A Visit From Astaroth

I was napping in front of my altar in the living room. This young woman with short red hair in a pixie cut, pale skin and a sleeveless long black silk dress appeared before me.
I called out, “Astaroth?” She said, "Yes."
I asked many questions, but I restrained myself from asking about mundane stuff like money. I think she appreciates that. She showed me several images. I felt like that she was preparing my mind for something. Getting it in tune. It was like I was moving, but still at the same time and surrounded by blue ripples of water. I heard my breathing and felt my numb body. I heard the sound of roaring waters.
So I knew that I was in the TGS rapture zone. After what seemed like a couple minutes or so, she said, "When you need me, you can call on me from now on."
Then I slowly came out of the TGS state and woke up.

So what does anyone think? I am aware that Astaroth is actually a female entity. Also known as Ishtar, Asthar, Ostare (where Easter was derived from), Asthara, Diana, Isis etc. She is a fertility goddess and much more.

When it comes to energy, there is no gender. It does not matter if the police officer is male or female. They both have the authority to enforce the law.


Congratulations on your experience! Thanks for sharing.


Congratulations! That was a really nice experience. You should try and work with Astaroth more if you’re saying that she was preparing you for something big.


Stick to the more middle eastern goddesses such as ashera, astarte, quadeshu and anat. Also you might find a connection to Eisheth Zenunim too. Keep up the connection now its established. :slight_smile:

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She has been having me go to a sort of trance dream world. It looks like a cafe complete with bookshelves, waiters, coffee, tables, patrons, etc. I think it’s like a coaching experience to explain my mind perceiving her existence. Is this that TSG world you mentioned or something else?