I am a Beautiful Brown Bodacious Boss Bia~tch. I am a Solitary Sorceress who resides in Maryland near PA. I am a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing & damn it, I really njoy the Prowl & Hunt.

I regard most Powerful Entities & Energetic Vibrations as Friends, Illuminated Solar Beings & Ancestors from my Past Lives & yes, even the most Terrifying Ones are usually only intimidating in the begining until One has developed enough Self Discipline & Courage 2b Re~Programmed 2properly 2recv Their Love Tuff Love & Affections. As many of us have been religiouly brainwashed. Proper Spiritual & Universal Re~Programming takes Intellectual Study, Psychological Healing & Time. Whn we see/hear truth after so many years of lies it can be frightening & empowering.

Our Powerful Demonic & Angelic Aunties, Uncles & Androgynous Ones are always in Assist Mode. The Energy & Frequencies One feels whn in Their Presence will allow One 2personally identify as to where “Their” appropriate place is in “Your” Solar Tribe.

Rant- it’s ludicrous tht church ppl call some of my Dearests Ancestral Lineage demons. I choose not 2disrespect my Loved Ones with such hideous terms. If They are Respected & Reverenced as They shld be They are Fabulous. I don’t beg thm & roll on the floor crying for Jesus, Allah, or Moses 2 help me pay my car note :laughing:. They give Beautiful Gifts & keep my family & I Protected.

My Spiritual Ancestral Line my Divine Spiritual Birthright will Not Allow it! Graveling for the basics when, I’m lavished in opulence by Them.

One can learn 2Meditate, Perform Works, Candles, Sigils, etc… & Focus to Call Things to Self or into Ones life. Im jus too sexy 2beg :kissing_heart: & My Dark SolarDaddy Doesn’t Require it!

It’s my attempt 2learn as much as I can to help Grow, Assist &Teach those who are choosen & trusted with the Higher Echelon of Sciences & Dark Spiritual Energies. Not to abuse such knowledge. All In regards to My Realization of Truths that Produces Real Results! (thus far) 15+yrs