Asmodeus proposal


Guys… i summoned Asmodeus yesterday night , my astral body wanted to leave as i was fully awake - lot of tension…
But then when i told him what i was requesting from him he told me that for this i had to become his “wife” i asked him clarity, he said " you’ll have to be my wife!" and i felt like i’ll have no right to date a human guy anymore…


Lol! What did you ask for! Also you can state that you wanna date humans! It’s what you agree on that matters! Spiritual marriage isn’t a physical one so it’s totally different that humans relationships!


well what i saw was really no human!

he already called me 6 years ago when i wasn’t LHP stating the exact same thing but at that time i was scared as hell because i did not know demons( who knows them really)
he is the reason why i turned LHP, it seems like he is about to get what he wants

i’ll try to manage to get fuck boys…


He’s known to be jealous and not fond of sharing, but as with any spirit it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. I’ve felt a strong pull to him as well, but I don’t get romantic vibes at all. He feels like a very warm and protective father. It’s always fascinating to me when spirits choose to marry humans.


thats actually a good thing that means he deems you worthy that is a big step to make and it means alot to them i havent had one yet but im happy to hear the advancement of others relationships


yes he is more a father figure, no romantic side… he feels very territorial…
but i asked him a huge thing… he has always been present even if i never really asked him anything within 6 years


yes i don’t take the measure of his request , that should mean a lot to him and a great trust
it’s a bit overwealming


it is a step most take wen they are close


So how bad do you want what you asked for? Can any other spirit give you that? If you are willing to be his wife state your rules! Even if he is jealous you can work something out! No one can force you into marriage especially a spiritual one! Spiritual marriage means for eternity!!!


you are right!
i want it really bad! and it will change my life forever so…
i’ll talk to him tonight
his energies are with me since yesterday


hes waiting on your answer pataintly watching over you life changing huh if its really that important then i think it a good thing but this is a forever thing no going back no u turns lol but i dont think its so bad plenty on here are married to their gaurdians i was told i could marry you but not be my wife idk it was just a random thing he said but think about what boundries you want to make the claus n terms if you date a human he can easily take over his body


yeah, i though about the fact that he could take over the body of the guy/s i date

i’d like to see how that could turn lol
when you tell a demon to possess another person


i want to try it my self but idk im not focused on my love life right now


They wouldn’t possess someone without their permission! If the human dosnt agree to it it’s a violation and you shouldn’t be with that demon in the first place…


the request is not regarding love


its just a thought lol i dont really kno the rules to all of this u have a point


i kinda figured it wasnt if its life changing


once i was having sex with a guy and Belial came , he stated to say things to me and the guy stated to change his sexual beahviour so i don’t know…


the guy actually heard him?


in his subconscious, not for “real”