Are Satan and Lucifer two different daemons

good, I would be very appreciative if you would continue to let us or just me know how that goes, especially since I am thinking of starting a path-working with Lucifer or Satan


I find that to believe that Satan and Lucifer are the same comes from the Christian interpretation of the fallen angel.
But, I guess the more you work with some of them and following some of many traditions, you will find your own answer :slight_smile:

My advice as to your debate with your friend is, to truly answer the question for yourself, evoke the spirits in question and ask.

Since you are a newcomer to magick, you should also keep in mind that the occult is highly subjective, which means that whatever you experience will cater to the beliefs and biases you hold. If you believe that Lucifer and Satan are the same being, that is what you will get. If you believe they are not the same, then that is also what you will get.

With experience will come this knowledge: there is NO capital-T Truth in the occult. That is why so many people have such varying beliefs about the most common demons like Lucifer and Satan.

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I’m not sure why you addressed your post to me @DavidSmith. I have never once mentioned my views one way or the other in this thread.

Just a small talk - my observation I wanted to share with you, nothing special.

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Ah. Okay. I was just puzzled by it, that’s all :slight_smile:

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Satan is not a being. It’s a title that many answer to.

No different than “devil”- just a title.

Lucifer isn’t the only one who answers to it either. Belial, for example, answers to Satan.

That is actually the most up front answer I have gotten since I started this topic. Thx

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They are they are the two rulers of hell half and half. The book of Enoch claims they were one angel before Yahweh tore them in two I only know this because of my friend who studies it. I don’t believe it though.

I actually asked Lucifer this last night just because someone else asked this same question a while ago- and I told them what I just told you.

Conversation with Lucifer

Lucifer confirmed what I said but believe what you will.

If Satan is not a being why there is an Enn for Him/It?

Its just Vocal Magick. You do this for any other entity. You do this with other magickal spells like Runes. A Vibrational Spell could be crafted for any made up Entity and then be given a name.

As to whether you believe it is a real being is up to you. Believing it is real is an act of magick just as not believing it is not real is as well. In this light, I would not worry whether others believe in “yours” or not, because they are not “doing your magick.” That makes them irrelevant; their consciousness is not right.

They are different energies but they are the same.

Here’s what I think are the differences between Satan, Lucifer and egregores. I could be and probably am wrong about this.

There are the old Gods from before the Abrahamic faiths. Then the Abrahamic faiths came on the human scene and needed a boogy man and invented Satan. The Abrahamic faiths started calling the old Gods demons and it all got mixed up. With out this sever mental dualism between light/dark good/bad there wouldn’t be a Satan. There would just be the old Gods. So doesn’t that make Satan an egregore although a very powerful one. As for Lucifer, I don’t know, are there any references to Lucifer from before the Abrahamic faiths?

I know in christianity that Satan and Lucifer are said to be the same and the names are used interchangeably along with devil, but since working with Lucifer for about a day and a half, I can see that he is more light than what the Abrahamic faiths tried to teach

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Because you’re still calling a being forth.

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Thank you for your insight. You gave me something to think about.