Anyone have experience with dieting?

Yes please! I did TDEE so I know how many calories I have to eat, which app should I download??

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Ok !

You will need to intake a minimum of 3000 calories to gain a pound.
If you are not eating due to stress, anxiety, depression…then you may want to try getting an appetite stimulant to increase your desire to eat.

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I’ve been “dieting” since I was a kid. The only thing that has worked for me is to simply reduce portions and drink less soda. I’ve also had Thor help me with developing a positive body image.


I use MyFitnessPal.

What types of foods do you like and I can find you some recipes! :heartbeat:

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I use it too now! ummmm
I like pasta a lot ! All kinds except with tuna

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Fasting is good. Like from time to time your body needs to take a break and what it does is it rejuvenates/purifies everything.

can you share the sigil?


So, this is something that can easily be thrown together in a crockpot before work and you can be out the door.

Taco Soup

1 can of red kidney beans
1 can of black beans
1 can of corn
2 cans of Mexican cut style tomatoes
1 small can of green chillies
1 small can of jalapenos
Taco Seasoning Packet


I like spicy food, so, that is why mine has jalapenos in it. So, adjust it according to your liking.

I normally cook mine in a crockpot on low.

I normally top mine with avacodo and torillia strips, sometimes sour cream.

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I had a friend who did intermittent fasting for a year. I’ll get more information and post it here!

Doing my shopping now !

Thank u tho <3 like the recipe

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I will post more in a bit, I’ve been a little side tracked. Family is in town.

Alright cool !

Seriously, when all of you get sick of counting calories and starving yourselves, research a ketogenic diet. It really does work, you’ll never be hungry, and the pounds will literally melt off and your energy will skyrocket. :slight_smile:

Even on Keto, you have to watch what you eat. You still have to count calories. And there are certain foods you simply cannot eat on Keto. Also, once you go off a diet like this FOR any reason, a person tends to gain all the weight back and then some. Just saying! I know, I’ve been there.

As a former dancer (ballet, jazz, lyrical and clogging) and someone who spent the majority of her life in the Arts performance halls (dance and music groups), the best thing to do is just eat a healthy, balanced diet. From ALL the food groups.

I actually don’t like the word “diet”. For me, this is what a woman is supposed to look like - baby stretches and all. (model Ashley Ghram).

Now, I get each their own and what an individual is attracted to. But I would date a husky man who was kind before I ever dated a guy who was well ripped for being a jackass. And vice versa.

The bottom line, there isn’t one right way to do things. So, can you explain how you maintain keto and is this a lifetime thing for you?

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No, you don’t count calories on a keto diet. It’s not necessary, and I never have. I’m 57, and most people think I’m in my 30s because of my shape.

The only foods you back off on are carbs. And, if you stick to the diet for at least a week, the cravings for carbs go away. It’s not that you can never have them again, but you learn to limit them. After a while, it’s EASY, because you find out that carbs actually make you feel like shit.

The reason you gained weight is because you got off keto. It’s not a “diet,” it’s a way of eating for the rest of your life. I’ve been on it for 6+ years, and my docs are amazed at how healthy I am (no shit).

Of course, if you start hogging out on carbs, it’s all going to come back. It’s based on an education of what’s healthy to eat, not based on the need to lose weight, although that’s a huge side effect of a keto diet.

And I eat from ALL food groups and am still keto. You just don’t eat crap (and fruit) until you’re keto-adapted. I will never stop eating this way because I feel so much better and I don’t worry about my weight at all any more.

The woman’s photo you posted, in my view, is overweight and doesn’t look healthy at all. Too much body fat is hard on the heart. We don’t have to be waifs, but we don’t need to be fat, either. Carbs are ADDICTIVE, but the addiction can be gotten rid of.

How do I maintain keto? I read a book called Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore with Eric C. Westman, M.D. It explains the science of how it works quite well. We also have cookbooks that are keto, and I have NEVER felt deprived of any food. In fact, the high fat content makes me full, so I only eat once or twice a day. (That’s not to say I never have desserts – I just waited until I was keto adapted, so carbs don’t effect me as much as they used to.

For some, it’s not easy. For the first two weeks, it takes a bit of determination to get through the cravings. But I wouldn’t trade my “diet” for the world now. It overturned so many health problems I can’t even count, especially my hypoglycemia, fibro, fatigue, libido, etc.


Thank you for sharing! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I just want to point out a couple of things.

Yes, because it was deemed unhealthy for me as an individual. My doctor took me off of it, because there were some aspects about the diet that my body would have not been able to handle, due to my own limitations of my DNA.

I am going to point out what you stated - “In fact, the high fat content makes me full, so I only eat once or twice a day.” While this may be healthy for you, it’s not healthy for someone who has or has had eating disorders in the past.

The very high fat content of this diet - if not done properly, has high effects on the heart and other internal organs as well. Truth!

Ashley Graham is a famous plus size model. She has also worked the “skinny” model side, where she straved herself. There are in-shape people who are actually unhealthy - TRUTH! Cholesterol levels and heart diesese are genetic, this I learned from someone who worked in the medical field.

It’s more important to feel healthy than prompting one eating habit fits all. And even though I eat six small meals a day on what I consider healthy for me, I’d rather promote a healthy body image than anything else.

For reals, it matters what is on the inside most!

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Somehow I believe this

Which is true, if you view it as a temporary fix.

I didn’t realize you had an eating disorder. Yes, you may have different requirements due to that. Many people with these disorders think that to be “skinny” one has to starve themselves, which isn’t true, but the modeling industry supports this.

I wish you luck and good health.