Asmodeus, Archdemon of Lust, ambition, Wrath and personal power

Most of my career as a sorcerer of the LHP has been spent under the patronage of Asmodeus. Asmodeus is a bastardization of the Persian name Aeshma Daeva. Or Demon of wrath. However he always insisted that the original translation was wrong, and in fact his name translates as Demon of PASSION. Which of course encompasses both lust and wrath, as well as ambition which is the “lust for power”. Asmodeus and Aeshma ARE in fact the same entity, albeit different aspects thereof. Aeshma is far more atavistic (primal) and intense then Asmodeus. Asmodeus more often then not appeared to me as a very well dressed gentleman in black with a crimson tail coat with gold trim, and long black hair. He is very eloquent and direct, and loves to talk about whatever you wish to talk about. He will always teach you that which you wish to learn, all completely without judgement. His only demand, at least to me, has been that I approach and treat him as an equal… and a king. Yes that has a double meaning in that we too are sovereign. Treat him as a King and he will treat you as one.

He once made a claim that I cannot verify, that Soloman, in point of fact “worshiped” him, not Yaweh. I cannot in any way prove or disprove this as there is little to no evidence that Soloman ever existed. He is a consummate sorcerer, as lord of the 7 spheres. Some take this to mean that he is the master of all 7 chakras. Even though that is true, what is meant by this (according to him) is that he is a master of all forms of planetary magick. As classical Persian astrology only contained 7 planets. He is understandably very knowledgeable in astrology as well. He can teach you virtually ANY form of magick, and is generally pleased to do so. He often comes to sexually repressed people, or those with sexual hangups (I was one such person). He is particularly knowledgeable about sex magick and tantra. His caller must be aware that he will steer the conversation in the direction of sexual or violent topics if you don’t keep track of what you wanted to ask him.
He isn’t for those sorcerers that are faint of heart, as many of the rites and spells he will teach you are of a very “morally” questionable nature. AKA requiring blood, sacrifice, semen, Virginal blood, human and/or animal bones, making human tallow candles, and Sadomasochistic and/or sexual means of raising power in ritual, to name a few. He also seems to be very fond of beeswax poppets.
Aeshma on the other hand does seem to be his wrathful and protective side. And often appears far more bestial in nature. Invoke Aeshma if you ever want to experience “blood-lust”. My first invocation to curse using Aeshma was greeted by a very eager voice in my ear “YESSSSS!!” What Followed was My first experience of having a raging hard-on while casting a death curse. That night I went six times with the girl I was seeing at the time. So be careful with Aeshma, as sex and violence often go hand in hand with him.

Asmodeus’s presence is quite intense at first, but seems to weaken after a second or two. He is very Fiery, and promotes a certain sense of personal power and resolve. Aeshma’s presence however never really lets up, and instead of considering his presence “Fiery”, I would say it is closer to an erupting volcano, with a smile on it’s face, enraptured in a perpetual orgasm.

I asked Asmodeus once what his purpose was and he responded “to fan the divine spark of the sorcerer into an inferno, so that he might rise to the highest heights, and set the world ablaze with infernal glory”. I found that statement interesting, as he portrayed as the archdemon of Golachab. The demonic host of that sphere being called “the arsonists” or the “burning ones”.

He also admitted to me that he isn’t above using deception as a teaching device. As it is one of, if not the best method of “getting you thick headed humans to think for yourselves.” And believe me he is a MASTER of deception. Please note that when I speak of deception as described here, it does NOT mean lying. He refers to deception as “the height of teaching, and of social virtues.” And he actually detests lying, and will will praise honesty and integrity. Deception is the clever use of truth, or the omission thereof, to get another to think as we wish for them to think. The fault of misunderstanding falls then on the one listening to our words without being mindful. It has nothing to do with creating a fantasy and passing it off as truth. The later only creates obstacles, while the former creates opportunities. He is more then willing to teach you this skill as well.

He is Eloquent beyond words and can help you to master any language. And his razor wit can cut down any social rival. He can help you to not only get over social awkwardness, but to dominate any social situation. He can help you develop self esteem, confidence, charisma and self respect. As well as teach you poise, and bestow upon you a mantle of personal majesty and regal bearing. He can give you financial advice, instruct you on becoming financially literate and help you to acquire wealth and prosperity. VAST wealth and prosperity. (if you follow his teachings with discipline). Need some quick cash? Ask Asmodeus!

He can teach you how to beautify your body, and how to be irresistible to the opposite sex. He can help you to lose weight and to grow stronger. He will teach you how to develop positive character traits, and discard traits that are counterproductive. (He will unabashedly point out your flaws, so be ready!) He can even bestow upon you good fashion sense.

He is a King, treat him so and he will return the favor a hundred fold. Although he has never once demanded an offering from me, saying “Your dedication to your craft is more important to me then what you give me”. He does hint that there are certain things in particular that he likes. SO… if you are going to give him something, here are some of the things I offer him that he seems to enjoy: He LOVES debauchery!! Have him get you into an orgy and place a number of his open seals around the area where it takes place. Or give him virginal blood soaked panties. He likes EXPENSIVE things, worthy of a King. Gold. gems, rubies in particular. He loves expensive alcohols, like high end scotch, champagne, wine or cognac. Can’t afford any of these things? Then ask him to help you get the money, so that you CAN give him these things. Interestingly enough, he also likes pizza. (but I can’t figure out if he actually likes pizza or if he likes it because of the fact that when I have it, I don’t like to fucking share it with anyone… It’s MY pizza damn it!!!)

His colors are Black, Crimson and Gold
His incense is Frankincense, Benzoin, mastic and saffron

Asmodeus, is one of the most powerful, knowledgeable and VERSATILE spirits I have ever worked with. I have learned so much from him, and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of his potential. I hope more of you are able to answer the call of this truly awe inspiring being, and become the kings and queens you should be.

Ayer Avage Aloren Asmodeus Aken

PS. He actually can’t stand his enn but he will answer to it the first few times. Be sure to ask him for something better, and attuned to your own spirit.


Thnx for sharing. I normally do not read texts of such lenght here thinking ‘who are you stealing my time?’ :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But you managed. Congrats, king!
So far I have not worked with Asmodeus yet, I can sense his power and feel respect and pulling interest since a couple of weeks for specific reasons… :smiling_imp:



Solid post right here.
Although I’m more familiar with his Persian aspect as Aeshma, working with him really did change my reality in many ways.
He imbued in me the motivation and drive I needed to move out of my mother’s house and stand on my own as a self-sufficient man. He taught me the art of charm, a skill which helped me to have my first threesome on my birthday and later on a beautiful significant other. He was also instrumental in my initiation into the mysteries of Ahriman and Azhi Dahaka/Zohak- a time-period which was essential to my growth as a black magician.
So yes, he is always in my corner.

Hail Aeshma! Hail Asmodeus!


Fantastic post! I’ve just barely started working with him, but from what you’ve written, I think we’re going to get along just fine.:sunglasses: Thanks for sharing your very detailed experiences and information. It’s helped me clarify some things about working with him.


@Zohak Although I have worked extensively with Asmodeus, I admit I am behind on speaking with Aeshma. Although in my experience He can freely shift between the two aspects at will. Asmodeus is his courtly aspect, and is a bit more chatty. Aeshma seems to be a more militant aspect, and more action oriented. But both really handle the same topics within their office though.
I too have been drawn in to the sorcery of Arhiman. Asmodeus led me to it many years ago, but at the time I wasn’t able to juggle the dedication it would take to truly re-open his mysteries. Arhiman told me not to worry, that my path lay in smoke and mirrors, mist and shadow, and that the way would be made for me as there was another who had been called to open the way. Imagine my surprise when some years later Kurtis Joseph released the BMoA… and called it the path of smoke! So, I finally decided to get BMoA just a few days ago at Asmodeus’s suggestion. I am very much looking forward to it.


Also I apologize for the overly long post. I started writing and I just couldn’t stop. I think Asmodeus has some people he wants to get through to, and used me as his PR officer for a bit.


This is quite similar to what was revealed to me as well. Shadowmancy is one of the secret arts I discovered on the Path of Smoke.
Black Magick of Ahriman is a book that opens a specific gateway to the source of consciousness (you’ll know what I mean when you start the work). I’m wishing you the best on your journey :zap:


Thanks for the thread. I’ll look more into Asmodeus, but he seems like a solid choice for a tutor of sorts.


I think I’m one of those people. I’m glad to hear about what you’ve learned.


The post woke me up at 2am so I could read it. I can tell he’s excited about it as his energy rarely fully wakes anymore. Mostly because I’m a grump kitty and waking me without a good reason just gets you snarled at and threatened before I roll back over. I’ve only been working with him for the last year and a half. I can’t recommend him enough, he’s been incredible to me. Wealth, love, sex, willpower, confidence, he’s helped with it all.

His energy to me feels very familiar and usually has me feeling soft and blushing. Writing sessions with him often include the urge to lick my pen or random erotic thoughts. He seems to be amused by it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has experienced the pizza thing. I joked about an intervention for him. When I asked about what it was about pizza, he replied with the combination of it all. The sauce, bread, cheese, meat, all high calorie and melted together. Yes, he also seems to favor things I want for myself, like high end artisan chocolate and cheese. One if his first requests was an expensive raw milk cave aged cheese from Switzerland.


Wow! That is hilarious :rofl::rofl::rofl: An Intervention… I can see it now… the coven gathered around A pouting Asmodeus, Saying " Aeshma Dear, we love you very much but we’re affraid this Pizza problem has gotten out of hand, this is an intervention" :rofl::rofl:

That made my day THANK YOU!


Pizza is hot and sexy. Just like him.
He knows how to indulge.


My point has been proven!! This thread has ALREADY become sexual!


And with that, I will honor Asmodeus with this timeless piece


The Fae operate on this as well, if I am not mistaken. I understand this concept. Your explaination, so far, has been most enlightening. I look forward to the rest.

I can honestly say, that as a versitile King, I feel his call, I would prefer with my first workings to focus on a single entity and establish a relationship. I have found that my requests do not get fulfilled by the call and ask. I liken it to trying to get $100 from a complete stranger vs a friend or family member. Perhaps it is my own attitude on that that limits my success with the one and done things, but it might not be. I think, after I have retrained my skills I have neglected for the last 8 years, I will start with Asmodeus.


I have had many dealings with the Fae as well. Yes, they absolutely will talk you into a corner if you aren’t paying attention! Be extremely careful what you say around them. Because they will hold you to your word on even the most casual of comments.



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I am not own to believe myself to be overly special, but that writing resonated with me in such a way, that perhaps I was one of the ones he wanted you to reach…


@Zohak :+1::+1::+1: Love it!


You very well may be one! Call up Asmodeus, and find out :smiling_imp: