Asmodeus proposal

I agree. If one is wanting possession they’ll ask for it to the entity or entities they are on terms with. And I have to say, even then they don’t necessarily comply as they know your true self. I must have a really hum-dinger of a challenge I put on myself if I did indeed do such because most of the time there’s the veil or subterfuge of ignoring my requests or offerings / bargains. I suppose they know I’d chastise myself as pathetic for getting help.

No, instead they surprise with unusual gifts and occurrences which really are far more priceless than anything I could ask for.

So, in a sense Death to me will be a rather odd surprise. Boon or bane of a winding path to who knows where alone… both have merits.

During the last solar eclipse there was a near forced possession by something. It took me down to my knees as I was digging in the clay. I said NO!!! and shrugged the fucker off. It took off back to the sun or wherever. Must’ve been a weakening in the veil there during the eclipse. And I was preoccupied and I never shield and purposely leave myself open. Figure if I can ward off sneak Ninja spirit snipers at my weakest then I can get stronger from knocking them back.

Odd I don’t get attacked when working with my select spirit groups… I digress …

Doesn’t stop beings from affecting stuff though like my bike… piece if crap.


I think I’d be worried about marrying a demon husband as I’ve heard they’re not monogamous and have other wives and I’m an old fashioned gal I believe in monogamy very deeply I think it’s a beautiful thing and I wouldn’t want to share with anyone else

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