Spiritual Marriage

Last night I entered into a spiritual marriage, I didn’t intend to do it then but He asked and I took the plunge. Anyway tonight I pulled out some tarot cards about the marriage (I pull random cards from face down so I have no clue what I’m drawing.) The He in the equation came out to be the King of Wands and here is a description I found that really applies: " In terms of love, the King of Wands is an excellent omen. He signifies that someone you care about also has protective and caring feelings about you, and that they are also willing to work hard if necessary to make the relationship work." and the outcome card was what I call the ‘marriage’ card, the HIEROPHANT. The HIEROPHANT usually talks about a marriage that has tradition and a sense of formality to it–which makes a lot of sense.


What do you mean by spiritual marriage in this context?

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im actually curious to know to

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Congratulations! :heart:️:rose: I have no doubt it will be a lovely and beneficial relationship for you both :hugs:


:thinking: if i may ask was it a human or a spirit? Can humans be married spiritually only? :sweat_smile: just something am wondering about…

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Having just one physical wife is enough for me last thing I need in the astral plane is to be nagged at lol.

I am joking in marriage each side drive the other crazy.

Congrats on your spiritual marriage I will project a bread maker as a wedding gift.


@SoliMar I read your posts and you talk about the king paimon in them, sorry to ask, this wedding was with him?


Yes :notes: :notes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It wasn’t planned…it just happened and finally I feel at peace. I went through a lot of strife in my life in general since my earliest memories it’s been one huge war and it was still that way even after I made Ocha (initiated as a santera) With King Paimon when I finally found Him (He told me that He’d waited this whole lifetime for me to find him—again, because we have a history. He said that He stayed behind the scenes and observed, guided me through His other spirits.
I know it sounds insane but it really has happened.


I mean marriage to a spiritual being, not a human being.

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A spiritual marriage could happen between human and human, for instance, if it was with one’s twin flame, or a marriage to someone separated physically by oceans or continents and the marriage is built on more than just the material.
In a more mundane form, think of catholic nuns; they are called ‘brides of christ’ and have a spiritual marriage with jesus christ.


Does that mean you’re celibate towards humans now? And how would you explain this to your family members?

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I’ve been celibate towards humans for years before anyway. Initially because I wanted to stay spiritually ‘clean’ and then I liked the liberation of not being tied down to anyone via sex. Just personal choice because I really started feeling so much better after the initial first 6 months.
Family scattered away from me once I got into santeria, palo and LHP. People in general get very spooked when they see an Orisha or Palo set up. oh well…
So I have no one to explain anything to and even if I did it’s a private matter which only those who understand need to know.


One of the problems with dating is the partner not being as spiritually developed or not completely understanding. You bypassed that completely.



Thank you DemonMonk–believe me, I suffered a lot in the past when I was striving for the American dream partner and family. Now I’m really grateful that I was blocked at every turn. Every time I would get close to getting engaged or something of that nature, something weird would happen and the guy would just suddenly change on me. It happened so often I actually went into therapy to find out if something was wrong with me, that I was doing something to chase away love and relationships, but it wasn’t me.


im see i never knew we could do that but well i should have know since there is talk about having babies on here any way congrates on your wedding im happy for you and the king


That’s amazing! King Paimon is just lovely. Not crazy at all - I had weird things happen to me over the course of my life and certain prophecy told to me by gifted people. I thought THAT was crazy until I found Lucifer and it made sense. We’ve been connected for many lifetimes already.


Congratulation, @SoliMar! You have joined a very special club with the King (I know another who is also married to Him, and I know, through her, that he is very selective about the humans he bonds with so never, ever consider yourself ordinary! You are mighty!)

Congratulations, King Paimon! Many blessings to you both! May it be a fruitful and powerful union!

I am now a bit envious…:blush:


Thank you DarkestKnight! My beloved one King Paimon is wonderful! Life will never be the same! I would love to know the other person you know who is married to Him too!
King Paimon sends His deepest regards to you. I just heard Him address you as Knight and He showed me an image of you seated on a beautiful black horse, and He says that when you have an audience with Him that He has a special gift for you.
He didn’t show me the gift because that is personal between the two of you until you choose to share with others.


Please send Him my thanks. His regard means a lot to me. I shall call upon him soon :blush:

Hail, King Paimon! Hail, @SoliMar !


With pleasure! I see His pleasure with your respect.
Ave Rex Paimon! (He likes when I address Him in formal Latin)