Anyone have experience with dieting?

So I know if you crash diet (starvation) you will eventually put on back all that weight and if not gain even more , how many calories do I have to eat ??

Doesn’t matter at all.
Eat real foods, quit sugar, reduce your carbohydrate intake.
Check this out:


Wow thanks!!

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I have a lifetime of experience with dieting. I was forcibly put on a diet before I even started school. I have an unfortunate tendency to be a bit…puffy. Anyway, a low carb diet fixed it. I kept the weight off for over a decade. Then I had a medical issue that brought some weight back, but I dropped that weight gain and became quite thin by not just being a low carb eater, but also giving up meat. Gained weight back via drinking too much. I’ve cut way back on the alcohol (not that anyone can tell from my posts), and the weight is coming back off.

I think that the best approaches to weight loss actually varies from person to person. What works for me may not work for you. I think blood sugar, medical issues and other factors come into play.

But, yeah. Don’t do the crash diet thing.


Bitcoin, calories… I’m really looking forward to your future threads, on how to repair guttering and breed guppies! :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I do second that link @Helena gave you. :+1:


Generally, you want to be in a calorie deficit no matter what. Yes you can gain muscle while in a cal def. Eat LCDF (Low Calorie Dense Food) not HCDF (High Calorie Dense Foods).

Beware of the

It will chomp at you. No one is immune to it.

Buy Gregs book. Watch his vids. More calories out than in. Argue with Greg as much as you want. ( he sounds like Gilbert Godfrey).


To add to this, I think that something to consider with weight loss isnt to make you thin but to change your entire outlook on how to live.
Check out the wim hoff method, cold showers and breathing exercises to help with your metabolism. Its really works, although the initial shock does suck haha. Also pick up a practice, martial art, activity or sport. Theres no reason not to have fun with this, even if its just 10 minutes a day of yoga and stretching, a good walk around the neighborhood, its creating a habit that’s important. Also something else is to enjoy yourself with eating something less than stellar, but dont make it a habit and dont beat yourself up if you do.


I refuse to think of or focus on weight loss, but instead strength gained. Focus on if you feel stronger, and before you know it, you’ll look in the mirror one day down the line, and do a double take on yourself!
Avoiding bread/carbs, sugars and fake sugars, nightshades (outside of rituals) transformed me tremendously.
Best of luck on your journey.

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Hahaha lol my future threads will be “I don’t know what I am anymore” “forgive me (for no reason)” “let me see everyone’s eyes??” “Am I you? Are you me??” Lol jk, thanks for being nice though! I’m really random sometimes :laughing:


I’ve heard that when u start bodybuilding as a newbie you’d gain muscle in a deficit. Watched the video and I just started yesterday. Ty!!

Simple sigil made me loose 13kgs in 3 months, a year later and i still haven’t got it back.

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I thought this was going to be about mental/information diet and came in guns blazing. :laughing:

Personally I know sfa about weight loss because my weight hasn’t fluctuated more than about 5kg either way for the past 15 years (soz humbebrag). My knowledge amounts to: calorie deficit = weight loss.

However I would recommend intermittent fasting (under the guidance of a professional if need be). I have been unknowingly doing this my entire life. In a nutshell, it simply means you have a set period during the day, say eight hours, during which you eat; and the remaining 16 hours you abstain. With the exception of water and maybe coffee (or if you’re American, that foul bitter black brew that you name “coffee” :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Also, stop drinking soft drink/soda/coke/pop/whatever sweetened carbonated beverages are called in your part of the world.


I used to follow a principle of dry fasting for a day followed by a fruit fast on day two and slowly resuming the usual diet with veggies and full course.

This I do it around Ekadesi (11th phase of the waning/waxing moon) as suggested by a yogic circle. I feel a good bounce back after the dry fast mentally and physically! Have tried a few times and can attest to its efficiency.

One of the most under rated ways of healing body for minor ailments.

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I second this, intermittent fasting has been pretty good to me.

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I agree with intermittent fasting as well. I allowed a window of only four hours per day that I could eat something within, and I made sure it was something worth eating. It heavily played into my ‘do I feel stronger?’ mindset. I lost so much excess fat so quickly that someone asked me if I was sick, haha.

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How many calories did u eat??

You don’t have to diet at all. Switch to a ketogenic way of eating. I dropped 20 pounds in a month, grew more lean muscle and have WAAAAY more energy. I’ve been on this for 7 years now.

It’s the carbs that make us fat, not the calories. Fat is good for you. I have perfect blood pressure and no high cholesterol, and I never feel deprived, and rarely hungry. Look into it!


Personally, I prefer fasting on electrolytes. That’s 0 calories. I’ve done two 20 day fasts do fat, and what I like, apart from faster more motivating weight loss, is a) that you’re not hungry after day two or three, and b) that you get intense healing. It also resets a slow metabolism damaged by chronic calorie defecits, and helps you regain metabolic flexibility.
I also find my ritual work benefits from the clarity fasting brings.

As for how many calories you should eat, no one here can tell you that. It’s different for all.
You need to figure out something called your basal metabolic rate - that’s how many calories you personally burn on a day when you don’t exercise.

To lose fat, try eating just your base calories, maybe 500 under, and adding heavy but slow lifting twice a week, to build muscle. Eat more protein and fat, less carbs - go for high nutrient carbs not grains. Carbs cause big insulin spikes that chemically shut down the access to your fat stores and are great for fat gain, unhelpful for fat loss.


Do you need healthy recipes, because this I can help out with!

Also, track your calories on a fitness app.

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Never counted :joy: