Anyone Worked with Vine? (Ars Goetia #45)

I have called on him before and his presence was rather soothing but very strong standing. He barricade my bedroom against all spirits besides those I gave permission to. (Unless an angel showed up) I’ve come to find he does well in making someone seem credible and respectable by others. He also causes astral projects quite often. I would float around my house and observe other spirits who were present. He’s actually good at solidifying income as well. (Job or project income)

He’s really interesting. Has anyone else worked with him before? :fire:


King vine can make or break down walls.

Ya know, sir; I too have read the Goetia. (and everyone else here) :smile:
Anything else?

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I see no one has. What a shame. So much rambling about random things, yet so few detailed personal accounts.

Hello, I have a report.

I did the evocation of King/Count Vine, last month, I used the correspondence from Mars, I did it on a Tuesday. I can say that I don’t have such refined mediumship, but I was very attentive to the signs: Vine manifests itself through smoke, in my case, incense, and also through tobacco smoke. I offered him a good quality cigar, and he likes it. The curious thing is that I used an excellent quality incense that completely perfumed the temple’s environment, but in a few moments I felt the odor of tobacco more predominant, as if it were causing the cigar smoke to fly to my face. My request was for removal from rivals, and physical, spiritual and astral protection. I asked King Vine to use his power to cause storms, to destabilize the enemies who hated me, and he did, it was notorious, and I could watch. What also caught my attention was the fact that the presence of my rivals, which was very vivid in my memory, is gone, causing relief in anxiety symptoms, for example. I think Vine worked well, but my order is a constant spell, so I don’t think it can be “finished”. I consider King Vine a protector, and he has even taught me about confections of rituals, to be performed with other Daemons of the goetia. Vine is big and mighty. I recently ordered a sigil, made in your regent metal, and I will elaborate a ritual of gratitude for your protection. If you do the evocation with Vine, use tobacco. He loves cigars, he lent me his power in exchange for a cigar that I gave with great honor and humility.
Hail King/Count Vine!

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