Are Gods Invincible, Or Can We Fight Them?

Creating a new topic from a conversation which began in response to this:


No God in mythology was really mentioned to be invincible and I’d personally question fighting a God in the astral.


Well I think I’ll continue this while working with the other Gods in secret.

I’m also not going to invoke Sathya Sai (who I was told to medidate on) simply because he’s a powerless cunt who’s been trying to recruit me for years :sleeping:

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But that’s an argument over UPG (and kind of off-topic here). :thinking:


:man_shrugging:t5: Mythology is mythology

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Mythology is a fixed thing, and that can enter dogma territory, as though the spirits ceased to act and effect things long ago and are frozen in a static state, whereas magick is about actions, experiences, and the sharing thereof, and several of us on here have had astral conflicts of various kinds.

Also new UPG gets added and eventually becomes verified from multiple sources, such as Thor liking coffee, something early northern Europeans probably never even heard of.


It doesn’t exactly change that in mythology they were never said to be invincible :man_shrugging:t5: But if your post is simply to defend astral issues I don’t see the point since I never said they were not issues lol. I said they’re questionable.

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You question them because you’ve never had that experience. That would be more accurate. :thinking:

Defeating gods in various ways has ancient roots though, in both polytheistic and monotheistic sects.

Jewish god: don’t do stuff on a Sabbath, which includes turning on the electric lights.

Jewish people:


If that’s what you want to think I’ll allow it because you don’t know what I experienced so I choose to not hold that against you for making such an assumption. Even my own astral issues I hold to question. I’ve dealt with my fair share of issues in the astral and places outside the astral.

But stripping a god of being a god simply because you “beat” them doesn’t work that way lol. Also again I stated Gods were never said to be invincible so you’re agreeing with me lol.

Also note my words aren’t to jab but I’m currently on a date so I’m saying as I go/read.

Its funny. The percy Jackson series really explored the idea of the gods “changing with the times”. They stayed the same personality wise and regarding what they ruled over but they dressed different and used guns. The books are by no means accurate occult reading but I do like how the author put effort into how the gods would react to the changing times. Made them feel like actual individuals rather than far away deities only found in stories and mans imagining


That’s basically the premise of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods as well.


I would hope as two adults freely choosing to participate on a forum about magick, you’d not get unduly riled if you meet with an opinion which differs from yours, anyway. :man_shrugging:

You wrote:

Perhaps you could clarify on what grounds you question it, then? :smiley:

(Up for splitting this bit out in a mo by the way, to avoid derailment.)


At risk of getting too off topic i wonder how accurate to the entities these tend to be just based on the amount of research put into the gods. It honestly might even encroach into light magickal offerings based on the amount of energy put in and the influence the art gains

Riled up? Are you capable of reading my emotions or are you assuming I am riled up? :thinking:

When dealing with the astral everything should be questioned. Was it the legit entity, was it an imposter, was it your own creation, many things to question. Just like people who think Yahweh is after them in the astral simply because they dropped out of Christianity.

Entirely up to you.

I was responding to:

On what basis would you personally feel satified that a person met with and fought a “legit” god, and what do you define as legit?

It’s off-topic to the OP, but a discussion in its own right, and worth having. I have split this off to here since it’s a whole new conversation.


I honestly am confused with this thread. No one is really disagreeing here. No one said that it was impossible to hurt or beat a god, just that having that experience in the astral is questionable due to how malleable it can be. I think it’s healthy to question those experiences and even if said deity was beaten doesn’t make them any less one. I think that was the main point made at the start of this thread.

Deities evolve just as we do and I would totally agree that American Gods is a good literary example when it comes to being a way of how they could and have gone about it.

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This question is probably why people always fight over who the first god was or the almighty… the old my dad can beat up your dad of theology.


No one ever stated Gods can’t be beat up.

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I think people are already fighting God. They fight with him 24 hours every day! Their God expects one thing from them and they want something else.

I don’t think Gods can be defeated. In your very effort to defeat him you will be defeated. God is your foundation, he is your existence, he is your breath, your life. God is a Quality, an experience - like love. You cannot talk to love, you can live it. You cannot beat a quality, an experience. Therefore, I don’t think Gods can be beaten or killed.

Not invincible but they are stronger than us, but we can also be stronger than them