


How uncanny! This confirms that I’m not in some kind of delusion. Even the cartoon’s skin complexion is similar. But no tattoos.

Love when this kind of synchronicity happens. I wouldn’t think of the tatoos too much. All of the higher ranking devils have a mark somewhere on their body. The author’s artistic flare.