Are Satan and Lucifer two different daemons

So, my friend and I both practice magick, he says Satan and Lucifer are the same entity, and I do not think the same. So I was wondering your guys’ opinion on this subject.

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They are seperate. It would be like saying you were someone else at the same time.

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Have you tried using the forum’s search function? Because this question has been asked and answered many times.


As mentioned above, please try to search the forum first. Your questions have probably already been answered.

I believe that they are and are not. Like, they’re very close but sperate. It’s hard to explain

I know they probably have so I spent like 15-20 minutes trying to find it before I started this topic.
but Thx

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What search terms did you use? Because the two links I posted, including the one with a title that is almost exactly the same as yours, were found easily within a minute or two.

I used both Lucifer and Satan separately and together, but I got a few things that didn’t give me very compelling answers, but neither of yours came up, which is very surprising.

To make things more complicated, some reputable magicians consider both names as “Titles”.
And yes, Lucifer is Lucifer, but the nature of his existance is beyond human comprehension.

I figured, that is another reason why I asked you guys, and I am very new to black magick and I would like to know so I can work with both when I have my 3rd eye open

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You can work with both of them.
Working with them will help you with your 3rd eye, so no need to wait, because you can wait for a very long time. It’s a process and it’s never over.

Thank you! I actually did not know that and I definitely will work with both very soon

NP :slight_smile:

That is indeed surprising . All I searched for was “Lucifer Satan same” and they came up. :man_shrugging:

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definitely, but it doesn’t matter anymore since I started this one and I am already getting so many responses

Yes, they share some similar attributes.
It’s a really long story and we can wright a long essey about it.
A Theisitic Satanism consider Satan in one way, Theistic Luciferianism consider Lucifer in another, traditions like Draconian have own approach. It really depends and there is no absolute truth.
Personally, I find them different. Even my experience with Lucifer goes in favoure there are many forms of Lucifer. It’s quite interestning.

Something to keep in mind is that if you always open new threads for questions like this that have already been answered before in many threads, you may have few people replying as a lot of the experienced folks do not like to repeat themselves endlessly.

That’s why we try to prompt newcomers to use the search function first and foremost. :slight_smile:

Alright, I will try using the search function more than what I did, thank you

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@DarkestKnight Indeed! And also, it’s kinda annoying to see new posts about the same thing. I mean, it’ll take only a minute or two to find it on the forum. Then again, it’s indeed wierd that no good results came up to the op!

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My two cents: tonight I performed a rite to Lucifer,
But this time I faced my altar to South instead of East.
I felt a very strong demonic influence and I’m thinking to leave it always towards south,
I don’t know if Lucifer is Satan, but surely I’ve found his demonic mask.

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