Asmodeus proposal


thats what i mean thats pretty cool


That wasn’t a possession! He just pushed a thought into his head! Is a forced possession the person will either struggle to give up control or will not remember the fact


yes that’s true


i see oh i was going to tell you another girl just got married a few days or a week ago to king paimon she wrote about it on here


i wonder what she asked for lol


i myself was looking into it since he through that random comment out to me

i found the one that was posted by the girl


i’ve been summoning Lilith for a incubus for at least 2 years and Samael showed up once but i never got one.
someone from the site told me that maybe i belonged to an entity that was blocking the “meeting” but who… that’s the question


they one that just proposed to u


maybe… before accepting the proposal i’ll call Lilith tonight to see if that connects
and i’ll right down a proper pact regarding the wedding


its a good idea its your life you know i see really big changes if you take this


That’s very romantic.

Get him to fuck over the life of that twin flame of yours so that by your next incarnation he’ll be humbled and more mature.


you are so right! but i won’t- i have to let go lol


While spirit marriage are not monogamous, Asmodeus has been known to get attached to people.

If you’re not comfortable with accepting his proposal, just tell him no. He’ll understand and back off. But the offer is still there if you ever reconsider.


he showed me a part of what i am asking this afternoon- pretty surprising actually , so that means that he is about to deliver what i want.
now i am considering the fact of the wedding because he could have asked 6 years ago , but i also understand that since this week i had a huge shift in my practice, so maybe he was waiting for me to shift my focus


i told you he is waiting for you very patiently